Write It Down: 5 Resources for Journaling

Writing is a wonderful skill to have. First for yourself, and if you decide, to share with others, too. Writing can, however, be hard to maneuver: You need ample time, a quiet, focused space, patience and dedication. I'm sure you already have some ideas brewing for a good story, poem or even a simple diary/journal entry. To sharpen your ideas into a finely tuned piece of writing, check out these five resources—three articles from our Online Resources and two magazines available on RBdigital Magazines.

"Dealing with Pandemic Also Can Include Time for Reflection"
Daily Herald, April 2020
With provoking inspiration from old philosophers, this article will help readers find key moments in day-to-day activities that may act as rich source material for a writing session. 

"Journal Helps Mother and Son Deal with Coronavirus Concerns" by Brinley Hineman
The Tennessean, April 2020
Adults are having a difficult time coping with COVID-19 pandemic, but children are really worried as well. One fantastic way to work through our emotions during this time is to write about them, as the mother and son in this article share. 

"Journaling without the Tedium" by Ruth O'Neil
Kalmbach Publishing, Co., April 2011
This article teaches how to get situated with the right mindset before sitting down to write. If you write every day, you're probably familiar with writer's block and the monotony of continuous practice. O'Neil provides easy approaches to work through the tough side of writing and how to build up momentum.

Poets & Writers' latest issue features some of the best contemporary authors, such as Emily St. John Mandel (Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel) and Chicago native Sandra Cisneros (The House on Mango Street), who share their tricks of the trade. Full of anecdotes and a seemingly infinite amount of resources, this fantastic magazine also has the perfect writing prompts for extra inspiration. 

The Writer is a great magazine if you're interested in writing regularly and perhaps even professionally. It offers all kinds of advice in subjects such as grammar and plot editing, as well as giving readers a view into screenwriting.There's much more to learn by using the knowledge and expertise within this magazine's pages. 

Do you follow a consistent journaling practice? Or are you picking up journaling now? We'd love to hear your thoughts on process in the comments.