Sing: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Children need to hear the different sounds that make up words. Singing makes these sounds easier to hear. Sing songs you know and clap out the rhythm so your child can hear the syllables — the sounds that make up words.


Space Song Rocket Ride: Take a musical ride through the 8 planets.

A Trip Into Space: With a blip and a flip you'll be on a trip.

Sing at Home

    • Sing favorite nursery rhymes like "Hey Diddle Diddle" or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to your child
    • Make up silly songs with your child about everyday activities
    • Rhyming is another way to hear the sounds in words. Find words that rhyme with the sounds in your child's name
    • Try free apps like Everyday Grooves (Apple) or  Kids Songs (Android) to get your little one moving and grooving
    • Sing or read the poem "I'm a Little Rocket"

I'm a Little Rocket
(Sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot")

I'm a little rocket pointing at the moon.
(Raise your arms above your head with your fingertips touching)
Now I’m getting fueled up
(Wiggle hips)
We’ll be ready soon
(Stand up straight and tall)
When it’s time to board me, then I’ll say
(Slowly bend knees and crouch down - arms still above head)
Blast off! Zoom! We’re on our way.
(Jump up and shout!)

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