Frances Minor Papers

Frances Minor, 1893-2009
Dates: 1863-2009
Size: 15 linear feet (29 archival boxes)
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Carter G. Woodson Regional Library, Vivian G. Harsh Research collection of Afro-American History and Literature, 9525 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60628
Collection Number: 2002/03
Provenance: Gift of Frances Minor, 2002. Subsequent donations made 2004-2010.
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Frances Minor Papers [Box #, Folder #], Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, Chicago Public Library.
Processed by: Angela K. Bacon, Mapping the Stacks, University of Chicago
Supervised by: Michael Flug, Senior Archivist, Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, CPL

Biographical Notes

Frances Minor

Frances Minor was born Frances Anderson, an only child, to Francis Elmo Anderson and Sadie Hilyard on Feb. 8, 1923, at Provident Hospital in Chicago. She married Chicago Public Schools administrator Byron Minor. Ms. Minor has collected from, and provided support to, African American artists in Chicago for nearly five decades. She is a board member of the both the South Side Community Art Center and the Vivian G. Harsh Society, and has also been active with the DuSable Museum of African American History. Her role as collector and volunteer in Chicago arts and community organizations has been wide-reaching and significant.

Her mother was active with many grass-roots community organizations during the 1930s and 1940s, while her father was a Pullman porter, active with A. Phillip Randolph and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. After Francis Anderson lost his position as a Pullman porter as a result of his union activity, Sadie Anderson secured a political job for her husband. She then went to Loyola University night school in order to become a social worker. Sadie Anderson served the Veterans Administration as a social worker until the Depression, after which she began working with the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as a supervisor for adults.

Frances Minor’s maternal grandfather, William Kidd Hilyard, lived in Philadelphia during the late 1800s. He and a group of men decided to move to Minnesota in order to “make their fortune.” The winter was so cold that they went back to Pennsylvania for warm clothing, and then went back to Minnesota. Mr. Hilyard became a merchant and a millionaire, and one of the founders of St. Phillips Episcopal Church. He was also the creator of the unique scrapbooks in the collection.

Her paternal grandfather, Moses Anderson, had three sons and was a land agent with the Northern Pacific Railroad. He would meet people in Chicago and settle them out west, from the Dakotas out to Washington. He created a town called Hilyard near Seattle. He served in the Army and is buried at Fort Snell in Minneapolis.

Because jobs were limited in Minnesota, Sadie Anderson decided to move the family to Chicago. Frances and her family lived on the south side of Chicago for the entirety of her childhood, living first at 53rd Street and Prairie. Because her father was Presbyterian, Frances was baptized in the Presbyterian faith. Later, she and her mother began attending Grace Presbyterian Church, one of the oldest African American Presbyterian churches in Chicago. When the family moved to 58th and Indiana, she began going to the St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church with her mother, where she remains a member.

Frances Minor attended Bethesda Church at 53rd and Michigan for nursery school. It was bombed by racial terrorists at the time she was attending. After nursery school, she attended Carter Elementary School. After receiving threats from two female students, Frances attended Lucy Flowers High School, in lieu of DuSable High School. She was a student at Lucy Flowers for two years, 1937-1939, but left because of extreme prejudice against African American students there. They were forced to sit in the back of the classroom and were only allowed to take certain classes. Because of this, she transferred to Englewood High School, where she remained until graduation.

As a student at Roosevelt University night school around 1946, she met Byron Minor. Don Bonaparte, a mutual friend, and Minor were students at John Marshall Law School, and Bonaparte introduced Frances to Byron. They married in 1949. Byron and Frances had three living children, Diane, Courtney, and Frank, and one who is deceased. Her daughter, Diane, is an administrator for Chicago Community Colleges, and Courtney Minor has a law degree and an MBA, and is an administrator for Housing and Urban Development.

Byron Minor and the Minor/Mollison Family

Byron Minor was a Chicago-area educator for nearly 40 years. Before World War II, he taught at DuSable High School and then moved on to Dunbar High School. Later he became the first black principal of DuSable and served as a Chicago Public Schools district superintendent.

Byron Minor is linked to the Mollisons, a historically significant family of lawyers and bankers originating in Vicksburg, Miss., through his mother, Wylie Ethel Mollison. Willis Mollison, Byron’s maternal grandfather, was a prominent lawyer in Vicksburg. When racism in Vicksburg had taken a particularly violent turn, and tarring and feathering blacks in Vicksburg became common, Willis Mollison boarded a train and came to Chicago. He later brought the rest of his family to the city.

The Mollisons opened the first African American law firm in the Chicago Loop, on Washington Street. Byron worked there along with his uncle, Irvin C. Mollison. Appointed to the United State Customs Court by President Harry S. Truman, Judge Irvin C. Mollison was the first African American appointed to the position and the first appointed to the federal judiciary as a whole.

The Minors/Mollisons are also linked to the DePriest and the McKissick families. Frances Minor’s papers include materials regarding all four families, with detailed journal articles, military records, family lineage and memorabilia documenting the Mollison family’s work in Vicksburg, and with historical documentation regarding the Minors’ plantation history.

The Art Collection

Byron and Frances Minor began collecting art because Frances’ mother and father were both collectors. Francis and Sadie Anderson belonged to a group of friends who traveled and attended social events together, had dinner parties, and belonged to the same clubs. Artist William Edouard Scott was a part of this group. Known to Frances as “Uncle Billy,” Scott often came to the Anderson house to wash his paintings. After the death of her parents, Frances inherited their art collection and continued adding to it while working with the South Side Community Art Center.

Byron Minor’s uncle, Irvin Mollison, also collected art, and his collection included paintings by Archibald Motley, who was a friend of Irvin’s. After his death, Irvin Mollison’s art collection was donated to Spelman College in Atlanta, which, in turn, sent a few of the paintings back to Byron and Frances.

In 1941, Frances’ mother went to the South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC) to watch Eleanor Roosevelt dedicate the building. Later, when Frances married, she learned that Byron was a member of the SSCAC’s Camera Club and that Gordon Parks was his instructor. Novelist Frank London Brown was also in the photography club at that time.

In the 1950s, Frances officially joined the SSCAC, having been urged to do so by artists Ramon Price, Earnest Alexander, and family friend William E. Scott. At the time Frances joined the SSCAC, it was poorly organized and lacked funding. She worked with Grace Lemmie, Fern Gayden and others to keep it going. They paid for postage and organized events. As her work there continued, she began to buy art from new artists who would later become well known.

Scope and Content Note

The Frances Minor Papers are composed chiefly of materials on artists and art shows, gallery materials, and newspaper clippings collected from the 1950s to 2008. Also included are pamphlets, photographs, and ephemera from throughout Byron and Frances’ life together, and from Byron’s career with the Chicago Public Schools. The collection has been divided into 18 series: Biography, Sadie Anderson’s papers, Correspondence, Grants and Proposals, Programs, Artists Subject Files, Art and Artists Files, South Side Community Art Center, Organizations, Serials, Clippings, Pamphlets, Books, Memorabilia, Photographs and Oversized Materials. Oversized Clippings and Serials are located in separate containers near the end of the arrangement.

Series 1: Biography

The Biography series is divided into three categories: Frances Minor, Byron Minor, and materials related to both parties. This series includes birth and death records, family obituaries, and military records for Byron Minor and Colonel J.W. Welbourne. Highlights also included in the Biography series, of particular interest, are several documents tracking family lineage.

Series 2: Paper of Sadie Anderson

The Papers of Sadie Anderson series highlights documents collected by Sadie Anderson during her work with the WPA and her later service as social worker. Of particular interest in this series are the program books produced by the WPA and a rare issue of Illinois Labor Notes dedicated to the National Negro Conference in 1936.

Series 3: Correspondence

The Correspondence series includes a wide variety of exchanges, many of which are from the United States Army, from artists, and from family friends.

Series 4: Grants and Proposals

The Grants and Proposals series includes two applications to the Black Metropolis Consortium, a proposal for an African American Military Museum, an application for a Timuel Black Fellowship, and Bronzeville Community Improvement plans.

Series 5: Programs

The Programs series includes more than 50 art and community programs across the United States, various dedications such as the dedication ceremony for the Irvin C. Mollison School and the Charles Drew School, along with programs from other organizations to which Frances and Byron belonged.

Series 6: Artists Subject Files

The Artists Subject Files include biographical and critical materials related to specific artists, arranged by artist name. These files include clippings, obituaries, art show information, and resumes.

Series 7: Art and Artists Files

Art and Artists Subject Files is a collection of art-related materials and various art show programs that featured the work of multiple artists, newspaper clippings regarding various art-related events, and catalogs from galleries. This series includes many hard-to-find show materials dating back to the 1950s.

Series 8: South Side Community Art Center

The South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC) series is an aggregation of all materials in the papers relating specifically to the operations and events of the SSCAC. Included in this series are art-related materials, various art show programs that include multiple artists, newspaper clippings, and catalogs from galleries. This series includes many hard-to-find show materials dating back to the 1950s.

Series 9: Organization Files

The Organization Files series includes information on the many organizations with which Byron and Frances were affiliated. They are sorted alphabetically. Among these organizations are Provident Hospital, the DuSable Museum, The Original 40 Club, and the Chicago Principals Club.

Series 10: Serials

Serials is a collection of magazines and entire issues of newspapers collected by Frances Minor between the late 1930s and the late 1980s. Included in this series are many special issues of Callaloo, N’Digo Magazine , the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times , along with various other newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Series 11: Clippings

The Clippings series contains articles from various newspapers and articles dating back to the 1930s, and covers local events, World War II news, local and national politics, local education news, and clippings covering events that Frances and Byron attended.

Series 12: Pamphlets

The Pamphlets series is comprised primarily of writings relating to Black history and culture, travel, and writings by poets and artists.

Series 15: Books

The Books series includes items from the personal library of Byron and Frances Minor, most relating to African and African American culture and history, and poetry books written by local authors. Notable are the compositions written by Margaret Burroughs, noted artist, writer, teacher, and co-founder of the DuSable Museum of African American History.

Series 16: Memorabilia

The collection of Memorabilia includes three early yearbooks from Hyde Park High School, a Dunbar High School yearbook, and various Black History Month ephemera.

Series 17: Photographs

Finally, there are more than 250 Photographs in the collection, showing various family members and social functions, school dedications, and Byron Minor’s career in the Chicago Public Schools, as well as photos taken by Byron both during and after his photography class at the SSCAC. Noteworthy are the collection of Hi-Jinks photos taken during Byron’s time at DuSable High School and an extensive number of photos from Cab Calloway’s concert at The Regal in 1940.

Container List

Series 1: Biography
Sub-series 1: Frances Minor
Box 1 Folder 1: “The African-American Experience in Ohio 1850-1920; James K. Hilyard,” The Ohio Historical Society, 9/11/1886, [Date of Access 7/2/2007]
Box 1 Folder 2: [Photocopy of Portrait of James Kidd Hilyard], St. Paul, MN, c. 1880s(?)
Box 1 Folder 3: Funeral Card for Elizabeth Hilyard, 4/4/1890
Box 1 Folder 4: Birth Certificate, Anderson, Frances, 2/8/1923
Box 1 Folder 5: Certificate of Holy Matrimony, Minor, Byron C. and Anderson, Frances H., 3/28/1949
Box 1 Folder 6: Marriage License, Minor, Byron C. and Anderson, Frances H., 4/25/1949
Box 1 Folder 7: Birth Certificate, Minor, Byron Francis, 2/16/1950
Box 1 Folder 8: Birth Certificate, Minor, Frank Willis, 12/13/1955
Box 1 Folder 9: Notification of Birth Registration, Minor, Frank W., 12/13/1955
Box 1 Folder 10: Notification of Birth Registration, Minor, Courtney Byron, 9/3/1957
Box 1 Folder 11: “Military Ball Colorful as Smart Set Dances Formally,” Chicago Defender, 12/7/1957
Box 1 Folder 12: “Clubs Pledge Support to CUL’s Jazz Festival,” Chicago Defender, 7/11/1959
Box 1 Folder 13: Affidavit Addressed by Birtha Ree Bailey Attesting to Care for Frank Anderson, 8/3/1962
Box 1 Folder 14: Obituary Bookmark for Frank E. Anderson, 3/12/1963
Box 1 Folder 15: Obituary for Mary Blount Anderson, 9/11/1970
Box 1 Folder 16: Certificate of Death, Anderson, Sadie, 8/30/1973
Box 1 Folder 17: Register of Visitors, Funeral of Sadie Anderson, 11/1973
Box 1 Folder 18: “Blacks in Minnesota, A Preliminary Guide to Historical Sources,” [Includes information on William Anderson], St. Paul, MN, 1976
Box 1 Folder 19: Certificate of Death, Anderson, Frank, 3/24/1980
Box 1 Folder 20: Obituary for Dorothy Olivia Anderson, 2/20/1981
Box 1 Folder 21: [Notes on Family Deaths and Burial Plots], 1987(?)
Box 1 Folder 22: “Staff Changes for Chicago’s Department of Purchases,” Minority Entrepreneur, 7/14/1988
Box 1 Folder 23: “Indians Say Minority Contracts Omit Them,” [Mentioned: Diane Minor], Chicago Tribune, 1/8/1993
Box 1 Folder 24: “100 Women Making a Difference,” Today’s Chicago Woman, July 1996
Box 1 Folder 25: “Selling School Spirit,” Crains Chicago Business, 6/29/1998
Box 1 Folder 26: “Afro-Americans in Minnesota History, Part I,” Minnesota Historical Society, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 27: “Biz Profile: Diane Minor,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 28: Burial plot information for Mary L. Forbes and Sabra Anderson, St. Paul, MN, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 29: [Family Tree Notes], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 30: Instructions for New Born Care, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 31: Interment location for Elizabeth Hilyard, Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, MN, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 32: [List of deceased members of the Hilyard family and plot locations], [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 33: Map of Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, MN, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 34: Notes, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 35: [Notes and questions about family lineage], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 36: Notes on Birth and Death Dates(?)], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 37: Resume, Minor, Courtney Byron, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 38: “The Untold Story,” [Charles W. Anderson], [N.P], [N.D.]
Sub-Series 2: Byron Minor
Box 1 Folder 39: Welbourne, J.W., Military Records, 4/27/1861-2/26/1863
Box 1 Folder 40: Rites of Matrimony, Minor, Laurence W. and Jones, Olivia B., 3/18/1874
Box 1 Folder 41: [Receipt from Lincoln Savings and Loan, Vicksburg, Miss], 1/31/1908
Box 1 Folder 42: “The Leading Afro-Americans of Vicksburg, Miss,” 1908
Box 1 Folder 43: Birth Certificate for Mollison-DePriest, Irvin, 1/9/1928
Box 1 Folder 44: Death Certificate for Wilye Ethel Minor, 2/13/1935
Box 1 Folder 45: Death Certificate for Cassor Byron Minor, 12/26/1936
Box 1 Folder 46: Enlisted record for Byron C. Minor, Chicago, IL, 3/4/1941
Box 1 Folder 47: Certificate of Honorable Discharge, for Byron C. Minor, Fort Sill, OK, 5/18/1942
Box 1 Folder 48: “The William J. Minor Plantation: A Study of Antebellum Absentee Ownership,” The Journal of Southern History, 2/1943
Box 1 Folder 49: Military Record and Report of Separation; Certificate of Service, Camp Grant, IL, 2/12/1946
Box 1 Folder 50: Separation Qualification Record, Camp Grant, IL, 2/12/1946
Box 1 Folder 51: U.S. Army Certificate of Service for Byron C. Minor, Camp Grant, IL, 2/12/1946
Box 1 Folder 52: “The Case of the Minors: A Unionist Family Within the Confederacy,” The Journal of Sothern History, 2/1947
Box 1 Folder 53: “178th RCT Proves It is Ready at Camp Riley,” Chicago Defender, 7/19/1952
Box 1 Folder 54: [Receipt for Army Uniform], The Associated Military Stores, 12/4/1956
Box 1 Folder 55: Judge Irvin C. Mollison, 6/4/1962
Box 1 Folder 56: Resolutions passed by U.S. Customs Court on Death of Judge Irvin C. Mollison, 1962
Box 1 Folder 57: Clippings on death of Judge Irvin C. Mollison, 1962
Box 1 Folder 58: Dedication Program for the Irvin C. Mollison School, Chicago, IL, 6/14/1963
Box 1 Folder 59: “Plan to Reorganize District 27 Council; To Hear Minor,” Citizen Newspapers, 3/23/1972
Box 1 Folder 60: Military and Navel Statement of Service for Byron C. Minor, Springfield, IL, 9/19/1973
Box 1 Folder 61: “Pioneer collector of black artists,” Chicago Sun-Times, 12/4/1974
Box 1 Folder 62: Ft. Huachuca Troop Reunion, 1975
Box 1 Folder 63: Death Certificate for DePriest, Lydia M., 11/4/1977
Box 1 Folder 64: Obituary- Lydia DePriest, 11/10/1977
Box 1 Folder 65: Autopsy Report, Lydia DePriest, 1977
Box 1 Folder 66: Military Records, Albert C. Gibson [Civil War], MS, 2/15/1978 [Date of Access]
Box 1 Folder 67: “District 22 Wants Dr. Minor,” Citizen’s Newspaper, 11/30/1979
Box 1 Folder 68: After Action Report, 8/15/1980
Box 1 Folder 69: South Shore Scene, 8/20/1980
Box 1 Folder 70: Certificate of Death, Minor, Byron C., 7/10/1983
Box 1 Folder 71: “Mourn Minor,” Chicago Defender, 7/13/1983
Box 1 Folder 72: Welbourne Atwood Mollison, Jr. Funeral Program, Washington, D.C., 4/13/2007
Box 1 Folder 73: Obituary for DePriest, Margaret, 12/29/2008
Box 1 Folder 74: “178th RCT Does Chicago Proud,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 75: [Announcement of Art Donation (Its First Collection) By Alice Mollison/Widow of Irvin C. Mollison], Chicago, IL, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 76: [Birth, Death, Lineage Information for Minor, DePriest, and Mollison Families], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 77: Byron C. Minor Obituary Sketch, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 78: [Biographical Information About Brewer, Benjamin Anthony, and Starks, Kenya, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 79: Biographical Information for Byron C. Minor, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 80: Biographical Information for Irvin C. Mollison, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 81: [Biographical Notes About the Mollison Family], [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 82: “Celebration of the Integration of the Federal Judiciary,” Irvin C. Mollison, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 83: [No title; Photo and Caption], Byron Minor and Chicago Assembly Club, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 84: [No title; Photo and Caption], Byron Minor Retirement Ceremony From Military, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 85: “My Most Unforgettable Characters,” Lydia DePriest, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 86: [Informal Family Tree], [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 87: National Guard Bureau Retirement Credits Record for Byron C. Minor, Illinois, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 88: Officers Qualifications Card for Byron Minor, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 89: Retiree/Survivor Instructions for Filling Out the DD Form 1172, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 90: Vicksburg Evening Post, W.E. Mollison’s Death, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 91: Flyer, Vicksburg National Military Part, [N.D.]
Box 1 Folder 92: “W.E. Mollison, Vicksburg, Miss,” From Beacon Lights of the Race (?), [N.D.]
Sub-Series 3: Additional Family Documents
Box 1 Folder 93: Trust Deed Coupon, Cook County, IL, 5/1/1925
Box 1 Folder 94: Investor Certificate From National Investors Corporation, 2/15/1947
Box 1 Folder 95: Insure Tuition Payment Plan Notice, Richard C. Night Insurance Agency, 8/10/1976
Box 1 Folder 96: Seaway Bank, Annual Report, 1982
Series 2: Papers of Sadie Anderson
Box 2 Folder 1: Psychiatric Clinics in Chicago and Vicinity, Illinois Society for Mental Hygiene, 1/1932
Box 2 Folder 2: My Normal Family, MSS. By Blanche Page, Roosevelt University, 7/21/1932
Box 2 Folder 3: Centennial Health Week Fair, Chicago, IL, 1933-43(?)
Box 2 Folder 4: Facts About Juvenile Delinquency, U.S. Department of Labor; Children’s Bureau, 1935
Box 2 Folder 5: National Negro Congress Issue, Illinois Labor Notes, Vol. 4, No. 3, 3/1936
Box 2 Folder 6: WPA Film Schedule, Chicago, IL, 8/14/1936
Box 2 Folder 7: An Institute on Forums, National Youth Administration of Illinois, 10/1/1039
Box 2 Folder 8: Educational and Social Improvement Project #2526, WPA Illinois, 10/19-10/23 1936
Box 2 Folder 9: An Institute on The Drama, National Youth Administration of Illinois, 11/7/1936
Box 2 Folder 10: Correspondence, Eighth Infantry Illinois National Guard to Sadie Anderson, 11/12/1936
Box 2 Folder 11: “It Can Be Done,” A Booklet For W.P.A. and N.Y.A. Sewing Project Directors, 1936(?)
Box 2 Folder 12: Neighborhood Community Club, 1/4/1937
Box 2 Folder 13: WPA Schedule Adult Division, 1/7-1/21/1937
Box 2 Folder 14: “An Institute on Arts and Crafts,” National Youth Administration of Illinois, 1/18/1937
Box 2 Folder 15: National Negro History Week, WPA of Illinois, 2/10/1937
Box 2 Folder 16: Correspondence, Anderson, Sadie H. to Graham, Shirley, 3/2/1937
Box 2 Folder 17: Attendance Sheets For Liberty Life Group and Adult Division, 1937
Box 2 Folder 18: WPA Recreation Manual, 1937
Box 2 Folder 19: “Art For The Public by Chicago Artists,” WPA, The Art Institute of Chicago, 7/28-10/9 1938
Box 2 Folder 20: “Social Problems As They Affect Families,” Chicago Association for Child Study and Parent Education, 1938
Box 2 Folder 21: WPA Organized Groups in District I Adult Division, 1930s
Box 2 Folder 22: Precinct Register, 1944
Box 2 Folder 23: Democratic Captain’s Report, 4/9/1946
Box 2 Folder 24: “My Family Hilyard,” MSS. By Sabra Anderson, 3/10/1971
Box 2 Folder 25: “The Adult Educational Agencies,” Adult Education Council of Chicago, [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 26: The Good Neighbor Apartments, Chicago, IL, [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 27: “From Humble Beginnings,” Kelley, Lucile Watson, [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 28: Reading List for Social Work, Roosevelt University, [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 29: “Re-Elect Governor Henry Horner,” [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 30: South Side Community Club Council, [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 31: List of WPA Centers, [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 32: Synopsis of “Little Black Sambo,” [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 33: The Household Workers’ Training Program; A Federal Program of Vocational Education for Employment in Homes, WPA of Illinois, [N.D.]
Box 2 Folder 34: “Your Child’s Happiness Depends on You,” The Chicago Association for Child Study and Parent Education, [N.D.]
Series 3: Correspondence
Box 3 Folder 1: Pace, Harry H., Supreme Liberty Life Insurance Company to “Dear Neighbor,” Chicago, IL, 4/5/1940
Box 3 Folder 2: Anderson, Francis E. to “Voter,” Chicago, IL, 4/6/1946
Box 3 Folder 3: Letter from Elonis Morris (?), 2/4/1947, Morrell, AK
Box 3 Folder 4: Hill, Naomah J. to Anderson, Frances, Chicago, IL, 4/19/1949
Box 3 Folder 5: Louis and Cindy to Minor, Byron and Minor, Frances, 8/19/1949
Box 3 Folder 6: Mollison, Wylie Ethel to Anderson, Frances, 1949 (?)
Box 3 Folder 7: Norman, Mary Taylor to Anderson, Frank, [Western Union Telegram], 2/29/1952
Box 3 Folder 8: Lady and Harold to Minor, Byron and Minor, Frances, 2/25/1955
Box 3 Folder 9: United States Fidelity And Guaranty Company to Minor, Byron C. and Minor, Frances A., Chicago, IL, 2/23/1961
Box 3 Folder 10: Jones, Reginald to Minor Family, 1/8/1971
Box 3 Folder 11: Department of the Army to Minor, Byron C., 3/22/1974
Box 3 Folder 12: Department of the Army to Minor, Byron C., 4/1/1974
Box 3 Folder 13: Department of the Army to Minor, Byron C., 5/13/1974
Box 3 Folder 14: Department of the Army to Minor, Byron C., 6/17/1974
Box 3 Folder 15: Department of the Army to Minor, Byron C., 8/26/1974
Box 3 Folder 16: Department of the Army to Minor, Byron, 1/31/1975
Box 3 Folder 17: Wallace, Joan S. to Minor, Byron and Minor, Frances, 3/28/1975
Box 3 Folder 18: Cornelius C. Smith to Fort Huachuca Reunion Conferees, 6/23/1975
Box 3 Folder 19: Rose, William to Minor, Byron C., 6/26/1975
Box 3 Folder 20: Glover, Robert B. to Minor, Byron and Minor, Frances, 9/8/1975 [Accompanying pricelist can be found in Artists, Glover, Robert]
Box 3 Folder 21: Chicago Public Schools Correspondence, Byron Minor, 1975
Box 3 Folder 22: Hilyard, H.C. to Minor, Frances, 6/1/1979
Box 3 Folder 23: Caruso, Angeline P., Interim General Superintendent of Schools to Minor, Byron, 4/28/1980
Box 3 Folder 24: Department of the Army to Minor, Byron C., October 1981 (?)
Box 3 Folder 25: Department of the Army to Minor, Frances A., 8/1/1983
Box 3 Folder 26: Price, Ramon B. to Minor, Frances [Accompanied by a Haitian Connection Book Located in Art and Artists], Chicago, IL, 5/17/1984
Box 3 Folder 27: Green, Jonathan to Minor, Frances, 7/12/1984
Box 3 Folder 28: Washington, Harold [Sharing It Program] to Minor, Byron C., 12/19/1986
Box 3 Folder 29: McGee, Elizabeth to Minor, Frances, 1986
Box 3 Folder 30: Riley, Rebecca R. to Arnold, Florencia, Chicago, IL, 1/15/1987
Box 3 Folder 31: Arnold, Florencia to Nipson, Herbert [CC Minor, Frances], Chicago, IL, 1/16-2/5 1987
Box 3 Folder 32: Plotkin, Wendy to Minor, Frances, Information on Irvin C. Mollison, 10/21/1998
Box 3 Folder 33: Vallas, Paul G. to Minor, Frances A., 3/9/2000
Box 3 Folder 34: Valentino, Mark J. to Minor, Francis W., 3/17/2002.
Box 3 Folder 35: Roosevelt University to Minor, Frances, Chicago, IL, 12/13/2005
Box 3 Folder 36: Stevens, Steve [On behalf of Erma Stevens Bell] to Minor, Frances, 2/27/2007
Box 3 Folder 37: Bock, William P. to “Sponsors,” [N.D.]
Box 3 Folder 38: Howell-Cerasuli, Pat to “Larry,” Chicago, IL, [N.D.]
Box 3 Folder 39: Minor, Frank to Minor, Frances, [N.D.]
Box 3 Folder 40: Russell, Naomah to Minor, Frances (?), [N.D.]
Box 3 Folder 41: The Family of Howard Shaw to Minor, Frances(?), [N.D.]
Box 3 Folder 42: Tibbs, Thurlow Evans to Minor, Frances, [N.D.]
Box 3 Folder 43: Weinrib, Norman to Board of Examiners Board of Education [On Behalf of Byron Minor], [N.D.]
Box 3 Folder 44: [Unknown Author] to Minor, Frances, [N.D.]
Series 4: Grants and Proposals
Box 4 Folder 1: William, Sherry, Timuel Black Fellowship, 12/31/2008
Box 4 Folder 2: Stein, Alan H., Black Metropolis Research Consortium Short Term Fellowships in African American Studies, 1/2009
Box 4 Folder 3: Hadi-Tabassum, Samina, Black Metropolis Research Consortium Short Term Fellowships in African American Studies, 1/2009.
Box 4 Folder 4: A Street in Bronzeville: 3 Plans For the Redevelopment of 35th Street, Chicago, IL, 1/19/1996
Box 4 Folder 5: [Proposal for African American Military Museum], [N.N.], [N.D.].
Series 5: Programs
Box 5 Folder 1: Stevedore, Selwlyn Theatre, New York, NY, 12/24/1934
Box 5 Folder 2: Vocal and Choral Contest, Grace Presbyterian Church, 12/6/1936
Box 5 Folder 3: Founders Day, Berean Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA, 1/30/1938
Box 5 Folder 4: Marcella Walker Ricks Presents John Green- Bass Baritone, Abraham Lincoln Theatre, 4/30/1939
Box 5 Folder 5: Consecration Service- Young Women’s Christian Association of Chicago, 11/19/1939
Box 5 Folder 6: May Feast, 5/22/1944
Box 5 Folder 7: Testimonial Luncheon in Honor of Atty. Robert R. Anderson, Chicago, IL, 7/15/1944
Box 5 Folder 8: Lady Windermere’s Fan, 1947(?)
Box 5 Folder 9: Abbie Mitchell, Eleventh Street Theater, Chicago, IL, 9/10/1950
Box 5 Folder 10: Margaret Bonds in Recital, Greater Bethesda Baptist Church, 9/17/1950
Box 5 Folder 11: [Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and Citizens Committee Testimonial Dinner for Governor of the Virgin Islands, Archie A. Alexander], 4/15/1954
Box 5 Folder 12: 8th Annual Robert S. Abbott Memorial Award, 5/8/1954
Box 5 Folder 13: Heritage and Cultural Tour, 1/1962
Box 5 Folder 14: Dedication of the Henry O. Tanner Elementary School, Chicago, IL, 5/20/1963
Box 5 Folder 15: Going Away Party, 9/15/1967
Box 5 Folder 16: University-Public School Orientation Conference, Chicago, IL, 5/25/1968
Box 5 Folder 17: Provident Hospital Annual Installation Award Luncheon, Chicago, IL, 5/15/1972
Box 5 Folder 18: Commencement, Mendel Catholic Prep School, 1974
Box 5 Folder 19: “Eighth Annual Opportunity Centers Bootstrap Award,” Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, IL, 3/20/1975
Box 5 Folder 20: “Reunion” [All Troops Formerly Stationed at Fort Huachuca, AZ], 6/1975
Box 5 Folder 21: “Bubbling Brown Sugar,” Blackstone Theatre, 10/1975
Box 5 Folder 22: “1776,” Jeffords Theatre, Tucson, AZ, 1976 (?)
Box 5 Folder 23: Commemoration of Lt. Henry O. Flipper, Ft. Sill, OK, 1977
Box 5 Folder 24: “The Chicago Public Library Cultural Center Calendar of Events,” Chicago, IL, 3/1978
Box 5 Folder 25: Mayor Unita Blackwell/ 4/26/1978
Box 5 Folder 26: “CETA Celebrates the Arts,” Chicago Public Library Cultural Center, 4/1-4/30 1978
Box 5 Folder 27: “Presentation of Qualifications,” Lydia DePriest Brewer, c. 1978
Box 5 Folder 28: “Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music,” c. 1981
Box 5 Folder 29: Bethesda United Presbyterian Church Sunday Program, 5/9/1982
Box 5 Folder 30: “Inaugural Program, City of Chicago,” Navy Pier Auditorium, 4/29/1983
Box 5 Folder 31: Inaugural Reception for Harold Washington, 4/29/1983
Box 5 Folder 32: “Chicago Public Schools Science Fair,” Museum of Science and Industry, 1987
Box 5 Folder 33: “The Legacy of a President, Jewel Plummer Cobb, President,” California State University, Fullerton, 6/3/1990
Box 5 Folder 34: “Ira M. Rosenthal, M.D. Lectureship Fund Banquet,” Chicago, IL, 11/14/1990
Box 5 Folder 35: “Hacia 13th Annual Banquet,” Chicago, IL, 11/07/1991
Box 5 Folder 36: The 44th And Berkeley “Annual Block Celebration and Housewalk,” Chicago, IL, 1993
Box 5 Folder 37: “The Mississippi Black Bankers and Their Institutions,” Mississippi, 8/26-10/1 1996
Box 5 Folder 38: “African Americans in World War II: A Legacy of Patriotism and Valor,” Harold Washington Library, 2/19/1997
Box 5 Folder 39: “Kathy Osterman Award,” [Diane Minor Among Recipients], Palmer House Hotel, 5/7/1999
Box 6 Folder 1: “The Dedication of the Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable High School Library in Honor of Irma Frazier Clark,” Chicago, IL, 6/13/1999
Box 6 Folder 2: Chicago Miliatry Academy Room Dedication Ceremony, 2/21/2001
Box 6 Folder 3: Wedding Ceremony of Kenya Mariama Starks and Lionel Hilderbrant Gentle, Apostolic Church of God, Chicago, IL, 9/1/2001
Box 6 Folder 4: 26th Whitney Young Commencement, Chicago, IL, 6/17/2003
Box 6 Folder 5: “The History Makers Presents an Evening with B.B. King,” Fall 2003
Box 6 Folder 6: “Harold Washington, The Man and the Movement,” Chicago Historical Society, 2004
Box 6 Folder 7: 100th Anniversary Committee, Chicago, IL, 9/12/2006
Box 6 Folder 8: “Lester J. Dugas, Jr. Memorial Garden Dedication,” Chicago, IL, 8/11/2007
Box 6 Folder 9: “Architectural Tour of Antananarivo’s Haute Ville,” 8/8 [No Year]
Box 6 Folder 10: [Chicago Alumni and Iota Chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi Birthday Celebration], Chicago, IL, April 21 (?), [No Year]
Box 6 Folder 11: Regensteiner 75th Anniversary, Chicago, IL. [N.D.]
Box 6 Folder 12: “Paul Robeson as Othello, The Moor of Venice,” Theatre Guild, New York, NY, [N.D.]
Box 6 Folder 13: “Two Decades, of Service: 1916-1936,” Chicago Urban League, [N.D.]
Series 6: Artists Subject Files
Box 7 Folder 1: Andrews, Benny
Box 7 Folder 2: Arentz, Dick
Box 7 Folder 3: Barnett, Etta Motten
Box 7 Folder 4: Biggers, John T.
Box 7 Folder 5: Brearden, Romare
Box 7 Folder 6: Britton, Sylvester Jr.
Box 7 Folder 7: Brown, Robert “Buck”
Box 7 Folder 8: Burroughs, Margaret
Box 7 Folder 9: Carter, Gloria
Box 7 Folder 10: Carter, William S.
Box 7 Folder 11: Catlett, Elizabeth
Box 7 Folder 12: Collins, Paul
Box 7 Folder 13: Davis, Helen Canfield
Box 7 Folder 14: Dawson, Charles C.
Box 7 Folder 15: Dwight, Ed
Box 7 Folder 16: Gilchrist, Jan Spivey
Box 7 Folder 17: Glover, Robert
Box 7 Folder 18: Green, Jonathan
Box 7 Folder 19: Harleston, Edwin A.
Box 7 Folder 20: Henderson, Kelvin W.
Box 7 Folder 21: Hunt, Richard
Box 7 Folder 22: Jones, Lois Mailou
Box 7 Folder 23: Kadem-Dubose, Makeba
Box 7 Folder 24: Lawrence, Jacob
Box 7 Folder 25: Lee-Smith, Hughie
Box 7 Folder 26: Nipson, Herbert
Box 7 Folder 27: Njunuri, Samuel
Box 7 Folder 28: Parks, Gordon
Box 7 Folder 29: Perkins, Marion
Box 7 Folder 30: Pippin, Horace
Box 7 Folder 31: Price, Ramon
Box 7 Folder 32: Sanford, Walter
Box 8 Folder 1: Scott, William Edouard
Box 8 Folder 2: Scurlock, Addison N.
Box 8 Folder 3: Sejourne, Bernard
Box 8 Folder 4: Strickland, Yvette
Box 8 Folder 5: Stringfellow, Allen
Box 8 Folder 6: Tanner, Henry Ossawa
Box 8 Folder 7: Taylor, Margaret
Box 8 Folder 8: Tomlinson, Bob
Box 8 Folder 9: Tyler, Anna McCullough
Box 8 Folder 10: Van Der Zee, James
Box 8 Folder 11: White, Charles
Box 8 Folder 12: Whyte, Garrett
Box 8 Folder 13: Williams, Douglas R.
Box 8 Folder 14: Wright, Nathan
Box 8 Folder 15: Woods, Jessie
Series 7: Art and Artists Files
Box 9 Folder 1: “Steuben Crystal in Private Collections,” Stueben Glass, New York, 1961
Box 9 Folder 2: “African Tribal Sculpture, From the Collection of Ernest and Ruth Anspach,” The Museum of Primitive Art, New York, 1967
Box 9 Folder 3: “Pictures to be Read, Poetry to be Seen.” Museum of Contemporary Art, 1967
Box 9 Folder 4: “The Evolution of Afro-American Artists: 1800-1950,” CUNY, 1967
Box 9 Folder 5: “30 Years of Black Art.” DuSable Museum, Early 1970s (?)
Box 9 Folder 6: “Black Aesthetics, Featuring 50 Years of…Afro-American Art,” Chicago, IL, 1974
Box 9 Folder 7: UBA [Union of Black Artists] Chicago Artists Directory, 1974
Box 9 Folder 8: “Telling Portraits of Visitors to the ‘New Nation,’” The New York Times, 7/11/1976
Box 9 Folder 9: “Black Americans…The Faces of History,” The Chicago City Bank and Trust Company, 9/28/1976
Box 9 Folder 10: “Lawyers for the Creative Arts,” Waukegan Public Library, 10/12/1976
Box 9 Folder 11: “Selections of Nineteenth-Century Afro-American Art,” The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1976
Box 9 Folder 12: “The Museum of African-American Art,” Santa Monica, CA, 1976
Box 9 Folder 13: “Black Art or Merely Social History?” The New York Times, 6/26/1977
Box 9 Folder 14: Commemorative Sculpture Catalogue, DuSable Museum, 1977(?)
Box 9 Folder 15: “Community Art Center Reviews Operations, Introduces Projects,” Chicago Defender, 3/4/1978
Box 9 Folder 16: “WPA and the Black Artist- Chicago and New York,” The Chicago Public Library, 1978
Box 9 Folder 17: “Six Sculptors Create Works for DuSable Museum,” Chicago Defender, 1/6/1979
Box 9 Folder 18: “African Art,” DuSable Museum, 4/8-7/30 1979
Box 9 Folder 19: “Guide to Chicago Murals: Yesterday and Today,” The Chicago Council of Fine Arts, 1979
Box 9 Folder 20: “The Influence of African Art on African-American Art,” The Visual Arts, 1979
Box 9 Folder 21: “Kaleidoscope: An Art Spectrum,” The Art Institute of Chicago (?), 1979
Box 9 Folder 22: “African Art,” The Detroit Institute of Arts, 1980
Box 9 Folder 23: “African Tribal Art,” Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS, 1980
Box 9 Folder 24: DuSable Museum Artists Directory, Chicago, IL, 1980-1981
Box 9 Folder 25: “Dedication Shows in Jazz Sculptures,” Rocky Mountain News, 2/15/1981
Box 9 Folder 26: Calendar of Events, [Exhibitions], Nyangoma’s Gallery, Washington, D.C., 1981-1982
Box 9 Folder 27: “Ancient Treasures in Terra Cotta of Mali and Ghana,” The African-American Institute, 10/14-1/9 1982
Box 9 Folder 28: “Artists of the Rockies and the Golden West,” Leslie B. Demille Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, 1982
Box 9 Folder 29: “The Dunbar L’Afrique- African Art Auction,” Sauer’s Restaurant [For the DuSable Museum], Chicago, 1982
Box 9 Folder 30: “Margaret Burroughs, Marion Perkins, A Retrospective,” The Evans-Tibbs Collection, Washington, D.C., 1982
Box 9 Folder 31: “The Stranger Among Us,” National Museum of African Art/Smithsonian Institute, 1982
Box 9 Folder 32: “Thinking with Animals- African Images and Perceptions,” National Museum of African Art/Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., 1982
Box 9 Folder 33: “Works on Paper by Contemporary Black American Artists,” Woodson Regional Library, Chicago, IL, 1982; Gary Public Library, 1983
Box 9 Folder 34: “The Art and Aesthetics of Yoruba,” African Arts, XVI #2, February 1983
Box 9 Folder 35: “Black on Black, The Works of Black Artists From Chicago Black Collectors,” University of Illinois Chicago, 2/7-2/28 1983
Box 9 Folder 36: “Cloth as Metaphor: Nigerian Textiles From the Museum of Cultural History,” UCLA, 5/18-6/19 1983
Box 9 Folder 37: “Honors: Two Black Women Share the James Van Der Zee Award for Their Sculpture,” [Mora, Elizabeth Catlett and Burk, Selma], Philadelphia Daily News, 11/12/1983
Box 9 Folder 38: “Lois and Pierre: Two Master Artists,” The Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists, Boston, MA, 1983
Box 9 Folder 39: “Six Washington Masters,” The Evans-Tibbs Collection, Washington, D.C., 1983
Box 9 Folder 40: “Surrealism and the Afro-American Artist,” Evans-Tibbs Collection, Washington, D.C., 1983
Box 9 Folder 41: [List of murals in Chicago], Chicago, IL, 1983 (?)
Box 9 Folder 42: “African Insights: Sources for Afro-American Art and Culture,” The Field Museum, 1984
Box 9 Folder 43: “Gallery of Greats, The Legacy…Living It!” 1984 (?), [N.P.]
Box 9 Folder 44: “The Haitian Connection,” The DuSable Museum, 1984 (?)
Box 10 Folder 1: “Two Painters, One Island,” Metropolitan Museum and Art Center, Coral Gables, FL, 12/14-1/6 1985
Box 10 Folder 2: “Continuing Traditions- A Festival of Afro-American Arts,” National Museum of Art, 1985
Box 10 Folder 3: “Sharing Traditions, Five Black Artists in Nineteenth-Century America,” Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., 1985
Box 10 Folder 4: “Afro-American Abstract Artists, 1945-1985,” The Evans-Tibbs Collection, Washington, D.C., 1986
Box 10 Folder 5: “Roots: A Contemporary Inspiration,” Evanston Art Center, 2/14-3/30 1986
Box 10 Folder 6: “The Creative Spirit,” In The Tower of Memories, 1986
Box 10 Folder 7: “Nubia, ‘Its Glory and Its People,’” The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 1987
Box 10 Folder 8: “Black Creativity,” Museum of Science and Industry, 1/29/1988
Box 10 Folder 9: “Art and Black Culture,” ABC Chicago, Spring 1989
Box 10 Folder 10: “Field to Factory, Afro-American Migration 1915-1940,” Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center, Jackson, MS, 1989
Box 10 Folder 11: “Two Black Artists of the FDR Era Exhibit: Fred Jones and Marion Perkins,” DuSable Museum, 1989
Box 10 Folder 12: “Women of Color,” ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1990
Box 10 Folder 13: “Black Fusion,” ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1991
Box 10 Folder 14: “Looking Back, Life is Long, Art is Short,” University of Chicago Magazine, December 1991
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Box 10 Folder 16: “In L.A., Political Activism Beats Out Political Art,” The New York Times, 3/20/1994
Box 10 Folder 17: “‘In The Hemisphere of Love’ Elizabeth Catlett and Francisco Mora,” Isobel Neal Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1994
Box 10 Folder 18: “Restored Glory,” Chicago Tribune, 6/8/1995
Box 10 Folder 19: “A Shared Heritage, Art by Four African Americans,” Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2/25-4/21 1996
Box 10 Folder 20: “YMCA [Continued from Page 1],” Chicago Tribune, 4/22/1996
Box 10 Folder 21: “Previews,” Indianapolis Museum of Art, Winter 1996
Box 10 Folder 22: “I’ll Make Me a World…A Century of African-American Arts, Artists, and Communities,” South Shore Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, 1999
Box 10 Folder 23: “Explorers of Everyday Life in Africa,” Chicago Tribune, 2/16/2000
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Box 10 Folder 25: “Cleopatra- One Woman, Many Faces,” The Field Museum, Chicago, IL, 2001-2002
Box 10 Folder 26: South Side Community Art Center Sales Gallery Posters/Photographs, 1/18/2002
Box 10 Folder 27: “Heritage House,” Reader, Chicago, IL, 10/25/2002
Box 10 Folder 28: “Art Institute Gala Celebrated ‘Labor of Love,’” Chicago Defender, 2/17/2003
Box 10 Folder 29: “Discovering America’s Hidden Treasures,” Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, 3/2003(?)
Box 10 Folder 30: “A Century of Collecting: African American Art,” The Art Institute of Chicago, 2003
Box 10 Folder 31: “Second Annual Art at the Academy,” Chicago Military Academy, 2003
Box 10 Folder 32: National Black Fine Art Show, New York, NY, 1/29-2/1 2004
Box 10 Folder 33: “Third Annual Art at the Academy,” Chicago, IL, 2004 (?)
Box 10 Folder 34: “African American Art- New Deal to New Power,” Robert Henry Adams Fine Art, Chicago, IL, 2006
Box 10 Folder 35: “Modern American Art,” Robert Henry Adams Fine Art, Chicago, IL, 2006
Box 10 Folder 36: “The African Presence in Mexico- From Yanga to the Present,” Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, IL, 2006
Box 10 Folder 37: “11th Annual Black Fine Arts Show,” The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, 2/1-2/4 2007
Box 10 Folder 38: “Passion, Dreams, and Obsessions: Artists at Work in Their Studios,” Berkeley, CA, 2/2-3/31 2007
Box 10 Folder 39: “Dak’Art Chicago,” Gallery Guichard, Chicago, IL, 2/16-4/5 2007
Box 10 Folder 40: Treadway/Toomey Galleries 20th Century Art and Design Auction, 3/4/2007
Box 10 Folder 41: “Legacy, Celebrating 42 Years of African American Art,” [Auction], South Side Community Art Center, 5/19/2007
Box 10 Folder 42: “Black Fine Arts Show,” Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, 2/14-2/17 2008
Box 10 Folder 43: Calendar of Events, Art Institute of Chicago, July [No Year]
Box 10 Folder 44: “20th Century Black Political Firsts, Gallery of Greats,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 45: “A Carved Ivory Tusk From Benin,” [Art Institute News Letter(?), [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 46: “A History of the Negro in Art,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 47: “Adinkra Symbolism,” Museum of African American History, Detroit, MI, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 48: “Art by Blacks: Its Vital Role in U.S. Culture,” Los Angeles, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 49: “Art of China, Timeless Serenity and Grandeur,” [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 50: The Keiskamma Altarpiece [Located in Box 15, Pamphlets], UCLA, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 51: “Mashona, Stone Sculpture,” Southeast African Cultural Arts Foundation, Santa Monica, CA, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 52: Museum of Contemporary Art, [Pamphlet], Chicago, IL, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 53: The African American Museums Association, Washington, D.C., [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 54: “The Museum of African American Art,” Santa Monica, CA, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 55: “The Primitive Art Collection in New Quarters,” [Newsletter], Junior Museum, Panama City, FL, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 56: “The Woman,” Carter, Gilbert Barte, [N.D.]
Box 10 Folder 57: “The Yoruba and Their Gods,” Museum of Mankind, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Series 8: South Side Community Art Center
Box 11 Folder 1: Constitution and By-Laws, Annual Art Auction Materials, Correspondence, Financial Documents, CETA Summer Workshop, and Committee Reports, 1957-1987
Box 11 Folder 2: Schedule of Classes, 1975
Box 11 Folder 3: “The South Side Community Art Center Presents The Works of Madeline Murphy Rabb, Yvette Towns Strickland and Simone Taylor,” 6/13-7/9 1976
Box 11 Folder 4: “Luther ‘Kush Bey’ Woodley, Paintings-Watercolors-Drawings; Thelma Richey Sculpture,” South Side Community Art Center, 10/10-10/29 1976
Box 11 Folder 5: Leontyne Price Concert Materials, 1976
Box 11 Folder 6: 12th Annual Art Auction, South Side Community Art Center, 5/22/1977
Box 11 Folder 7: “Community Art Center Reviews Operations, Introduces Projects,” Chicago Defender, 3/4/1978
Box 11 Folder 8: “A Documentation of a Drive Called King,” South Side Community Art Center, 7/9-7/28 1978
Box 11 Folder 9: “South Side Community Art Center: Last of the First,” The Herald, 3/12/1980
Box 11 Folder 10: Tanner, Mack C., South Side Community Art Center to Minor, Frances, 2/14/1984
Box 11 Folder 11: “The South Side Community Art Center 50th Anniversary 1941-1991,” Chicago, IL, 1991
Box 11 Folder 12: “The Flowering- African American Artists and Friends in 1940s Chicago, A Look at the South Side Community Art Center,” Illinois Art Gallery, 1993
Box 11 Folder 13: Preliminary Staff Information, Board of Directors Information, Constitution and By-laws, 1993-2004
Box 11 Folder 14: “39th Annual Art Auction and Luncheon,” South Side Community Arts Center, 2004
Box 11 Folder 15: “40 Years of Color,” South Side Community Art Center, 5/14/2005
Box 11 Folder 16: “41 Annual Art Auction,” South Side Community Arts Center, Chicago, IL, 2006
Box 11 Folder 17: A Biographical Sketch of “Tetragrammanon Is,” [N.D.]
Box 11 Folder 18: Committee Recommendations, Press Release, Board of Directors Directory, “A Legacy,” and Correspondence, [N.D.]
Box 11 Folder 19: “To The South Side Community Art Center,” Britton, Sylvester and Brooks, Gwendolyn, [N.D.]
Series 9: Organization Files
Box 12 Folder 1: Better Boys Foundation
Box 12 Folder 2: Board of Education, Jones v. General Superintendent, 5/23/1979
Box 12 Folder 3: Bronzeville Community Development, Highlights, [N.D.]
Box 12 Folder 4: Chicago Principals’ Club
Box 12 Folder 5: Chicago Urban League
Box 12 Folder 6: Commission on Chicago Landmarks
Box 12 Folder 7: Community Club
Box 12 Folder 8: The DuSable Museum
Box 12 Folder 9: The Efficacy Committee
Box 12 Folder 10: Jack and Jill of America
Box 12 Folder 11: National Investors Corporation
Box 12 Folder 12: The Original Forty Club of Chicago
Box 12 Folder 13: Principals-To-Be
Box 12 Folder 14: Provident Hospital
Box 12 Folder 15: South Side Community Committee
Box 12 Folder 16: The Women’s Board of Provident Hospital
Box 12 Folder 17: Y.M.C.A
Box 12 Folder 18: Y.W.C.A
Box 12 Folder 19: Vivian G. Harsh Society, Board of Directors
Series 10: Serials
Box 13 Folder 1: Clarence Muse Chicago Fan Club, Vol. 1, 3/1937
Box 13 Folder 2: Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, July 1967
Box 13 Folder 3: The School Review, University of Chicago Press, Volume 75, No. 3, Fall 1967
Box 13 Folder 4: Lockheed Star, 4/16/1970
Box 13 Folder 5: The Civil War Times Illustrated, Volume XII, Number 4, 7/1973
Box 13 Folder 6: Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, September 1973
Box 13 Folder 7: Minnesota History, 43/8, Winter 1973
Box 13 Folder 8: The Smoke Signal, no. 29, Spring 1974
Box 13 Folder 9: Black Enterprise, 12/1975
Box 13 Folder 10: Time Magazine [July 1776 Special Edition], July 1976 (?)
Box 13 Folder 11: Chatham Citizen, Vol. 12, No. 19, 9/3/1976
Box 13 Folder 12: The Black Scholar, November 1977
Box 13 Folder 13: Chicago Defender Accent Weekend, 2/17/1979
Box 13 Folder 14: Callaloo, Vol. 2, No. 5, February 1979
Box 13 Folder 15: Dollars and Sense, June/July 1979
Box 13 Folder 16: Black Art, Volume 3, Number 2, 1979 (?)
Box 13 Folder 17: Black Art, Volume 3, Number 4, 1979 (?)
Box 13 Folder 18: News from the DuSable Museum, Chicago, IL, May 1980(?)
Box 13 Folder 19: South Shore Scene, Vol. 21, No. 17, August 20, 1980
Box 13 Folder 20: Chicago Mahogany Magazine, January 1981
Box 13 Folder 21: “Kith and Kin: Focus on Families,” Vol. 1, No. 3, Fall and Winter 1983-1984
Box 13 Folder 22: Center Piece, Vol. 1, No. 1, January-March 1984
Box 13 Folder 23: Amistad, Vol. 1, No. 3, 3/1984
Box 13 Folder 24: Center Piece, Vol. 1, No. 2, April-June 1984
Box 13 Folder 25: Art Happenings, May/June 1984
Box 13 Folder 26: e’lancee Magazine, November/December 1984
Box 13 Folder 27: Amistad, 11/1984
Box 13 Folder 28: The Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, March 1985
Box 13 Folder 29: Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, October 1987
Box 13 Folder 30: Seanna Magazine, Winter 1987
Box 13 Folder 31: Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, November 1988
Box 14 Folder 1: Balafon, No. 91, April-May 1990
Box 14 Folder 2: Art News, Summer 1993
Box 14 Folder 3: Linkage, June 1993
Box 14 Folder 4: University of Chicago Magazine, 2/1994
Box 14 Folder 5: The International Review of African American Art, Volume 12, Number 2, 1995
Box 14 Folder 6: Sport Magazine, 12/1999
Box 14 Folder 7: News and Events: The Art Institute of Chicago, January/February 2000
Box 14 Folder 8: Reader Newspaper, 10/25/2002
Box 14 Folder 9: Chicago Tribune Magazine, 3/27/2005
Box 14 Folder 10: The History Makers, Spring 2006
Box 14 Folder 11: “AAGHSC Newsletter,” Afro-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Chicago, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2006
Box 14 Folder 12: The Dukes County Intelligencer, October 2007
Box 14 Folder 13: The Trumpet, Vol. 23, No. 2, Winter 2009
Box 14 Folder 14: “The Art of Power, the Power of Art: Studies in Benin Iconography,” Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, [N.D.]
Series 11: Clippings
Box 15 Folder 1: [Reproduction of Slave Sale Poster], New Orleans, 5/13/1835
Box 15 Folder 2: “Toby Runs for Touchdown,” DuSable Recorder, 10/31/1940
Box 15 Folder 3: “After The Funeral Service for Wendell L. Wilke,” New York Herald Tribune, 10/11/1944
Box 15 Folder 4: “Negro Problem Worries Coast,” Business Week, 12/23/1944
Box 15 Folder 5: “Negro Housing Nightmare: War-Swollen Population Hemmed Into Small Area,” 1/9/1945, [N.P.]
Box 15 Folder 6: “Background of Violence, The Story Behind Killing of Negro Youth After a West Side Slugging,” The Chicago Sun, 6/18/1945
Box 15 Folder 7: “Background of Violence, Revolver Used in Killing of Negro Youth Stolen From Real Estate Office,” The Chicago Sun, 6/19/1945
Box 15 Folder 8: “Gem Thriller Holds Sway as Hudson ‘Reviews’ Theft,” Minneapolis Tribune, 6/9/1946
Box 15 Folder 9: “Here’s the Program for the Chicago Opera Company,” Chicago Sunday Tribune, 6/30/1946
Box 15 Folder 10: “Artist in Human Relations,” Time Magazine, 8/9/1948
Box 15 Folder 11: “Hello to Stranger Leads City Girl to Rural Friendliness,” Chicago Tribune, 9/29/1950
Box 15 Folder 12: (Death), Marian Harrison, Chicago Defender, 1/27/1951
Box 15 Folder 13: “Neighbor Group Hits Problem of Congested Area,” Chicago Tribune, 8/5/1951
Box 15 Folder 14: “Chicago’s Part Time GIs Starts Maneuvers,” Chicago Defender, 7/19/1952
Box 15 Folder 15: ”Guards Show Firing Skills With Mortars,” Chicago Tribune, 7/8/1953
Box 15 Folder 16: “It Takes Tank to Pay A Call on Tank Unit,” Chicago Tribune, 7/9/1953
Box 15 Folder 17: “132D Advances Thru Cloud of Smoke ‘Bombs,’” Chicago Tribune, 7/11/1953
Box 15 Folder 18: “Bugs Welcome 33D Division to Field Camp,” Chicago Tribune, 7/15/1953
Box 15 Folder 19: “$500,000 Shrine Honors Lawless, Father and Son,” Chicago Defender, 11/19/1955
Box 15 Folder 20: “Boom of Artillery Opens 178th’s Summer Training,” Chicago Tribune, 7/8/1958
Box 15 Folder 21: “List Assignments In Guard Revamp,” Chicago Sun-Times, 3/3/1959
Box 15 Folder 22: “Strange Birds That Cannot Fly,” Life Magazine, 10/10/1960
Box 15 Folder 23: “Bertrum Pratt New Guard Commander,” Chicago Defender, 2/10/1962
Box 15 Folder 24: “Violence In Our Schools,” Chicago Daily News, 3/5/1964
Box 15 Folder 25: “U.S. Pianist Killed in Viet Copter Crash,” [N.P.], May 1967
Box 15 Folder 26: “‘Head Start’ At Home: Simple Math,” Chicago Daily News, 11/20/1968
Box 15 Folder 27: “Dr. Lawless, Dermatologist and Philanthropist, Dies at 78,” Chicago Tribune, 5/2/1971
Box 15 Folder 28: “Teens Go Legal; Gain Rights of Majority,” Chicago Tribune, 2/22/1972
Box 15 Folder 29: “Good Way to Honor the Dead,” Chicago Tribune, 12/6/1972
Box 15 Folder 30: “How Brownsville Raid Changed Life of Black G.I.,” The New York Times, 12/31/1972
Box 15 Folder 31: “In The Beginning,” Chicago Defender, 5/6/1974
Box 15 Folder 32: [Photo and Caption of George Bonga in 1860], Twin City Observer, 5/8/1974
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Box 15 Folder 34: “1975 ‘Bootstrap’ Event,” Chicago Defender, 3/24/1975
Box 15 Folder 35: “Rites for Ex-Court Officer,” Chicago Defender, 2/9/1976
Box 15 Folder 36: “Amazingrace Scores Coup With Saxist Rollins,” Chicago Defender, 4/5/1976
Box 15 Folder 37: “Principal Fired: Raps Board,” Chicago Defender, 5/13/1976
Box 15 Folder 38: “Black Society,” Chicago Sun-Times, 8/21/1977
Box 15 Folder 39: Ebony Article- First Black Lady Mayor- Unita Blackwell, December 1977
Box 15 Folder 40: “10 Years After the Kerner Report Division between Blacks and Whites Still Exists,” The New York Times, 2/26/1978
Box 15 Folder 41: “Our Far-Flung Correspondents; A Very Special Monument,” The New Yorker, 3/20/1978
Box 15 Folder 42: “Teacher Puts Finger on What’s Missing,” Chicago Sun-Times, 6/11/1978
Box 15 Folder 43: “The Magnificent Mile is Just One Chapter,” Chicago Tribune Magazine, 11/25/1979
Box 15 Folder 44: “21 School Officials Urge a Black for Hannon’s Post,” Chicago Sun-Times, 12/12/1979
Box 15 Folder 45: “An old photo comes to life,” Chicago Tribune, 2/10/1980
Box 15 Folder 46: “Vows Hard Fight for Congress,” Southern Beacon, 2/1980
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Box 15 Folder 48: “Unemployed Youth Speaks Out,” 7/3/1980, [N.P.]
Box 15 Folder 49: “Heritage of a Heavy Weight,” New York Times Magazine, 9/28/1980
Box 15 Folder 50: “Lecture Notes: How the Porters Pulled Together,” Reader(?), 11/14/1980
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Box 15 Folder 54: “Push Is On to Give Maxwell a Federal Judgeship,” Twin Cities Courier, 4/9/1981
Box 15 Folder 55: “Jesse Woods of Urban Gateways to Retire,” Chicago Defender, 4/13/1981
Box 15 Folder 56: “Beatrice Evans’ Ashes are Scattered Beneath the Mountain She Loved,” Chicago Defender, 5/21/1981
Box 15 Folder 57: “Charles Burroughs,” The Chicago Journal, 6/10/1981
Box 15 Folder 58: “City in Turmoil Over Funds,” Citizen Newspaper, 8/7/1981
Box 15 Folder 59: “Urban Gateways’ Bright Guiding Light Now Doing a Fadeout,” Chicago Sun-Times, 8/17/1981
Box 15 Folder 60: “National Guard Recognizes ‘Fighting 8th’ This Weekend,” Chicago Defender, 5/11/1982
Box 15 Folder 61: “Deborah Pratt Co-Stars in CBS-TV Comedy,” Chicago Defender, 8/3/1982
Box 15 Folder 62: “A Shaper of Young Minds,” Ebony, 8/1982
Box 15 Folder 63: “A History of Black Politicians,” The Chicago Journal, 1/26/1983
Box 15 Folder 64: “Comiskey Mansion Houses Historic Art Center,” The Herald, 3/16/1983
Box 15 Folder 65: [Photo of Mayor Harold Washington], Chicago Magazine, 10/1983
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Box 15 Folder 67: “DuSable’s President Under Critics’ Attack,” Hyde Park Herald, 10/29/1986
Box 15 Folder 68: “Black Politics: Dempsey Travis Expands His Autobiography,” Chicago Tribune, 12/28/1986
Box 15 Folder 69: “Friends Gather to Bid Farewell to Ish,” Chicago Defender, 1/20/1987
Box 15 Folder 70: “Rites for Denison, 73,” Chicago Defender, 10/1/1987
Box 15 Folder 71: “Earnest T. Collins, Co-Founder of Seaway Bank,” Chicago Sun-Times, 12/21/1987
Box 15 Folder 72: “Black History Month Sotires of Courage,” Chicago Tribune, 2/5/1988
Box 15 Folder 73: “NAACP Leader James Kemp Dies Here,” Chicago, [N.P.], 1988
Box 15 Folder 74: “John H. Johnson’s Long Road Home,” Chicago Sun-Times, 5/7/1989
Box 15 Folder 75: “Chicago Proves Far From Promise Land,” Chicago Sun-Times, 5/8/1989
Box 15 Folder 76: “ACLU Sues Illinois Public Health Department,” The Chicago Crusader, 10/14/1989
Box 16 Folder 1: “Way We Were: A Look at Chicago’s Past,” Chicago Tribune Magazine, 10/22/1989
Box 16 Folder 2: “Vice President for Academic Affairs, Howard University, Washington, D.C.,” The Crusader, 3/17/1990
Box 16 Folder 3: “West African Whirl,” Chicago Sun-Times, 3/25/1990
Box 16 Folder 4: “Myrtle Sengstacke Dies,” Chicago Crusader, 8/25/1990
Box 16 Folder 5: “Dreams Do Come True,” NBA/WLD, July 1991
Box 16 Folder 6: “He’s 100, Too,” University of Chicago Magazine, October 1991
Box 16 Folder 7: “Too Honest for His Own Time,” The New York Times, 12/29/1991
Box 16 Folder 8: “A Hero’s Hero,” N’Digo, 2/1992
Box 16 Folder 9: “Taking Wing,” University of Chicago Magazine, April 1992
Box 16 Folder 10: “RTA To ‘Burbs- Get On Board,” Chicago Sun-Times, 5/25/1992
Box 16 Folder 11: “Looking Back: Street Serenade,” University of Chicago Magazine, 6/1992
Box 16 Folder 12: “Memorable From the Ebony Files,” 1/1993
Box 16 Folder 13: “On the Court, In the World: Arthur Ashe’s Memoirs Reveal a Man Who Struggled to Make His Life Count For Something,” New York Times, 6/13/1993
Box 16 Folder 14: “A Black Perspective: A Tour of Chicago’s African American History,” Chicago Sun-Times, 7/9/1993
Box 16 Folder 15: “Judge Sidney R. Jones Jr.; Served on Bench for 20 YRS.,” Chicago Sun-Times, 11/11/1993
Box 16 Folder 16: “Seeing is Believing, Archival Videos Bring The Great Jazz Artists to Life,” Chicago Tribune, 4/10/1994
Box 16 Folder 17: “Buried Gems Now Glitter With Pride,” Chicago Sun-Times, 5/26/1995
Box 16 Folder 18: “Natural Habitats Lure Waterfowl, Grateful Buyers,” Chicago Sun-Times, 5/26/1995
Box 16 Folder 19: “Schools Must Destroy $1 Million in Kids’ Food,” Chicago Tribune, 7/13/1995
Box 16 Folder 20: “Music Fades on Dancer’s Cultural Crusade,” Chicago Sun-Times, 8/13/1995
Box 16 Folder 21: “New Shakeup Set on Pershing Road,” Chicago Tribune, 12/19/1995
Box 16 Folder 22: “A Major Asset to Schools,” Chicago Educator, March 1998
Box 16 Folder 23: “Spreading the Work About Good Instructional Practices,” Chicago Educator, 3/1998
Box 16 Folder 24: “Lester Dugas Jr., ComEd Manager, World War II Vet,” Chicago Sun-Times, 9/3/1999
Box 16 Folder 25: “Madeline Stratton Morris, 93,” University of Chicago Magazine, December 1999
Box 16 Folder 26: “Theresa Pratt Williams; Encouraged Learning,” Chicago Sun-Times, 2/29/2000
Box 16 Folder 27: “Turning Chaos Into Calm: Organizers Help Clients Clean Out More Than Closets,” Chicago Tribune, 4/7/2000
Box 16 Folder 28: “Life Choices, YMCA’s Updated Housing Concept Includes Rooms with a View Beyond the Residential,” Chicago Tribune, 7/23/2000
Box 16 Folder 29: “Earl W. Renfroe, Orthodontics Pioneer,” Chicago Sun-Times, 11/20/2000
Box 16 Folder 30: “Dr. Earl Renfroe Sr., 93, Pioneering Orthodontist,” Chicago Tribune, 11/23/2000
Box 16 Folder 31: “Venona Belle Johnson, 81; Educator Here, Overseas,” Chicago Sun-Times, 1/18/2001
Box 16 Folder 32: “Irma Frazier Clarke, 100, Librarian,” Chicago Tribune, 1/24/2001
Box 16 Folder 33: “Mercedier Goodwin, Educator, 78,” Chicago Sun-Times, 2/19/2001
Box 16 Folder 34: “Mercedier Goodwin, Longtime Educator,” Chicago Tribune, 2/20/2001
Box 16 Folder 35: “Robert E. Lewis; Among 1st Black School Principals in City,” Chicago Tribune, 5/12/2001
Box 16 Folder 36: “Sterilization Forbidden at Catholic Hospitals,” Chicago Tribune, 6/16/2001
Box 16 Folder 37: “Elmer W. Henderson,” University of Chicago Magazine, December 2001
Box 16 Folder 38: “Harvard Disses A Blue-Ribbon Professor,” Chicago Tribune, 1/9/2002
Box 16 Folder 39: “Crimson Faces at Harvard,” Chicago Tribune, 1/11/2002
Box 16 Folder 40: “Embarrassing Bow to Political Correctness,” [Article on Cornel West], Chicago Tribune, 1/11/2002
Box 16 Folder 41: “Professor: Harvard Lost Black Scholar to Princeton,” Chicago Tribune, 1/29/2002
Box 16 Folder 42: “Cyrus Colter, 92; Lawyer Became Author, Northwestern Professor,” Chicago Tribune, 4/19/2002
Box 16 Folder 43: “Principal Known for Tough Stands,” Chicago Tribune, 7/15/2002
Box 16 Folder 44: “Art Institute Gala Celebrated ‘Labor of Love,’” Chicago Defender, 2/17/2003
Box 16 Folder 45: “Constance Williams, 82: Dedicated Her Time to Civic Institutions,” Chicago Tribune, 5/26/2003
Box 16 Folder 46: “William M. Farrow Jr., 85; Ex-Comed Exec Was Mentor to Many,” Chicago Tribune, 9/12/2003
Box 16 Folder 47: “Dr. Joyce S. Jones, 75; Chicago State Educator was ‘Nurturer at Heart,’” Chicago Tribune, 1/15/2004
Box 16 Folder 48: “Robert S. Browne, 79; Economist, Activist Devoted Life to Boosting Black Empowerment,” Chicago Tribune, 8/20/2004
Box 16 Folder 49: “Berg, Mildred R.,” Chicago Tribune, 9/5/2004
Box 16 Folder 50: “George Jones, 90; Businessman Helped Start City’s 1st Black-owned Bank,” Chicago Tribune, 10/23/2004
Box 16 Folder 51: “Court Backs Rights of Dakota Loyalists,” Chicago Tribune, 12/12/2004
Box 16 Folder 52: “John E. Herlitz: 1942-2008; Designer Tyled Chrysler Cars,” Chicago Tribune, 4/18/2008
Box 16 Folder 53: “3rd Annual Newsmakers Awards,” Chicago Defender, 10/21-27/2009
Box 16 Folder 54: “580 Honor Cobb at Retirement Bash,” Orange County Register (?), [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 55: “AME Delegate,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 56: “An old photo comes to life,” Chicago Tribune, 2/10/1980
Box 16 Folder 57: “Attorney Georgia Jones Ellis,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 58: “Bertram R. Pratt,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 59: “CIO President Philip Murray on the Crimean Conference,” Chicago Bee (?), [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 60: “Civil Rights (Continued),” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 61: “Coast Negroes Toil, Spin, Yet Beat Solomon’s Glory,” The Chicago Sun(?), [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 62: “Dance Joseph Holmes, 38,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 63: “Dr. Percy Julian’s Home Bombed,” Chicago Courier, [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 64: “Editorials: Layoffs No Excuse to Threaten Violence,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 65: “Editorials: School Board Offices Should be Downtown,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 66: “Edw. E. Wilson, Noted Lawyer, Dies in France,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 67: “Grandmother Coleman Celebrates a Century,” Minneapolis(?), [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 68: “FEPC Holds First Meeting,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 69: “Find Couple Slain in Kenwood Home,” Chicago Sun-Times, [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 70: “Frank A. Angliin Jr. Lawyer, Rights Activist,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 71: “Funerals at Metropolitan Funeral Home, 45th and South Parkway,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 72: “Hilda Simms to Co-Star in New Boradway Play,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 73: “International Night,” [Photo and caption featuring Mary McLeod Bethune and Harry S. Truman], [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 74: “Leading Negro Women Favor Roosevelt,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 75: “Lifelong Friends at Bier of Maude Roberts George,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 76: “Lingerie Shower Honors Bride-To-Be,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 77: “Marshall Bynum Dies,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 78: “McKinley Fund Drive,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 79: “Mecca Flats Gay 90’s Relic Being Razed,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 80: “Negro Housing Nightmare: Coal Bin Homes, Rats as Bedfellows; That is Living in Slums,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 81: “Negro Housing Nightmare: Half a Mile Separates Monument to Squalor and Symbol of Hope,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 82: “Negro Housing Nightmare: Rats, Children Bedfellows in Chicago’s Slum Homes,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 83: “Negro Housing Nightmare: Squalor Symbol of Hope Separated by Half a Mile,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 84: “Negro Housing Nightmare: Swollen Population Hemmed on All Sides Into Blighted Slums,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 85: “Participated,” [Stand Alone of Edythe Sampson Clayton], [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 86: “Phi Beta Kappa,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 87: Related Clippings About the Relationship of Black Men and the Black Church, [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 88: “School Bureaucracy to be Streamlined,” Chicago Tribune, [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 89: “S. Side Teacher Describes Her Ordeal,” Chicago Daily News, [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 90: [Photo and caption of Dean Acheson and Edith Sampson], [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 91: “State’s First Negro Judge is Appointed,” Minneapolis Tribune(?), [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder 92: “Stewart of Supreme is Dead at 63,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder: 93 “Strictly Personal,” Chicago Sun-Times, [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder: 94 “The Negro in the Army, Despite Democratic Gains, Sense of Discrimination Has Seriously Hurt Morale,” [N.P], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder: 95 “Warren Bacon, Education Crusader,” [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder: 96 “Willoughby Abner Rites Thursday,” Chicago Daily News, [N.D.]
Box 16 Folder: 97 “The Woman’s Aid to the Jane Dent Home; 1898-1972,” [N.D.]
Series 12: Pamphlets
Box 17 “Black Contributors To Science and Energy Technology,” U.S. Department of Energy, [N.D.]
Box 17 “Art and Black Culture,” ABC Chicago, 1989
Box 17 “Command of Negro Troops,” War Department, 1944
Box 17 “The Youngest Discoverer,” Fouché, Ruth Allen, 1974
Box 17 “The Forgotten Heroes of the Montgomery Bus Boycott,” Chicago Tribune, 12/1975
Box 17 “Home: A Poem by Charles Burroughs,” Burroughs, Charles G., 1983
Box 17 “Camp Douglas,” Commission on Chicago Historical and Architectural Landmarks, April 1976
Box 17 “Pictures Of A Lonely Poet,” Jones, William, c. 2001(?)
Box 17 “People Who have made a difference: Quotable Notables,” Planters LifeSavers Company, [N.D.]
Box 17 “Those Who Stayed; A Collectanea,” Jackson State University, 1988-1989
Box 17 Minnesota Historical Society Educational Services Catalogue, 1976-1977
Box 17 The Minnesota History Center Museum Gallery Guide, [N.D.]
Box 17 Primer For Parents: How Your Child Learns to Read, 1975
Box 17 What shall I tell My Children Who are White, Feldman, Eugene, [N.D.]
Box 17 Alabama’s Black Heritage, 1989
Box 17 Dailey Prayers, [N.D.]
Series 13: Oversized Serials
Box 18 “Chicago Black History,” Citicorp Savings, [N.D.]
Box 18 Holiday, Vol. 25, No. 4, April 1959
Box 18 The Courier Centennial Edition, 8/17/1963
Box 18 Post: The Saturday Evening Post, 9/12/1964
Box 18 The New York Times Magazine, 9/18/1977
Box 18 The New York Times Magazine, 10/5/1980
Box 18 Weekend Chicago Defender, 6/16/1983
Box 18 Chicago Tribune Magazine, 11/6/1983
Box 18 Chicago Tribune Magazine, 11/16/1986
Box 18 Chatham-Southeast Citizen, Vol. 23, No. 14, 12/3/1987
Box 18 Chicago Sun-Times USA Weekend, 1/5-7/2001
Series 14: Oversized Clippings
Box 19 “To Secure These Rights: The Report of the President’s Committee on Civil Rights,” The Picture News, 11/2/1947
Box 19 “A Coffle of Freight for Yankee Slavers,” Life Magazine, 9/3/1956
Box 19 “Faces Of The Contemporary American Negro,” Life Magazine, 9/10/1956
Box 19 “Rich Surprises in Africa,” Life Magazine, 12/1/1958
Box 19 “The Hopeful Launching of a Proud and Free Nigeria,” Life Magazine, 10/17/1960
Box 19 “‘Prisoners of Our Geography’: The Races and the Terrain, a Mixed-up Inheritance,” Life Magazine, 7/28/1961
Box 19 “The Mission of Marian Wright,” Ebony Magazine, June 1966
Box 19 “Vicksburg Pilgrimage Recalls the Old South,” Chicago Tribune, 3/10/1968
Box 19 “The shift from moderates to militants: A Separate Path To Equality,” Life Magazine, 12/13/1968
Box 19 “Gallery,” Life Magazine, 12/19/1969
Box 19 “Walter Sanford, master of pencil acrobatics,” Chicago Defender, 5/14/1973
Box 19 “Chatham allure always in demand,” Chicago Tribune, 9/16/1983
Box 19 “Martin Luther King,” Chicago Sun-Times, 1/19/1986
Box 19 “Making IT: The story of Chatham,” Chicago Sun-Times, June 1986
Box 19 “Six solemn days,” Chicago Sun-Times, 12/8/1987
Box 19 [On Harold Washington], Chicago Tribune Magazine, 12/8/1987
Box 19 “The Laureate of Black America,” New York Times, 10/9/1988
Box 19 “Black History Month,” Chicago Tribune, 2/10/1993
Box 19 “Front and center: Black females claim their place in shaping history,” Chicago Tribune, 2/21/1993
Box 19 “Saving Bronzeville,” Chicago Sun-Times, 8/5/2001
Box 19 “Working on the CBOT’s future,” Chicago Sun-Times, 5/30/2002
Series 15: Books
Box 20 The Negro in the American Revolution, Aptheker, Herbert, 1940
Box 20 Jasper The Drummin’ Boy, Taylor, Margaret, 1947
Box 20 The Negro Cowboys, Durham, Philip and Jones, Everett L., 1965
Box 20 The Negro In Mississippi 1865-1890, Wharton, Vernon Lane, 1965
Box 20 Whip Me Whop Me Pudding and Other Stories of Riley Rabbit and His Fabulous Friends, Burroughs, Margaret Taylor, 1966
Box 20 Arizona Highways, 1975
Box 20 Singing Black, Price, Ramon, 1976
Box 20 Fannie Lou Hamer, A Biography, Kling, Susan, 1979
Box 20 Black Wings: The American Black in Aviation, Hardesty, Von and Pisano, Dominick, 1983
Box 20 Creative Expressions: Poetry for the Young, Thomas, Marion, 1983
Box 20 Ghanaian Languages, Hall, Edward, 1983
Box 20 Going For The Gold: The Story of Black Women in Sports, Bentley, Ken, 1983
Box 20 Ancient Ashanti Chieftaincy, Obeng, Ernest E., 1988
Box 20 The Story of Kwanzaa, Madhubuti, Safisha L., 1989
Box 20 Black Art and Culture in the 20th Century, Powell, Richard J., 1997
Box 21 African Americans in Minnesota, Taylor, David Vassar, 2002
Box 21 Feldman, Feldman, Eugene Pieter Romayne, [N.D.]
Box 21 Messages of Truth, Hutchinson, Gayle Goss, [N.D.]
Box 21 Minds Flowing Free, Burroughs, Margaret T., [N.D.]
Box 21 Martha’s Vineyard Guide Book
Box 21 My First Husband & His Four Wives (Me, being the first), Burroughs, M.T. (Peggy Goss), [N.D.]
Box 21 Namibia The Beautiful Land
Box 21 The Poetry of King Louie, Law Jr., Albert Louis, [N.D.]
Series 16: Memorabilia
Box 22 Aitchpe Yearbook, 1931
Box 22 The Aitchpe Yearbook, 1932
Box 22 Historical and Pictoral Review of 184th Field Artillery Army of the United States, 1941
Box 22 The Dunbar Prospectus Yearbook, 1948
Box 22 1969 Poetry Calendar, The DuSable Museum
Box 22 1970 Calendar honoring Black Artists, DuSable Museum
Box 22 African Peoples Pictorial Round-up, 1972
Box 22 “Black Profiles,” Crossword Puzzle on Names of Note In Black History, Boston Public Library, 1974
Box 22 “Revolution, Constitution,” Crossword Puzzle On The Beginnings of the United States, Boston Public Library, 1975
Box 22 “The Black West: Quizzes and Queries,” 1975
Box 22 Herstory: A Crossword Puzzle on Women, Boston Public Library, 1975
Box 22 Certificate In Memory of Byron C. Minor From the United States of America, 1980s(?)
Box 22 Certificate From The Illinois State Committee of the North Central Association to Byron C. Minor, 1980-1981
Box 22 The 1991 Calendar of African-American History
Box 23 In Historama: Vincent Price Tells The Story of Tombstone
Box 23 Maps of Tucson, AZ
Box 23 The Soldiers’ French Phrase Book
Box 23 Illinois Generations: a traveler’s guide to African American Heritage
Box 23 Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings
Series 17: Photographs
CD of photos
Box 24 001 Elizabeth Hilyard, [born in Windsor], c. 1880s
Box 24 002 Anderson Family, Pennsylvania, c. 1898(?)
Box 24 003 Sabra Hilyard, c. 1890(?), Windsor, Ontario
Box 24 004 Fred Parker, J.H. Dyles(?), Hadley Stillwater, Allan French, Harper (MPLS)(?), Mr. Banks Hausescity, JNO(?) Hickman, J.K. Hilyard, JNO(?) Sterrett, J.O. Adams, J.M. Langston-Washington, D.C., U.M. Gray Sr. MPLS, Minneapolis, MN, Late 1800s
Box 24 005 Unidentified Woman, Late 1800s
Box 24 006 James Kidd Hilyard(?), Early 1900s
Box 24 007 William A. Hilyard, Land agent for Union Pacific, Minneapolis, MN, early 1900s
Box 24 008 Frank Anderson (3rd from right) in band, Chambersburg, PA(?), c. 1900-1910
Box 24 009 Willis B. Mollison, Mississippi, c. 1910
Box 24 010 Sadie Anderson, c. 1914, [N.P.]
Box 24 011 Welbourne Mollison, Irvin Mollison, and Walter Mollison, c. 1915, [N.P.]
Box 24 012 Lydia Mollison, Mable Duke, Bertha Mosley Lewis, Lorraine Green, 1st Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapter at University of Chicago, c. 1919
Box 24 013 Sadie Anderson, c. 1920, Chicago, IL
Box 24 014 Willis Mollison and Byron Minor, c. 1920
Box 24 015 African American Red Cross Workers, c. 1920
Box 24 016 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 017 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 018 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 019 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 020 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 021 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 022 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 023 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 024 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 025 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 026 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 027 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 028 Anderson Family, 5527 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL, c. 1923
Box 24 029 Frances Hilyard Anderson, c. 1924
Box 24 030 Ida Mollison, Byron Minor, Janice Kingslow, Willie E. Minor, Mrs. Kingslow, Willis Minor, Roger Kingslow, c. 1928
Box 24 031 Willie Ethel Mollison-Minor, [Byron Minor’s Mother], 1920s, [N.P.]
Box 24 032 Sabra Anderson, [Photo by Woodard], 1920s
Box 24 033 Sadie Anderson, 1920s
Box 24 034 Sadie Anderson, 1920s
Box 24 035 Sadie Anderson, 1920s
Box 24 036 Sadie Anderson, 1920s
Box 24 037 Sadie Anderson, 1920s
Box 24 038 Sadie Anderson, 1920s
Box 24 039 Frank Anderson, [Photo by Woodard], 1920s
Box 24 040 Idlewild, Michigan, Early 1920s
Box 24 041 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 042 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 043 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 044 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 045 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 046 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 047 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 048 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 049 Idlewild, MI, Early 1920s
Box 24 050 Soldiers, 1920s, [N.P.]
Box 25 051 Soldiers, 1920s, [N.P.]
Box 25 052 Soldiers, 1920s, [N.P.]
Box 25 053 Troops Returning, 1919, [N.P.]
Box 25 054 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 055 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 056 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 057 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 058 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 059 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 060 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 061 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 062 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 063 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 064 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 065 Chicago, IL, c. 1930
Box 25 066 Byron Minor, 1934(?)
Box 25 067 Bill Jackson, World War II
Box 25 068 Burke School Graduation Class, Frances Minor (Top Row, 3rd From Right), Chicago, IL, January 1937
Box 25 069 Frances Minor, c. 1938
Box 25 070 Byron Minor, c. 1939
Box 25 071 Byron Minor, 1939
Box 25 072 Dr. Henry Higgins, 1930s
Box 25 073 Jay L. Lucas, [Lawyer], 1930s(?)
Box 25 074 Irvin Mollison, c. 1930(?)
Box 25 075 Byron Minor and Soldiers, 1930s
Box 25 076 Byron Minor and Soldiers, 1930s
Box 25 077 Byron Minor with Two Soldiers, 1930s
Box 25 078 YWCA 46th and King Dr., Sadie Anderson, Janice Kingslow, Eselene Goree, 1930s
Box 25 079 Cab Calloway at Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 080 Chuberry, Cab Calloway at Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 081 You Peck One, We’ll Peck One, Cab Calloway at Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 082 Boy Meets Horn, Cab Calloway at Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 083 Cab is Sent, Cab Calloway at Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 084 Presenting, Cab Calloway at Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 085 Cab Calloway at Regal, Lamar Wright, 3/9/1940
Box 25 086 Get Together You Cats, Cab Calloway at the Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 087 Dig, Dig, Dig, 3/9/1940
Box 25 088 Cab Calloway at the Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 089 Cab Calloway at the Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 090 Cab Calloway at the Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 091 Cab Calloway at the Regal, 3/9/1940
Box 25 092 Cab Calloway at the Regal, “Liza,” 3/9/1940
Box 25 093 Cab Calloway at the Regal, “Cab Jivers,” 3/9/1940
Box 25 094 Cab Calloway at the Regal, “Sister Tharpe and Cab,” 3/9/1940
Box 25 095 Cab Calloway at the Regal, “Hi De Ho!” 3/9/1940
Box 25 096 Night-Watch, Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, April 1940
Box 25 097 Ida Welborne Mollison, August 1940
Box 25 098 Trip to Barrington, Visiting Olivia Scott, September 1940
Box 25 099 Trip to Barrington, September 1940
Box 25 100 Trip to Barrington, September 1940
Box 26 101 Trip to Barrington, September 1940
Box 26 102 DuSable vs. Kelly High, October 26, 1940
Box 26 103 DuSable vs. Kelly High, October 26, 1940
Box 26 104 Langston Hughes, 1940
Box 26 105 Hi-Jinks, DuSable High School, 1940
Box 26 106 Hi-Jinks, DuSable High School, 1940
Box 26 107 Hi-Jinks, DuSable High School, 1940
Box 26 108 Hi-Jinks, DuSable High School, 1940
Box 26 109 Hi-Jinks, DuSable High School, 1940
Box 26 110 Elizabeth Montousamy, Hi-Jinks, DuSable High School, 1940
Box 26 111 Hi-Jinks, DuSable High School, 1940
Box 26 112 Gordon Parks Camera Club at South Side Community Art Center, Byron Minor, Frank Marshall Davis, Chicago, IL, 1941
Box 26 113 Floyd Smith, Roberts Show Lounge(?), Chicago, IL, c. 1942
Box 26 114 Spain(?), 1943(?)
Box 26 115 Dunbar H.S., c. 1946-47
Box 26 116 184th Artillery in Memorial Day Parade, Downown Chicago, 1940s(?)
Box 26 117 Herbert Williams, Dr. Donald Williams (as child), 1940s
Box 26 118 Herbert Williams, Dr. Donald Williams (as Child), 1940s
Box 26 119 Welbourne Mollison, Jr., c. 1940
Box 26 120 Louise Mollison Welbourne, Irvin C. Mollison, Walter Mollison, and Patrice Mollison, c. 1940s
Box 26 121 Frances Minor and Parents (Sabra Elizabeth Hilyard Anderson, Francis (Frank) Elmo Anderson, Frances Hilyard Anderson, Washington Park, 1940s(?)
Box 26 122 Earl Strayhorn and Frances Minor, 8th Reg. Armory, 1940s(?)
Box 26 123 Dr. Gleason, Claude Barnett, Paul Douglas, Howard V. Shepherd, “Original 40 Club,” Sen. Douglas as Guest Speaker, c. 1950
Box 26 124 Frank Minor and Helen Burns, Outing in Jackson Park, c. 1950
Box 26 125 Frank Minor, Age 1, 1956
Box 26 126 Carl Samuel Drautham(?), Winter 1956
Box 26 127 Byron Minor, Claude Barnett, Sen. Paul Douglas, Photo by W.A. Mollison, 9/28/1957
Box 26 128 Howard Shepherd, DDS, Sen. Paul Douglas, Charles Leonard, Photo by W.A. Mollison, 9/28/1957
Box 26 129 Byron Minor, Dedication of Portrait at Charles Drew School, 1957
Box 26 130 Mrs. Drew and Byron Minor, Dedication of Portrait, Charles Drew School, 1957
Box 26 131 Dedication of Charles Drew School, 1957
Box 26 132 John Brinkner, Dr. Lloyd Hall, Mrs. Drew, Alma Gray, and Sidney Jones, Dedication of Charles Drew School, 1957
Box 26 133 Portrait of Charles Drew, Byron Minor, Mrs. Drew, DuSable Museum, 1957
Box 26 134 Dr. Louis Coggs Teaching at Provident Nursing School, c. 1958
Box 26 135 Frank Minor, Age 4, c. 1959
Box 26 136 Committee to Approve Books for Purchase by CPS, 1950s
Box 26 137 Drew School Faculty, 1961
Box 26 138 Dedication of Irvin C. Mollison Elementary School, [Standing Rear: Walter Mollison, Byron Minor, Louise Mollison, Ann Mollison Paynes; Weldon Mollison. Standing Middle Row: Frances Minor, Patrice Mollison, Harriet Minor, Ethel Minor, and Diane Minor. Wheelchair: W.E. Scott (artist); Frank Minor and Courtney Minor], 1963
Box 26 139 Ethel Minor with Stokeley Carmichael and Kwame Nkrumah, c. 1968
Box 26 140 Dorothy Donegan, Chicago, IL, 1960s
Box 26 141 Byron Minor, Frances Minor, and Courtney Minor, DuSable Museum, 1960s
Box 26 142 Sadie Anderson, 1960s
Box 26 143 Robert Mollison, Chicago, IL, 1960s
Box 26 144 Byron Minor and Frank Minor, National Guard, 1960s
Box 26 145 Byron Minor, Frances Minor, and Unknown Sculptor, 1960s
Box 26 146 Byron Minor, 1960s
Box 26 147 Byron Minor, 1960s
Box 26 148 Dr. TRM Howard on Safari in India, 1960s
Box 26 149 Diane Minor, Age 5(?), 1960s
Box 26 150 Dunbar High School Photography Class for Adults [Byron Minor Taught], Chicago, IL, 1960s
Box 27 151 Founders of Urban Gateways, Seated: Frances Minor, Selma Reed, Arnita Boswell, Joyce Scott, Sarah Lema, Top Row: Jean Jones, Connie Williams, Harriet Evans, Jessie Woods, Anna Robbins, ? Walker, Janet Williams, 1960s(?)
Box 27 152 Mrs. Vivian R. Bower, Dr. Grace Hewell, Dr. Ruth B. Love, 30 Years of UNESCO, 1976
Box 27 153 Byron Minor, 1978, [N.P.]
Box 27 154 Bolling’s Board of Trade, “Sign of the Trader,” Square Table Club, 3/26/1979
Box 27 155 Group of Artists who owned a shop on South Chicago Ave., 1970s
Box 27 156 Lerone Bennett and Unidentified Man in Office at Ebony Magazine, 1970s
Box 27 157 Byron Minor, Manfred Byrd, Otis Minor, and Unidentified Man, 1970s, [N.P.]
Box 27 158 Byron Minor and Other Staff, CPS Office Party, 1970s
Box 27 159 Byron Minor in His Office, CPS District #22, 1970s
Box 27 160 Byron and Frances Minor and two Unidentified Women, South Side Community Art Center, 1970s
Box 27 161 Meeting of District Superintendents, Byron Minor and Russ Brownlee, 1970s
Box 27 162 Byron Minor, Robert Louis, and ? Redmond, CPS Administrators, 1970s
Box 27 163 Adam Perry [Sadie Anderson’s Cousin], Founder of Assembly Club, 1970s
Box 27 164 Frances Minor Portrait, 1970s
Box 27 165 Byron Minor and Two Unidentified People, Late 1970s
Box 27 166 Byron Minor’s Funeral, 1983
Box 27 167 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 168 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 169 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 170 Frances Minor at Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 171 Frances Minor at Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 172 Frances Minor at Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 173 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 174 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 175 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 176 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 177 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 178 Byron Minor’s Funeral, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 179 Officers in the 178th Battalion at Byron Minor’s Funeral, Earl B. Dickerson, St. Edmund’s Church, 1983
Box 27 180 Frances Minor at Funeral, 1983(?)
Box 27 181 John Byron Minor, Frances Minor, 1984
Box 27 182 Byron Minor and His Two Assistants, 1980s
Box 27 183 Diane Minor Receiving Award, c. 1995
Box 27 184 Hattie Minor (Harriet), “Out of Focus,” By W.B.M., [N.D.]
Box 27 185 Harriet Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 186 Upside Down, [N.D.]
Box 27 187 Baby Ethel, [N.D.]
Box 27 188 Shot, Stuffed, & Mounted, By Byron Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 189 Harriet Chases Ethel, [N.D.]
Box 27 190 Sleeping Beauty, Louis Minor, Ethel Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 191 Swing it! Willis Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 192 Ethel and Lydia Ann, by Willis Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 193 Nannie, Ethel and Sister, by Willis Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 194 Ethel Says Hello, Ethel Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 195 Ethel Pesters Bing, [N.D.]
Box 27 196 Ethel Harriet Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 197 Ethel (Minor), “Out of Focus,” by W.B.M., [N.D.]
Box 27 198 Mysterious Minor, Willis Bland Minor, (Ethel Minor’s Father), [N.D.]
Box 27 199 Ethel Minor, [N.D.]
Box 27 200 Saturday Night Function, Ethel Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 201 William Farrell (Artist), Photo by Weldon Mollison, [N.D.]
Box 28 202 Lydia Ann DePriest (Niece of Oscar DePriest), [N.D.]
Box 28 203 Willis Minor, Burlington, IL, [N.D.]
Box 28 204 Unknown Member of Mollison Family, [N.D.]
Box 28 205 Lydia Ann DePriest, [Married to Robert DePriest, Oscar’s Brother], [N.D.]
Box 28 206 Entrance to Jackson Park Yacht Harbor, [N.D.]
Box 28 207 Poor Kitty, [N.D.]
Box 28 208 Cats and Dogs, [N.D.]
Box 28 209 Kappas, Alpha Ro Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, [N.D.]
Box 28 210 Old Bad Bing, [N.D.]
Box 28 211 Man on the Flying Trapeze, [N.D.]
Box 28 212 Unidentified Child, [N.D.]
Box 28 213 Model Plan in Action, [N.D.]
Box 28 214 Bah! Ethel Minor (Byron’s Niece), [N.D.]
Box 28 215 Maurice Cayton Hill (?), [N.D.]
Box 28 216 Get Your Tongue in Maurice, Maurice Cayton Hill (?), [N.D.]
Box 28 217 Lloyd Hansen, Harriet Minor’s Brother, Chatham, Ontario, [N.D.]
Box 28 218 Wide Grin, by Willis Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 219 How Not to Pose for a Picture, Irvin DePriest and Neighbor Children, [N.D.]
Box 28 220 Near Eclipse, [N.D.]
Box 28 221 Thrown for a Loss, Ethel Minor and dog, [N.D.]
Box 28 222 Factory, Photo by Byron Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 223 Dusk in the Park, [Museum of Science and Industry], [N.D.]
Box 28 224 Moonlight Night From the Back Porch, Photo by Byron Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 225 Col. Byron Minor and Capt. Lony, [N.D.]
Box 28 226 Frances Minor, Diane Minor, Mayor Richard Daley, Roy Radford (Better Boys Foundation), [N.D.]
Box 28 227 Weldon Mollison, Howard Shepherd, Charles Lomax, Paul Douglas, Original 40 Club, [N.D.]
Box 28 228 Dr. Benjamin E. Mays in His Office, Atlanta University, [N.D.]
Box 28 229 Wilma Baugh (Married to ? Hamilton), [N.D.]
Box 28 230 Indiana Dunes, Photo by Byron Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 231 Outdoors, Photo by Byron Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 232 Airplane, Photo by Byron Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 233 The Thinker, Willis Minor, [N.D.]
Box 28 234 TWA Strato-Liner, [N.D.]
Box 28 235 Unidentified Man, Photo by G. Marshall Wilson, [N.D.]
Box 28 236 Desert, [N.D.]
Box 28 237 Unidentified Couple, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 28 238 Unidentified Children, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 28 239 (?) Hamilton, [Friend of Byron Minor], [N.D.]
Box 28 240 Cat, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 28 241 Cars, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 28 242 Unidentified Baby, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 28 243 Photo Taken in Movie House, [N.D.]
Box 28 244 Herbert Williams, [N.D.]
Box 28 245 Photo From Movie, [N.D.]
Box 28 246 Photo From Movie, [N.D.]
Box 28 247 Photo From Movie, [N.D.]
Box 28 248 Photo From Movie, [N.D.]
Box 28 249 Lloyd Hampton(?), [N.D.]
Box 28 250 Hector the Garbage Collector, Lloyd Hampton, [N.D.]
Box 28 251 High Dive, [N.D.]
Box 28 252 Barbara Sizemore in Chicago, [N.D.]
Box 28 253 Unidentified Woman, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 28 254 Kenneth Stokes, [N.D.]
Box 28 255 Negative Proofs of Woman and Buildings, [N.P.], [N.D.]
Box 28 256 Minor family tombstone, [N.D.]
Box 28 257 Unidentified Women, [N.D.]
Series 18: Oversized Photographs
Box 29 258 James Kidd Hilyard, Late 1800s
Box 29 259 Founding Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha at University of Chicago, 1920s, Back Row, 2nd from left: Lydia DePriest, Middle row, 2nd from right: Bertha Mosby Lewis, First Row, far left: Mable Duke, 2nd left: ? Wilkins [J. Earnest Wilkins’ Mother], 3rd left: Lorraine Green, Back row, far left: Madeline Morgan (Madeline Stratton Morris)
Box 29 260 St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church Confirmation Class, Worthington Studio, Chicago, IL, 1933
Box 29 261 St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church Confirmation Class, Worthington Studio, Chicago, IL, 1934
Box 29 262 Graduating Class, Burk School, January 1937
Box 29 263 931st Field Artillery, 1930s
Box 29 264 931st Field Artillery (?), 1930s
Box 29 265 WPA Office in Wabash YMCA, Louise Clayton, Kelly, Sadie Anderson, Calloway, Mr. Bodie, Gerald Ford, 1950s
Box 29 266 12th Regiment Band, Chicago, [N.D.]
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