Recent Horror and Thriller Movies for Scary Times

I think we can all agree that this past year was the weirdest year that Hollywood has ever seen. In a recent study by University of Chicago, it was found that horror movie fans were able to cope with the pandemic better than people who did not watch horror. If you like to watch horror to cope with the anxiety of everyday life, here are some recent scary movies to thrill you.

This isn't your typical reboot of The Invisible Man. This film calls out the real-life horror gaslighting and PTSD. Elisabeth Moss plays Cecilia, a woman running from her abusive ex. Just when she thinks she is safe, she realizes she might be in more danger than ever. 

Let's travel to the fictional Brazilian village of Bacurau. Days after the 94-year-old matriarch of the town dies, residents notice that Bacurau is disappearing from online maps. Then, a mysterious U.F.O.-like craft can be seen in the distance, and the residents must fight for the lives to keep their village intact. Fans of John Carpenter may be delighted to learn that this movie is filled with homage to the great horror director, including a synthesized score. 

At the beginning of Color Out of Space, I thought to myself "wow, actor Nicolas Cage is sure playing a pretty normal character," and then things got bonkers. Nathan Gardner (Cage) moves his family to his late father's farm. When a meteor hits, their rural New England life begins to change into neon pastel nightmare.

Possessor is a bloody body-horror film from director Brandon Cronenberg, who happens to be horror icon David Cronenberg's son. The movie follows Tasya Vos, a virtual assassin who implants herself into the brains of others, forcing them to commit heinous crimes. In her most recent job, something goes horribly wrong and Vos finds herself trapped in another man's body. 

Do you like post-apocalyptic zombie horror? Then you should check out the new movie Blood Quantum. As zombies (called "zeds") begin to attack, the First Nations people of the Red Crow Reservation seem to be immune due to their Indigenous heritage. Instead of running from zeds, they must barricade themselves from erratic white people who want in. This film also features a largely Indigenous cast and crew.

These movies have certainly been keeping me occupied at home. What's a new scary movie that you enjoyed?

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