The Greatest of All Time: Top Five Players That Made NBA History

If you're a basketball fan or enjoy watching the game from time to time, you'll know that basketball is a sport that has produced some of the greatest athletes in professional sports. While there are so many great players in the NBA, the greatest players of them all are often debated. Even fair-weather basketball fans would have trouble narrowing down a list of the best among them. While there are so many great NBA players to choose from, here are five who, in my humble and biased opinion, are the best that have ever played the sport. 

At the top of my list is Chicago's very own Michael Jordan. Widely regarded as the greatest of all time, known for his incredible drive to do what it takes to win, Jordan has won six NBA championships, five MVP awards, ten scoring titles and is a 14-time NBA All-Star. Roland Lazenby's biography, Michael Jordan, traces his life through his family, friends and teammates. 

Lebron James is often mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan. He has won four NBA championships and four MVP awards, is a 17-time All-Star player, and is currently the NBA's all-time leading scorer. It has been argued that James has surpassed Jordan's accomplishments, and some even consider him the greatest player of all time due to his all-around game and ability to elevate his teammates. Jeff Benedict's LeBron details his life and achievements on and off the court. 

Another great player, Kobe Bryant, was regarded as one of the greatest scorers. As an 18-time All-Star, he won five NBA championships and one MVP award. The life of Bryant is remembered in Sports Illustrated's Kobe Bryant: a Tribute to a Legend, following his tragic passing in 2020. 

The legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is among the NBA's highest scorers with 38,387 points. He has won six NBA championships and six MVP awards and is a 19-time All-Star. Like other great players, he is often considered the greatest. Theresa Runstedtler's Black Ball discusses Abdul-Jabbar's role in shaping the modern-day NBA during great political and social turmoil in the 1970s.  

Earvin Johnson, nicknamed "Magic" from his fancy way of passing the basketball on the court, was generally thought of as the greatest point guard. He has won five NBA championships and three MVP awards and is a 12-time All-Star. His autobiography, My Life, reflects on his roots in Michigan and his HIV diagnosis in 1991.

Every fan has their own opinion of what makes a basketball player great - who do you think is the greatest basketball player of all time? Let us know in the comments!