Chicago: Passport to the World Videotape Collection

Dates: 1987-1994
Size: 135 videotapes
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: CPW
Provenance: The idea to deposit a copy of each program in the Special Collections Department's Neighborhood History and Research Collection followed the taping of a program featuring the Department's World's Columbian Exposition Collection. Now students, researchers, genealogists, and Chicago-enthusiasts alike, can supplement their investigation of our paper archives with this dynamic and informative visual series.
Access: No restrictions.
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Chicago: Passport to the World Videotape Collection, [Video #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library

Historical Note

Chicago: Passport to the World, produced by Talman Home Federal Savings and Loan Association, can be seen weekly on Chicago-area cable T.V. networks. The program, hosted by Talman Vice President Thomas Gobby, presents Chicago's diversity and global character, and recognizes the people who came here from foreign lands, made this city their home, and integrated into our society, while also preserving their native heritage, culture, and traditions. Using many of the ethnic festivals held throughout the year in the city's neighborhoods, in the Daley Center Plaza, and in Grant Park, Chicago: Passport to the World brings you the sights and sounds of Scottish Highlands, a Chinese street, a Greek restaurant, and an Italian Statuary shop. You'll see exquisite metal sculptures from Haiti, and a Japanese man creating intricate silk brocade. You'll watch a Viennese baker removing layer cakes three at-a-time from his huge oven, shredding the chocolate, and spreading the whipped cream. You'll take a trip to India, Lithuania, Germany Poland, the Ukraine, Israel, Spain, Mexico, and Thailand... all without leaving Chicago. Programs with themes closer to home include a looks at several Chicago neighborhoods, the Board of Education and Local School Councils, the homeless in Chicago, Chicago's music scene with well-known local musicians, etc.

Scope and Content

Videotapes from the collection are arranged in chronological order beginning with the series' first program, featuring many of Chicago's ethnic neighborhoods, in 1987, through shows aired in the summer of 1994. Each tape has been assigned a program number, which are not in exact numerical order here. After selecting and viewing a tape, patrons are asked to record the date in the corresponding Tape Evaluation and Playback Record.

Container List

Program # Subject Air Date Guests
1 Ethnic Neighborhoods I 9/26/87 Dominic Pacyga, E. Skerrett
1a Ethnic Neighborhoods II 10/3/87 Dominic Pacyga, E. Skerrett
2 Heart of Chicago (neighborhoods) 10/10/87 Antolec, Wozniak, Zaba
6 Chicago Churches 11/7/87 G. Lane, B. Irving
7 Albany Park (neighborhood) 11/14/87 J. Cicero, J. Bookman
8 Black History in Chicago 11/21/87 Dempsey Travis
11 Neighborhoods of Chicago 12/12/87 B. Gottschall, et al.
12 Norwood Park Community Council 12/19/87 R. Pucinski, et al.
14 Polish Immigration 1/9/88 L. Winick, B. Weisz
17 Auditorium Theatre 1/30/88 J. Darrow, D. Gilmore
18 Chicago Photography 2/6/88 Art Shay
20 Scots in Chicago 2/27/88 M. Tallman, et al.
21 Irish in Chicago 3/15/88 E. Skerrett, L. McCaffrey
22 International Theatre Festival 3/12/88 Bernie Sahlins, J. Darrow
31 Cubans in Chicago 5/21/88 Jaime Suarez, et al.
33 Affordable Housing in Chicago 6/11/88 E. Marciniak, S. Lancelot and B. Gottschall
34 University Village and Taylor Street 6/18/88 J. Klaus, et al.
39 Chicago's Future 7/30/88 Pierre DeVise and Dominic Pacyga
40 Italians in Chicago 8/6/88 J. Longro, et al.
44 Real Estate in Chicago 9/3/88 Dempsey Travis
47 Neighborhoods of Chicago 10/8/88 Various
48 Palestinians in Chicago 10/15/88 Mufid Halawa, Leila Diab
51 Project H.O.P.E. 11/5/88 Various
55 Ethnic Television Chicago: Ethnic Journal 11/26/88 Various
57 Nelson Algren 12/10/88 Art Shay
60 Chicago Streets 1/7/89 D. McNamee, T. Hayner
61 Loyola University Press 1/14/89 D. Flaherty, G. Lane, et al.
63 Chicago: City of Neighborhoods 2/4/89 Dominic Pacyga, E. Skerrett
64 Black History 2/11/89 Dempsey Travis
65 The Lira Singers 2/18/89 L. Migala, et al.
67 NTIC/NPA 3/4/89 G. Cincotta, T. Schraw
68 Hawaiians in Chicago 3/11/89 B. Michelsen, E. Giurato, et al.
69 Polka in Chicago 3/18/89 K. Stras, et al.
71 Riverview Park 4/8/89 C. Wlodarczyk
73 1889 Chicago Annexation 4/22/89 Richard Bjorklund, et al.
74 Chicago Sculpture 5/13/89 Various
76 Neighborhoods of Chicago 5/27/89 B. Gottschall, et al.
77 Second City Children's Theatre 6/10/89 Migala and Forsberg
79 Lake View Citizen's Council 6/24/89 Herb Lowinger, et al.
82 Roseland Neighborhood 7/15/89 P. DeBonnett, et al.
83 Chicago Streetcars 8/5/89 C. Wlodarczyk
84 Chicago Neighborhoods 8/12/89 C. Busk, S. Kerch
88 Chicago 16" Softball 9/30/89 E. Zolna, Don DeGat
89 Organization of New City 10/14/89 R. Harper, et al.
91 Homeless in Chicago 10/21/89 K. Nicholson, et al.
96 Polish Welfare Association 2/10/90 Larry Leck, et al.
97 Post Cards and Old Chicago 3/3/90 Bob Weisz, John Simmons
100 WE Neighborhoods 3/31/90 Willie Granderson, et al.
106 Archdiocesan Deaconate Program 5/12/90 Fr. Ed Salmon, J. Vasquez
107 Greater Southwest Development Corporation 5/l9/90 J. Capraro
108 St. Leonard's House 5/26/90 Robert Dougherty
114 Mothers Against Drunk Driving 6/16/90 Marti Page
116 Pilsen Neighbors 7/28/90 Mary Gonzalez, Teresa Fraga
117 Beverly Area Planning Association 8/11/90
119 Chicago Chamber Consortium 8/16/90
120 Steam Trains 9/1/90 C. Wlodarczyk
122 Chinese-Americans 9/l5/90 G.H. Wang, Dr. Yvonne Lau
123 Riverview 9/22/90 C. Wlodarczyk
127 Chicago Women in Philanthropy 10/27/90 J. Darrow, et al.
128 Theater in Chicago [blank tape?] 11/3/90 J. Sherman, Kirsten Sahs
131 Interurban Railroads in Chicago 11/24/90 C. Wlodarczyk, Walter Keevil
132 Visitation Parish 11/29/90 Alice Collins
133 Holy Family Preservation Society 12/15/90 Constance Mortell, Fr. G Lane, E. Skerrett
136 Project Recovery (neighborhoods) 1/2/91 Cindy Larson
137 Catholic High Schools 1/19/91 E. Skerrett
138 Project Clean (anti-drug program) 1/26/91 J. Feldman
139 Deborah's Place (homeless/battered women) 2/2/91 M. Whelan
140 Friends of the Park 2/9/91 I. Tranter
144 AHP (neighborhoods) 4/6/91 Cindy Larson, et al.
145 CTA Rapid Transit 4/13/91 Walter Keevil
147 Chicago 16" Softball 4/27/91 M. Wojtiuk, et al.
148 Hispanic Artists at the Cultural Center 5/11/91 El Maldonado, et al.
149 Compex 5/18/91 C. Berg, N. Andrews
150 BSA, Chicago 5/21/91 Sue Teplinsky, et al.
154 Irish Voice of America 7/16/91 Charles Fanning
160 Chicago Portraits 10/15/91 June Skinner
161 Riverview III 10/22/91 C. Wlodarczyk
162 Pilsen Neighbors Community Council 10/29/91 M. Gonzalez, Teresa Fraga, C. Gualtieri
163 Chicago Home Equity 11/5/91 J. Crutchfield
165 Chicago Metro Almanac 12/3/91 T. Hayner, D. McNamee
169 St. Mary of the Angels 1/7/92 Fr. J. Twist and the Urbaszewskis
180 World's Columbian Stamp Expo 4/14/92 C. Berg, R. Drews
181 Edgewater Community Council 4/21/92 Ken Brucks, et al.
183 ACORN 5/5/92 Various
184 Chicago History Fair 5/12/92 Various high school students
185 Neighborhoods of Chicago 5/19/92
186 Center for Neighborhood Technology 5/26/92 Yvette LeGrand, Mike Cruz
187 Homeless in Chicago 6/2/92 J. Edens, et al.
189 Southwest Equity Program 6/16/92
194 Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation 7 /21/92 George Knight, B. Gottschall, Joan Davis
195 Pilsen Neighbors Community Council 7/28/92 Teresa Lambarry
200 Riverview IV 10/6/92 C. Wlodarczyk
202 Edgewater Historical Society 11/10/92 K. Gemperle
204 Black Capitalists 11/24/92 Dempsey Travis
206 World's Columbian Exposition 12/15/92 Andrea Mark
207 Leon's Sausage
208 Polish Immigrants
209 Gilbert Levine and the Krakow Philharmonic
210 African American History Month
211 Southwest Development Corporation
212 History of the Old Town School of Folk Music
213 Georgia Dotty Scholarship, Malcolm X College
214 Facing History and Ourselves
215 Human Relations Advisory Council
216 Centennial Celebration
217 Foundation for Children’s Reconstructive Surgery
218 Consumer Credit Service
219 Great Lake Steamers
220 Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Chicago
221 Department of Housing
222 North River Commission
225 Rehabilitation Ordinance
226 Aids Walk 1993
227 Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
231 Myra Washington
232 Maxwell Street
234 Polish Lawyers
235 Teenage Mutant Neighborhoods IV: "The Legend of the Home"
236 Englewood Social Services
237 Homeless in Chicago
239 Contact Chicago
241 Skyline Chicago
242 Immigration and Citizenship
243 Richard H. Lowe
244 Blues in Chicago
245 European Repertory
246 Rising Star
247 Chideco-Zydeco
248 Catholicism Chicago Style
249 Garden Center Handicapped
252 Black Jazz Dempsey Travis
253 Friends of the Chicago River
254 Crime Reduction
255 Partners in Community Development
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