What Would Santa Read?

As snow starts to fall in Chicago, many of us are busy getting ready for the holidays. There are cookies to bake, decorations to hang and parties to plan. If our schedule is this full, Santa Claus must be really swamped! When I need a break, I try to find time to enjoy a good book. Did you ever wonder what Santa might read before the Christmas rush?

Perhaps he might enjoy Laugh-out-loud A+ Jokes for Kids to warm up his jolly laugh. I'm sure this joke would get a hearty "Ho! Ho! Ho!" out of Santa:
"What do cows do on the first day after Christmas break?"
"Make their moo year's resolutions!"

With elves' workshop busy building toys for good girls and boys, Santa might also review How Do Toys Work? with the Head Elf. Then the elves can build even more fun toys, like radio-controlled helicopters and trucks with pulleys, wheels and axles.

A World of Cookies for Santa will remind him of last year's tasty visits to places around the globe, such as Kiritimati—also called Christmas Island—in the Pacific Ocean. Did you know Santa goes by a different name to reflect the culture of each place he visits? From Hoteiosha in Japan to Julenissen in Norway, Santa loves his many names because each one brings new tasty treats to enjoy! You can enjoy some of Santa's favorite treats by checking out the recipes in the back of this book, too.

As Santa Claus starts to plan his journey, he'll probably spend time with Maps of the World: An Illustrated Children's Atlas of Adventure, Culture, and Discovery. Reviewing these maps will help him find the quickest route for the reindeer to take. This fun atlas is full of great information about all the places he will visit, so he can tuck it in the sleigh and learn along the way.

What will you read to get ready for Santa's visit this year?

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