Random Acts of Community Kindness

This year, Summer at CPL is all about how our city is full of stories, because stories are what connect us with each other. And just like stories, kindness is something that also connects us – with our friends, family, neighbors, community and world. When you show kindness to someone else, no matter how big or small, you are making a new and beautiful story with them!

To get started creating your own stories of community kindness, try our tear and take sheet to help distribute good feelings wherever you are – and be sure to check out one of these great reads for more inspiration!

When We Are Kind: In this warm and gentle picture book, Monique Gray Smith introduces us to her Native community to show how acts of helpfulness and generosity – like bringing food to the Elders – are also acts of love.

Pass It on: When you see something terrific, smile a smile and pass it on! That’s the message in this bouncy, uplifting picture book full of charming art that begs to be read aloud – ideally with someone you love so you can pass it on!

Sometimes It's Hard to Be Nice: There are lots of books out there about how it feels good to be kind to others, but if we’re honest, even when we want to be kind, it’s not always easy! This honest and empathetic picture book reminds us that kindness doesn’t take place by accident – it’s something we can choose to do every day.

Just Help! How to Build a Better World: How did you help today? That’s the question young Sonia Sotomayor’s mother asks her before bed every night, and since Sonia wants to give her a good answer, she seeks out ways to help her community. In this book we see all kinds of people helping in all kinds of ways, from the big to the small – and how they are all important.

How will you be kind in your community this summer?