Strange Things for Your Stranger Things Blues

I will admit that I watched the newest season of Stranger Things the second it was available to stream. As a result of binge-watching one of my favorite series a little too quickly, I’ve found myself on the search for media that gives off a Hawkins-upside down-monster-battling saga vibe. If you’re looking for content to fill the void between now and the epic final season, I can help you with that! Here’s what I’ve found:

If you liked the elements of mystery behind the Hawkins Lab experiments, then you will love The Institute. The Institute is a place where kids have a myriad of telekinetic talents and unusual skills just like Eleven and her numbered siblings. What happens when some of those kids disappear into the “back half” of the Institute? You’ll have to take a deep dive into this story to find out.

There is no denying that Stranger Things has an iconic array of '80s music. If the music is what you love about the show, then Signal to Noise is the book for you. The year is 1988 and a couple of friends discover that they can use their vinyl records to cast spells. This book gives new meaning to the power of music!

Mind control is a wild concept, but did you know it’s been investigated and studied? In Phenomena, Jacobsen deep dives into the history of U.S. government’s research on extrasensory perception. This book interviews former CIA agents, test subjects, project managers and even the alleged government psychics.

If the mystery of the Creel House from this most recent season was your favorite plot line, then check out Locke & Key graphic novel series. This story follows the Locke siblings as they grieve the recent loss of their father all while moving into his childhood home. They slowly discover that the house has keys which unlock doors to magical realms. It’s all fun and games with the keys until they discover that some doors were never meant to be opened.

What are your strange recommendations?