Scavenger Hunt in Chicago Parks

Chicago Public Library Special Collections holds archives that document the Chicago Park District and other green spaces around the city. Want to experience Chicago Parks for yourself? Here's a fun scavenger hunt to get you started!

  • Go to a museum in a park
  • Go to a library in a park
  • Visit the Grant statue in Lincoln Park
  • Visit the Lincoln statue in Grant Park
  • Visit a park that opened in the last five years
  • Walk around a lagoon
  • Take a bike ride in a park
  • Attend a park program
  • Visit a park that hosted a festival
  • Visit a park that was a World’s Fair site
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Play a sport in the park
  • Visit a park you’ve never been to before
  • Find out when your local fieldhouse was built
  • Read a library book in a park
  • Visit a Park District conservatory
  • Visit a park that currently or in the past held a zoo
  • Visit one of the boulevards
  • Visit a beach
  • Stop by a boathouse in a park
  • Visit one of the first 11 parks built between 1900-1906

Did you complete them all? Let us know in the comments!