Recent Teen Books Adults Will Love

2022 has already been a great year for teen fiction and we're hardly more than halfway through. And just because they're shelved in the teen section doesn't mean adults won't enjoy them too. Here are just a few of my favorites.

TJ Powar has been doing everything she can to avoid being mocked as the hairy Indian girl. When someone makes a cruel meme mocking her cousin, who doesn't feel the need to conform to traditional western beauty standards, she decides she's had enough. If she's beautiful now there's no reason she can't be beautiful and hairy. Goodbye razors, tweezers and wax. Hello natural beauty, because TJ Powar Has Something to Prove

I Kissed Shara Wheeler is the perfect combination of romance and mystery. Chloe's long-time rival for valedictorian, the all-too-perfect Shara Wheeler, has gone missing. But before she vanished she kissed Chloe, Rory and Smith, leaving them all with cryptic clues to where she went. Now the three of them, all with their own complicated histories with Shara and each other, have to team up to bring her home.

Getting trapped in Groundhog Day-style time loop sounds bad enough already. It's even worse when the day you keep reliving is your disastrous first day of college. Oh, and the only other person who's stuck in the loop with you is the annoying, and annoyingly cute, guy who you just can't stand. That's exactly where Barrett finds herself in See You Yesterday.

It's been a year since Najwa's best friend, Trina, died unexpectedly in the middle of the final round of an elite Scrabble tournament. All Najwa wants to do is try to enjoy this year's tournament and find some closure, but that becomes impossible when someone starts posting mysterious things from Trina's Instagram. With the undisputed Queen of the Tiles gone, the competition is even more cutthroat and theories about what happened to Trina are everywhere. Now Najwa has to find out who she can trust, and who might have killed Trina, before it's too late.