When New Year, New You Means New Job

This time of year everyone seems to be working hard to change something in their daily routine. It's especially easy to see on the job—people skip their morning coffee purchase, pack vegan lunches or hit the gym after work. If you're one of the people trying to totally change their workday by finding a new job, kudos to you! Making a career move is a meaningful resolution, but it can also be a major project that requires research and careful planning. 

Have you promised this will be the year you find a better, more fulfilling job? Here are some new titles to fuel your resolve, give you insight into what you really want and help you plan for the year ahead.  

Energetic and packed with truly helpful activities and ideas, The Career Manifesto works for both job seekers and those who aren't sure they need a new job, but are looking for some clarity about their work life. 

Different things work for different people in the job search. The benefit of a guide like 50 Ways to Get A Job is that because all the advice is concrete and all the exercises are revealing, readers can pick and choose what resonates with them. Author Dev Aujla is the creator of the website of the same name and style.

Lose the Resume, Land the Job by the CEO of Korn Ferry, a massive recruiting firm, is backed up with insights and stories from the firm's work with thousands of candidates. It gives valuable and exact information on all of the ways to tell your story beyond your typed-out resume: how you think, how you act and what you value. 

Is your work problem much deeper than just securing a new job? Career Match is for you. It's an assessment that can help you match to a career that fulfills and satisfies you in a way that a job that just pays the bills can't. 

There's a reason What Color Is your Parachute? 2018 Edition is a classic! This title is so good and in-demand that it's updated every year.