Working Towards Recovery: Books for Teens about Disordered Eating

Sometimes it helps to read a story about people struggling with issues that we may be dealing with ourselves or could encounter at some point in our lives. Sometimes gaining perspective and understanding of someone's journey through hardship is simply a great exercise in empathy.

The following list of teen fiction includes difficult stories of teens in serious mental health/crisis situations, such as coping with eating disorders, abuse, self-harm and addiction. Many of the book have professional resources for further reading or support provided for readers.

In Perfect, Isabelle struggles with overeating after the death of her father, discovering through therapy that she is far from perfect, and that's okay.

The diary of Ana, who struggled with anorexia and addiction, unfolds in Letting Ana Go.

In Skinny, Holly is having difficulty coping with many things, but is especially disturbed by her sister, Giselle's, struggle with anorexia.

Lia and Cassie of Wintergirls were best friends competing in a deadly contest to see who can be the thinnest.

If you or someone you know need help with any of these issues now, please reach out for support: