What’s the Big Deal About Our Government? Books for Kids

Think you're too young to care about how our government works? Believe it or not, our government's decisions affect kids and adults alike. Learn how our government works with these far-from-boring books!

When You Grow up to Vote shows how our government operates from your local firefighter to our president. It may be years before you reach the voting age of 18, but it's never too early to become an informed citizen.

Political history comes to life in The Branches of U.S. Government, part of the Cornerstones of Freedom series from the 1770s to modern times. Check out the interactive websites in the back of the book. Two of my favorites were the White House and the Supreme Court.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, you won't want to miss The Supreme Court and Us, which take us on a journey, graphic novel style. Follow Ada and Bea's visit in Washington, D.C. while discovering important cases, such as Brown v. Board of Education and others which directly affected kids nationwide.

If you love cool trivia facts, look no further than Vote! and What's the Big Deal About Elections. Find out why Election Day is on Tuesday rather than another day of the week and test your trivia knowledge on presidential pets!

Imagine if you could vote on what our national flavor of ice cream should be. I would vote Neapolitan because three flavors in one is better than just one! What flavor would you vote for?