Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Archives

Dates: 1871-2005
Size: 11 linear feet (12 archival boxes)
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Carter G. Woodson Regional Library, Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, 9525 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60628
Collection Number: 2002/05
Provenance: Donated by the Rev. Garry M. Cain, pastor of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, and Ms. Anne Duncan, church historian, March 2002
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Archives [Box #, Folder #], Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, Chicago Public Library.
Processed by: Traci Parker, Harsh Archival Processing Project
Supervised by: Michael Flug, Senior Archivist, Harsh Archival Processing Project

Organizational History

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church was founded in June 1902 when a disagreement arose in Olivet Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago’s oldest African American Baptist church, over the purchase of property. The dispute split Olivet into two factions. One faction remained at Olivet. The other—a small, determined group of about 30 parishioners led by Olivet’s former pastor, the Rev. J.F. Thomas—left Olivet and established Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. The name Ebenezer was suggested by church member Eliza Jackson. Ebenezer was first located in Arlington Hall at 31st Street and Indiana Avenue. After a year of worship, Arlington Hall became too small for the rapidly growing congregation. In 1903, Ebenezer purchased a building located at 35th and Dearborn streets for $11,500.

At the church’s founding, Rev. Thomas was already 59 years old and was hailed as “a strong advocate for the good of his race.” During his 18 years at Ebenezer, he also served as president of the Illinois State Baptist Convention and as chaplain of the famed 8th Regiment. Under Thomas’ leadership, the church prospered and membership continued to grow. With such growth, Ebenezer once again found itself faced with the need for a larger building. In 1920 Thomas and the Ebenezer Church met with Isaiah Temple, a Jewish synagogue, and finalized plans to purchase the synagogue at 45th Street and Vincennes Avenue. Per an agreement between these two parties, Ebenezer paid $65,000 with a down payment of $26,000. This building continues to be the home of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church.

Thomas did not live to see the opening of the new church building. On August 26, 1920, a few days shy of his 78th birthday and one week after his 54th anniversary as a minister, Rev. Thomas died. Shortly after his death, the Rev. Charles Henry Clark from Nashville, Tenn., succeeded Thomas and became Ebenezer’s second pastor.

In October 1921, a year after Clark had been appointed pastor, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church settled into its new home. Clark proved to be a strong financial leader. By 1928, Ebenezer paid off its mortgage. Two years later, however, Clark resigned as pastor of Ebenezer after much dissension among the members. The bitter clash between supporters and opponents of Rev. Clark even degenerated into a physical fight in the church.

Ebenezer then invited the Rev. James Howard Lorenzo Smith from Birmingham, Ala., to be the church’s third pastor beginning March 16, 1931. His arrival was celebrated with a full week of installation services, which climaxed with a huge banquet in the church dining room. According to Ebenezer’s 75th anniversary book, “the church was undergoing troublesome times and...through the prayers of the dedicated, the leadership of Dr. Smith and above all, through the grace of God, the church was finally restored to a period of peace. The church took on new life and many changes were made for the advancement of its program.”

During Rev. Smith’s 27-year tenure at Ebenezer, the church became known as “the birthplace of gospel.” Rev. Smith was not satisfied with the style of music he initially found at Ebenezer. On December 6, 1931, he preached to his congregation about a vision he had received. Rev. Smith’s vision was of a choir of Christian men and women sitting behind him singing what he called, “Good old-fashioned songs sung by our forefathers down in the southland.” In this sermon, Rev. Smith gave the call for the organization of the first gospel chorus.

Rev. Smith put together a team of music innovators to direct the chorus. He called upon professor Theodore Frye as director and professor Thomas A. Dorsey as pianist. In January 1932, after only a month of rehearsals, the Ebenezer gospel chorus made its debut in a church filled to capacity. The 100-member chorus wowed the congregation with their soulful Southern-influenced spiritual sound. Six weeks after the chorus made its initial public appearance, Dorsey left Ebenezer to direct a new gospel chorus at Pilgrim Baptist Church. In spite of this loss, Ebenezer Gospel Chorus continued to prosper under Frye’s leadership. Ebenezer Gospel Chorus historian Asalein Lowery wrote that “each of our subsequent appearances added to our growth and strength, and before long we had become quite famous.”

Roberta Martin was chosen to replace Dorsey as pianist. While at Ebenezer, she organized the Roberta Martin Singers, originally six young men from the choruses at Ebenezer and Pilgrim. Each of the members of the group went on to great renown as gospel soloists. In 1938, Frye resigned as director to become the music director for the National Baptist Convention’s annual meetings and to further his own music publishing business. Rev. Smith summoned professor John E. Rogers, Jr. to be the new director of the gospel chorus. Pianist Martin left to start the Roberta Martin Singers after that. She was replaced by Willa Saunders Jones, and later by B. Maye Whalum Brewer. In 1935, Ebenezer’s musical program expanded to include a senior choir, a junior church choir, and a junior gospel chorus. Ebenezer’s celebrated music department has helped shaped musical greats such as Dinah Washington, Edward Colvin, Willie Brown, Willa Mae Ford Smith, Robert Anderson, Milt Hinton, Willie Webb, Delois Barrett, Billie Mae Barrett, the Norfleet Brothers, Theodore Charles Stone, Sallie Martin and Ethelynde Armstrong Engram.

Rev. Smith helped Ebenezer flourish in other capacities. In the 1930s and 1940s, the church’s membership grew to more than 3,000 people (many of whom were Southern migrants) and became politically active in civil rights struggles. The church raised money for the defense of Ethiopia, supported the March on Washington of 1941 and aided the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Smith instituted a new budget system, which helped to wipe out the church’s debt. He established the posts of assistant pastor and church historian. He organized a host of state clubs, bringing a new sense of “fellowship” to the congregation. A library was created, beginning with “more than 200 volumes on Christian Education and Negro History.” A nursery was established to care for babies from birth to 6 years when their mothers were in church. Ebenezer’s pipe organ was restored and expanded, becoming one of the finest in Chicago.

In 1959, the Rev. Frank Kentworth Sims succeeded Rev. Smith. He served the church for 30 years and was much loved at Ebenezer. The annual Pastor’s Anniversary Celebrations were magnificent affairs, with many prominent religious and political speakers. Among the speakers at the anniversaries were Congressman Adam Clayton Powell and Dr. Archibald Carey, Jr. Other attendees included Mahalia Jackson and Illinois Governor Otto Kerner. The seventh anniversary, in May 1966, was highlighted by a banquet held at McCormick Place, where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech entitled, “A Knock At Midnight” before 2,000 people.

During Rev. Sims’ 30 years of service, the neighborhood surrounding the church witnessed major demographic changes. Many of the church’s middle-class members moved away. Nevertheless, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church continued to prosper, remaining a major political force in the civil rights movement and maintaining one of the city’s most notable musical programs. In 1964 Ebenezer hosted the Sunday School Congress and Baptist Training Union, and in 1967, Rev. Sims presided at dedication ceremonies for Ebenezer’s new $450,000 Education and Fellowship Hall. He retired as church pastor in 1989.

Following Sims’ retirement, the Rev. Derwood O. Hunter became the church’s pastor in 1991. In his five years at Ebenezer, Rev. Hunter emphasized work with youth. He established a new youth choir, and a youth movement ministry. Hunter resigned as pastor in October 1996. He was replaced by the Rev. Lacy Edward Simpson, Jr. in 1998. Rev. Simpson stayed at Ebenezer for only a year, resigning as pastor in 1999.

On May 24, 2000, Ebenezer Baptist Church called the Rev. Garry M. Cain to be its seventh pastor. Installation services were held in August 2000. The theme for his installation services was “New Leadership for a New Millennium.” Dr. Wallace Hartsfield, second vice president of the National Baptist Convention, gave the “Charge of the Church,” while Dr. Stephen J. Thurston, president of the Illinois National Baptist State Convention, gave the “Charge to the Pastor.” During his time at Ebenezer, Rev. Cain demonstrated a keen appreciation of the church’s legacy. In 2002, important historical church documents and photographs were discovered in a closet in the basement of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. Assisted by church historian Anne Duncan, Rev. Cain donated these irreplaceable materials to the Chicago Public Library’s Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of Afro-American History and Literature in March 2002.

Throughout its history, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church has maintained numerous organization and clubs. These activities have been the threads in the church’s fabric. The oldest clubs are Ebenezer Sunday School, Mothers Union of Ebenezer and Senior Missionary Society. Sunday School and Senior Missionary Society were founded in 1902, while Mothers Union was established in 1901 as an auxiliary within Olivet Baptist Church and moved to Ebenezer in 1902. Twenty years later, under the Rev. Charles H. Clark, Ebenezer’s clubs expanded significantly. Its clubs included the Home and Foreign Missionary Circle, Baptist Young People’s Union, Jr., Unity Circle, Star Literary Society, Ebenezer Men’s Circle, Usher Board, Willing Workers, Tennessee Circle and the Music Department.

In the 1930s, the church added other clubs to meet the spiritual and material needs of its congregation, doubling its church organizations to 40 auxiliaries and circles. Ebenezer formed the Social Service Department, a PTA, the Storming and Charity Club, First Aid Department and Art Literary Club. Another addition was state clubs. The great migration of African Americans from the South to Chicago had an impact on the organization of Ebenezer (and other black churches). Many of the new migrants sought ties to the families, friends and communities they knew in the South. Ebenezer responded with a profusion of state clubs. Where Ebenezer had only a single “Tennessee Circle” in 1922, by the 1930s there were state clubs for church members from Alabama, Mississippi (the largest of the state clubs), Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee, and a joint club for Oklahoma and Texas.

In addition to these organizations and clubs, the church has published a newsletter, The Ebenezer Baptist Reminder (or The Reminder as it is often called), for more than 80 years. It is unclear as to when The Reminder first began; the earliest issue available is dated May 28, 1922. During its lengthy history, The Reminder has served as the official organ of Ebenezer, publishing news and notices, poetry and music lyrics, prayers and appeals, and advertisements from local businesses.

In 2011 the Rev. Marcel Kerr was inaugurated as the church’s eighth pastor. Today he leads Ebenezer Baptist Church and continues its long traditions of community works, church organizations, spiritual outreach and material support.


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Scope and Content

The Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church (EMBC) Archives documents the history of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. This collection has been arranged in seven series: Pastors, Church History and Real Estate Records; Bible and Sunday schools, Baptist Training Union and Woman’s Day; Music and The Reminder ; State and National Baptist Churches; Audiovisual; Photographs; and Memorabilia.

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Series 1: Pastors, Church History and Real Estate Records, 1871-2005

The pastor and church history records contain manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and pastor installation and anniversary programs. These records chronicle the work and career of EMBC’s pastors, including the Revs. J.F. Thomas, J.H. Lorenzo Smith, Frank Kentworth Sims, Derwood O. Hunter, Lacy Edward Simpson and Garry M. Cain. Also included are manuscripts and programs detailing EMBC’s organizational history from 1902 to 2002. Of particular interest is the program for the Seventh Anniversary Appreciation Banquet Honoring Dr. Frank Kentworth Sims and featuring guest speaker the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with guest vocalist Mahalia Jackson (Folder 4), as well as church historian Asalein Ethlyn Lowery’s history of EMBC.

The real estate records consists of deeds, mortgages and payment receipts from EMBC’s rental and/or purchase of its 1902 location at 31st Street and Indiana Avenue, its 1903-1919 location at 35th and Dearborn streets, and its location since 1920 at 45th Street and Vincennes Avenue. These records also contain the earlier deeds and mortgages from First German Evangelical Emanuel Church and Isaiah Temple, the places of worship from which the last two locations were purchased.

Series 2: Bible and Sunday Schools, Baptist Training Union and Woman’s Day, 1938-1992

This series consists of newsletters, programs and calendars of the EMBC’s Bible and Sunday schools, Baptist Training Union and Woman’s Day. Also included are the Chicago Baptist Institute Yearbook of 1961, The Sunday School Informer newsletter from 1949 to 1954 and funeral programs of church members who were actively involved in Sunday School.

Series 3: Music and The Reminder , 1922-1999

This series contains sheet music and programs related to the church’s music performances and events, and copies of The Ebenezer Baptist Reminder newsletter (or The Reminder as it is often called).

Series 4: State and National Baptist Churches, 1952-1981

The State and National Baptist Churches series includes programs from state and national Baptist Church events and conventions. Of particular interest are programs from National Baptist Convention of America, the National Baptist Sunday School and Baptist Union Training Congress Annual Sessions, and Go Preach , the National Baptist Foreign Mission Board newsletter.

Series 5: Audiovisual, 1970

The audiovisual series contains audiotape recordings (converted to DVD) of “Obsequies for Dr. J.H. Lorenzo Smith.” This remarkable service featured many of Chicago’s leading pastors and gospel singers. This sound recording is likely the only surviving record of the event.

Series 6: Photographs, 1910-2003

One of the largest series in the collection, the photographs series provides visual documentation of the church’s expansive history. Of particular interest are photographs of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church pastors and clergymen, members and groups, architecture and events.

Series 7: Memorabilia, 1961

Memorabilia consists of a plaque dedicated to Dean S.E. Heard, 1961 yearbook of Ebenezer’s vacation Bible school, recording cover of the Griffin Singers, a certificate of merit presented to Dr. Frank Kentworth Sims and an Abundant Living Bookmark (Combined Men and Women’s Day Program).

Container List


Series 1: Pastors, Church History and Real Estate Records, 1871-2005
Box 1 Folder 1 Pastors, Cain, Garry M., Reverend, 2000-2005, [n.d.]
Box 1 Folder 2 Pastors, Hunter, Derwood O., Reverend, 1991-2003, [n.d.]
Box 1 Folder 3 Pastors, Simpson, Lacy Edward, Jr., Reverend, 1998-1999
Box 1 Folder 4 Pastors, Sims, Frank Kentworth, Reverend, 1966-1976, [n.d.]
Box 1 Folder 5 Pastors, Smith, J.H. Lorenzo, Reverend, 1934-1997
Box 1 Folder 6 Pastor, Thomas, J.F., Reverend, 1920-1930
Box 1 Folder 7 Church History, 1916-1935, 1930s
Box 1 Folder 8 Church History, 1942-1959
Box 1 Folder 9 Church History, 1967-1970
Box 1 Folder 10 Church History, 1979-1998
Box 1 Folder 11 Church History, 2001-2003
Box 1 Folder 12 Church History, [n.d.]
Box 1 Folder 13 Church History, Anniversary Programs, 1952
Box 1 Folder 14 Church History, Anniversary Programs, 1971, 1974
Box 1 Folder 15 Church History, Anniversary Programs, 1977
Box 1 Folder 16 Church History, Anniversary Programs/Bound Book, 1977
Box 1 Folder 17 Church History, Anniversary Programs, 1997, 2002
Box 1 Folder 18 Church History, Scrapbook Pages, “History - Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church” by Asalein Ethlyn Lowery, 1961
Box 2 Folder 1 Real Estate Records, EMBC’s 31st Street and Indiana Avenue location, 1902
Box 2 Folder 2 Real Estate Records, Property at 35th and Dearborn streets. Includes records from EMBC and previous church ownership, 1903-1915
Box 2 Folder 3 Real Estate Records, EMBC’s 45th Street and Vincennes Avenue location, 1919-1960, [n.d.]
Box 2 Folder 4 Real Estates Records, First German Evangelical Emanuel Church, 1871-1893
Box 2 Folder 5 Real Estate Records, Isaiah Temple, 1899
Box 2 Folder 6 Real Estate Records, Unknown church/place of worship, 1871, [n.d.]
Series 2: Bible and Sunday Schools, Baptist Training Union and Woman’s Day, 1938-1992
Box 3 Folder 1 Baptist Training Union, 1938-1939
Box 3 Folder 2 Baptist Training Union, Chicago Baptist Institute, Yearbook, 1961
Box 3 Folder 3 Bible School, 1959-1991
Box 3 Folder 4 Sunday School, 1945-2000, [n.d.]
Box 3 Folder 5 Sunday School, Ebenezer Sunday School Informer , 1949-1954
Box 3 Folder 6 Sunday School, Funeral Program, Brooks, Lucille, 1995
Box 3 Folder 7 Sunday School, Funeral Program, Green, Mother Alzay, 2002
Box 3 Folder 8 Sunday School, Funeral Program, Hanson, Evelyn, 2002
Box 3 Folder 9 Sunday School, Funeral Program, Harris, Estella Maude, 1986
Box 3 Folder 10 Sunday School, Funeral Program, Williams, Leola, 1982
Box 3 Folder 11 Woman’s Day, 1948-1991, [n.d.]
Box 3 Folder 12 Woman’s Day, “2nd Annual Woman’s Day” Program, 1949
Box 3 Folder 13 Woman’s Day, “6th Annual Woman’s Day” Program, 1953
Box 3 Folder 14 Woman’s Day, “9th Annual Woman’s Day” Program, 1956
Box 3 Folder 15 Woman’s Day, “10th Annual Woman’s Day” Program, 1957
Box 3 Folder 16 Woman’s Day, “33rd Annual Woman’s Day” Program, 1992
Series 3: Music and The Reminder , 1922-1999
Box 3 Folder 17 Music, Angelic Choir, [n.d.]
Box 3 Folder 18 Music, Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir/Yuletide Choir, 1976
Box 3 Folder 19 Music, Ebenezer Baptist Church Gospel Chorus, 60th Anniversary Souvenir Book, 1931-1991
Box 3 Folder 20 Music, Ebenezer Senior Gospel Choir, [n.d.]
Box 3 Folder 21 Music, Funeral Program, Manuel, Mother Blanch, 1993
Box 3 Folder 22 Music, Funeral Program, McKissick, Elise, 2003
Box 3 Folder 23 Music, Funeral Program, McKissick, Norsalus, 1997
Box 3 Folder 24 Music, Frye’s Gospel Masterpieces, 1948
Box 3 Folder 25 Music, News clippings on Ethelynde Engram, [n.d.]
Box 3 Folder 26 Music, Program, Angelic Choir, 37th anniversary, 1973
Box 3 Folder 27 Music, Program, Angelic Choir of Ebenezer Baptist Church, 1978
Box 3 Folder 28 Music, Program, Angelic Choir’s “The Seven Last Words of Christ,” 1970
Box 3 Folder 29 Music, Program, The Bloom of Youth Models and Musical Extravaganza, 1966
Box 3 Folder 30 Music, Program, Gospel Chorus, “Praising the Lord in Song” musical, 1988
Box 3 Folder 31 Music, Program, “The Messiah,” 1983, 1994
Box 3 Folder 32 Music, Program, Northwood River Baptist District Association, “The Father and Son Mammoth” musical, 1954
Box 3 Folder 33 Music, Program, A Salute to Gospel Music in the 20th Century, “Where It All Began,” 1999
Box 3 Folder 34 Music, Program, Senior Choir, Monthly Musical, 1945
Box 3 Folder 35 Music, Roberta Martin Special Album, [n.d.]
Box 3 Folder 36 Music, Thomas A. Dorsey’s Three in One Publication for Chorus, Choir or Solo, [n.d.]
Box 3 Folder 37 The Reminder , 1922-1929
Box 3 Folder 38 The Reminder , 1933-1946
Box 3 Folder 39 The Reminder , 1952-1962
Box 3 Folder 40 The Reminder , 1979-1980
Box 3 Folder 41 The Reminder , 2002-2004
Box 3 Folder 42 The Reminder , 2005
Box 3 Folder 43 The Reminder , [n.d.]
Series 4: State and National Baptist Churches, 1952-1981
Box 4 Folder 1 IL, Historical Echo of Missionary and Educational Convention, [n.d.]
Box 4 Folder 2 IL, Morning Star Baptist Church’s 59th and Pastor’s 17th Anniversary Celebration, 1976
Box 4 Folder 3 IL, President’s Annual Address/President A.E. Williams, Baptist Ministers Conference, [n.d.]
Box 4 Folder 4 IL, “We’ve Come This Far By Faith,” The North Woodriver Baptist District Association, 1976
Box 4 Folder 5 NY, Annual Session, Empire State Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress, 1963
Box 4 Folder 6 PA, 20th Anniversary Celebration, Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown, 1976
Box 4 Folder 7 National, “Don’t Fence Me,” Mae E. Hunter, Address at Sunday School Congress, 1961
Box 4 Folder 8 National, “Go Preach,” 1976-1981
Box 4 Folder 9 National, National Baptist Convention of U.S.A., Inc., 72nd Annual Session, Chicago, 1952
Box 4 Folder 10 National, National Baptist Convention of America, 92nd Annual Session, Dallas, TX, 1972
Box 4 Folder 11 National, National Baptist Convention of America, 93rd Annual Session, Chicago, 1973
Box 4 Folder 12 National, National Baptist Convention of America, Foreign Mission Board, [n.d.]
Box 4 Folder 13 National, National Baptist Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress, 60th Annual Session, Chicago, 1964 (at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church)
Box 4 Folder 14 National, National Baptist Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress, 61st Annual Session, Oakland, CA, 1965
Box 4 Folder 15 National, Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress of National Baptist Convention, 60th Annual Session, Chicago, 1964
Series 5: Audiovisual, 1970
Box 5 AV 001 Obsequies for Dr. J.H. Lorenzo Smith, July 30, 1970 [Disc 1]
Box 5 AV 002 Obsequies for Dr. J.H. Lorenzo Smith, July 30, 1970 [Disc 2]
Box 5 AV 003 Obsequies for Dr. J.H. Lorenzo Smith, July 30, 1970 [Disc 3]
Box 5 AV 004 Obsequies for Dr. J.H. Lorenzo Smith, July 30, 1970 [Audiotape, sides 1 and 2]
Box 5 AV 005 Obsequies for Dr. J.H. Lorenzo Smith, July 30, 1970 [Audiotape, sides 3 and 4]
Series 6: Photographs, 1910-2003
Box 6 Photo 001 First photograph of Ebenezer Gospel Choir, 1931
Box 6 Photo 002 Committee for Annual Tea of the Women’s Missionary and Evangelical Society State Convention, Chicago, 1951
Box 6 Photo 003 Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Deacon Board, 1953. Photo by Patton’s Studio.
Box 6 Photo 004 Ebenezer Sunday School teachers, 1935. Photo by The Stewart Studio.
Box 6 Photo 005 Ebenezer Church interior, ca. 1931. Photo by Cleodia H. Lyles.
Box 6 Photo 006 Gospel choir, ca. 1975
Box 6 Photo 007 Housing Committee, making plans for National Baptist Congress, 1964
Box 6 Photo 008 Sunday School, 1960s. Photo by Tinsley Photographer.
Box 6 Photo 009 Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church congregation, ca. 1945. Photo by Cleodia H. Lyles.
Box 6 Photo 010 Congress Choir (Sunday School and Baptist Training Union), 1964
Box 6 Photo 011 Choir loft, 1940s
Box 6 Photo 012 Dr. J.F. Thomas, 1915
Box 6 Photo 013 Chicago Baptist Institute, 1959
Box 6 Photo 014 75th Anniversary Editorial Committee, [n.d.]
Box 6 Photo 015 Rev. J.V. Richardson and grandson, ca. 1950
Box 6 Photo 016 Apprentice deacons, ca. 1972
Box 6 Photo 017 Official Board of Ebenezer, ca. 1935. Photo by The Stewarts.
Box 6 Photo 018 Building Fund Committee, [n.d.]
Box 6 Photo 019 Church exterior, ca. 1930
Box 6 Photo 020 Board of Christian Education, 1970s
Box 6 Photo 021 Deaconess Board, ca. 1937
Box 6 Photo 022 Interior #1, 1931. Photo by Cleodia H. Lyles.
Box 6 Photo 023 Interior #2, 1931. Photo by Cleodia H. Lyles.
Box 6 Photo 024 Interior #3, 1931. Photo by Cleodia H. Lyles.
Box 6 Photo 025 Ms. Eliza Jackson, ca. 1910
Box 6 Photo 026 Sunday School dinner, 1970s
Box 6 Photo 027 Foreign Mission Board Committee, n.d
Box 6 Photo 028 Elizabeth Swift Bowden, [n.d.]
Box 6 Photo 029 Ebenezer banquet, ca. 1937
Box 6 Photo 030 Blanch Manuel, 1990s
Box 7 Photo 031 Ministers of Ebenezer, 1970s and 1980s
Box 7 Photo 032 Women’s Auxiliary of the Northern District (W.A.[N.D.]), 1940s
Box 7 Photo 033 Making plans for National Baptist Congress, 1964
Box 7 Photo 034 Hostesses, Sunday afternoon tea, late 1930s, early 1940s
Box 7 Photo 035 Mrs. Martha Washington, first secretary of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 036 Mr. Jackson Malone, Bro. Charles Scott, Sis. Hazel Stillwell, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 037 Mrs. Marie Howard, 2003
Box 7 Photo 038 Sunday School class, 2002
Box 7 Photo 039 The Rev. Robert H. Wilson, [n.d.]. Photo by E.L. Weems.
Box 7 Photo 040 The Rev. and Mrs. J.P. White, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 041 Dr. C.S. Hamilton, 1950
Box 7 Photo 042 Lucille Burns, ca. 1940-1950s
Box 7 Photo 043 Young Adult Choir, ca. 1977
Box 7 Photo 044 Sunday School Congress, planning meeting, 1964. Photo by Rhoden’s Photo and Press Service.
Box 7 Photo 045 Senior Choir, late 1940s
Box 7 Photo 046 Members of Ebenezer, 1947
Box 7 Photo 047 Installation of the Rev. J.H.L. Smith, 1931
Box 7 Photo 048 Sallie Martin, 1961
Box 7 Photo 049 Angelic Choir, 1976. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 7 Photo 050 First women trustees, Hazel Stillwell and Tollie Cunnigan, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 051 Ebenezer PTA, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 052 Angelic Choir, 1978. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 7 Photo 053 Cradle staff, 1980s
Box 7 Photo 054 The Nursery, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 055 Bus Committee, 1970s. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 7 Photo 056 Gospel chorus rehearsal #1, women, 1960s
Box 7 Photo 057 Mother’s Union, [n.d.]. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 7 Photo 058 Sunday School staff, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 059 Gospel chorus rehearsal, men, [n.d.]
Box 7 Photo 060 Members of committee, 1970s. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 8 Photo 061 Gospel chorus rehearsal, men, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 062 Gospel chorus rehearsal #2, women, 1960s
Box 8 Photo 063 [Not yet identified]
Box 8 Photo 064 [Not yet identified]
Box 8 Photo 065 Junior Women’s Auxiliary, 1973
Box 8 Photo 066 Harvest Tea, 1940s
Box 8 Photo 067 Mahalia Jackson, 1950
Box 8 Photo 068 Thanksgiving Dinner Committee, [n.d.]. Photo by Cleodia H. Lyles.
Box 8 Photo 069 Busy Bee Club, 1960s. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 8 Photo 070 Busy Bee Club, 1960s
Box 8 Photo 071 Gospel chorus rehearsal #3, women, 1960s
Box 8 Photo 072 Flower Circle, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 073 The Nurse Aid, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 074 B. Mae Whalum Brewer, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 075 Elsie McKissick, Ebenezer Gospel Chorus member, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 076 The Rev. Balenton, Dea Smith, Sis. Marie Tawsil, Sis. Balenton, Rebecca Smith, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 077 Masters Union [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 078 Sis. Waylon [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 079 The Rev. Walter Bowie, Jr., [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 080 Beautifying Club, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 081 The Brotherhood, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 082 Senior Missionary Society, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 083 The Rev. J.H.L. Smith, ca. 1940
Box 8 Photo 084 Deacon S.E. Heard, director of Christian education, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 085 Icyphine Smith and unidentified woman, 1940s
Box 8 Photo 086 Willie Brown, Jr., [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 087 Associate ministers, [n.d.]
Box 8 Photo 088 Portia Harris, Angelic Choir member, 1980s
Box 8 Photo 089 Patricia Pike, Young Adult Chorus member, 1980s
Box 8 Photo 090 Edward Colvin, director of Senior Chorus, Angelic Choir, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 091 Michael Perry, 1975
Box 9 Photo 092 Baptist Training Union, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 093 Usher Board #2, [n.d.]. Photos by Davenport Studio.
Box 9 Photo 094 The Rev. Dr. Charles Clark, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 095 The Revs. J.H.L. Smith and J.W.R. Owens, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 096 Mothers Union, 1940s
Box 9 Photo 097 Lucille Burns, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 098 Robert Johnson Smith, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 099 Richard Evans, “Messiah” performance, 1981
Box 9 Photo 100 Ethelynde Armstrong Engram, Ravinia Festival, 1954
Box 9 Photo 101 Wilma R. Newchurch, “Messiah” performance, 1981
Box 9 Photo 102 Cora Newchurch, 1969
Box 9 Photo 103 [Not yet identified]
Box 9 Photo 104 Tuesday Night Bible Choir, 1977
Box 9 Photo 105 Choir, January 1990
Box 9 Photo 106 Busy Bee Club, 1953
Box 9 Photo 107 Mississippi Club, 1977
Box 9 Photo 108 Georgia Club, 1977
Box 9 Photo 109 Alabama Club, 1977
Box 9 Photo 110 Installment payment on church loan, 1924
Box 9 Photo 111 Release deed for church at 35th and Dearborn, 1912
Box 9 Photo 112 U.S. Liberty Loan bond statement, 1919
Box 9 Photo 113 Rev. J.F. Thomas, ca. 1910
Box 9 Photo 114 Choir at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church under the Rev. Clark, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 115 Ebenezer Baptist Reminder , page 1, May 28, 1922
Box 9 Photo 116 Ebenezer Baptist Reminder , page 3, May 28, 1922
Box 9 Photo 117 The Rev. Lacy Edward Simpson, Jr., Delectra H. Simpson and DeLacey H. Simpson, [n.d.]
Box 9 Photo 118 Junior Women, 1974. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 9 Photo 119 The Rev. J.H.L. Smith, Funeral Program, 1970
Box 9 Photo 120 9th Anniversary Banquet for Rev. Simms, with Congressman Metcalfe and Dr. T. Manuel Smith, ca. 1968
Box 9 Photo 121 Tennessee Club, 1977
Box 10 Photo 122 Dr. F.K. Sims’ Retirement Celebration Souvenir Book cover, 1989
Box 10 Photo 124 Funeral Program, Norsalus McKissick, 1997
Box 10 Photo 125 Theodore R. Frye, gospel chorus director, 1934
Box 10 Photo 126 Arkansas Club, 1977
Box 10 Photo 127 Fall School of Religion, 1961
Box 10 Photo 128 Charlie Worthy, 1977
Box 10 Photo 129 Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, 4501 S. Vincennes Avenue, [n.d.]
Box 10 Photo 130 Hospital and Health Center, [n.d.]
Box 10 Photo 131 George Grider, Bernard Howard and two female delegates, [n.d.]
Box 10 Photo 132 The Rev. and Mrs. Ben Balenton, 1970s. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 10 Photo 133 Earl Jackson, 1950s.
Box 10 Photo 134 Gospel chorus rehearsal #4, women, 1960s
Box 10 Photo 135 Page from scrapbook of Mrs. Asalein Lowery, 1943
Box 10 Photo 136 Annual St. John’s Day Service, Masonic Lodges of Chicago, 1942
Box 10 Photo 137 Senior Gospel Chorus Music Festival, 16th Anniversary, 1947
Box 10 Photo 138 The New Members Club, [n.d.]
Box 10 Photo 139 Matrons, [n.d.]
Box 10 Photo 140 Usher Board #2, 1964. Photo by Rhoden’s Photo and Press Service.
Box 10 Photo 141 Front page of the Reminder , July 1, 1962
Box 10 Photo 142 Front page of the Reminder , the Rev. Cain’s 1st Anniversary, August 26, 2001
Box 10 Photo 143 W.C. Waddell, Letter on Window Washing Club, 1945
Box 10 Photo 144 Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress, 1964 [negative only]
Box 10 Photo 145 1st Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Women’s Day Committee, 1948
Box 10 Photo 146 6th Annual Women’s Day, program cover, 1953
Box 10 Photo 147 Go Preach newsletter cover, May 1976
Box 10 Photo 148 Sunday School, 1940s. Photo by Walker & Sons Photo Service.
Box 10 Photo 149 Junior Church, 1977. Photo by Davenport Studio.
Box 10 Photo 150 Food Committee, 1989
Box 10 Photo 151 The Rev. Garry M. Cain, 2000
Box 10 Photo 152 Busy Bee Club, 1953. Photo by Patton’s Studio.
Box 10 Photo 153 Busy Bee Club, [n.d.]w
Box 10 Photo 154 Yvonne Lindsey, organist for Senior Choir, ca. 1990
Box 10 Photo 155 Mahalia Jackson and Sid Ordower at reception for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., McCormick Place, 1966
Box 10 Photo 156 The Rev. Garry M. Cain, [n.d.]
Box 10 Photo 157 New Members Club, [n.d.]. Photo by Davenport.
Box 10 Photo 158 Illinois State Convention of Baptist Churches, July 20, 1938. Photo by Rembrandt.
Box 10 Photo 159 Thanksgiving baskets, 1977. Photo by Cleodia H. Lyles.
Box 10 Photo 160 Angelic Choir, 1977
Box 10 Photo 161 Senior Choir, 1977
Box 10 Photo 162 Baptist Training Union, 1977
Box 10 Photo 163 Callie Brown Family, 1977
Box 10 Photo 164 Pastor’s Aid Club, 1977
Box 10 Photo 165 Usher Board No. 2, 1977
Box 10 Photo 166 [Not yet identified] 1964. Photo by Rhoden’s Photo & Press Service.
Box 10 Photo 167 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 168 EBMC office, [n.d.]
Box 10 Photo 169 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 170 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 171 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 172 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 173 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 174 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 175 [Not yet identified]
Box 10 Photo 176 Milt Hinton, 1960s
Box 10 Photo 177 Martha Washington, ca. 1920
Box 10 Photo 178 The Revs. Ben Balenton and L.E. Cage in front of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, 1960s
Box 10 Photo 179 The Rev. Robert A. Morgan, Greater Union Baptist Church, former assistant pastor at Ebenezer, ca. 1960
Box 11 Photo 180 First photograph of Ebenezer Gospel Choir, 1931 [Oversize]
Box 11 Photo 181 Ebenezer banquet for Rev. J.H.L. Smith, Pastor’s Anniversary, 1937 [Oversize]
Box 11 Photo 182 Willa Saunders Jones, [n.d.] [Oversize]
Box 11 Photo 183 The Rev. F.K. Sims’ banquet, 1960 [Oversize]
Series 7: Memorabilia, 1961
Box 12 Memorabilia, bookmark and certificate of merit, 1996, [n.d.]
Box 12 Memorabilia, Plaque, “In Loving Recognition to Dean S.E. Heard for 25 Yrs. of Faithful Service in Christian Education to Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rev. F.K. Sims, Pastor, C.N. Perkins, Chair, Board of Christian Education, and J. Malone, Superintendent, Sunday School”
Box 12 Memorabilia, 1961 yearbook of Ebenezer’s vacation Bible school
Box 12 Memorabilia, Recording cover of The Griffin Singers, [undated]
Box 12 Memorabilia, "From a Rough Stone to a Polished Diamond" (Diamond Anniversary of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, 1902-1977), 1977
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