Quiz: Name That Picture Book

How well do you know these picture books? Match the first line to the book in this quiz from bloggers Liv, Shilo, Jason, Brandy, Alexa, Corina,Caroline, Evelyn and Cristina.

“In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf.”
“Not so long ago, before she could even speak, Trixie went on an errand with her daddy.”
“One winter morning Peter woke up and looked out the window.”
“The kids in Room 207 were misbehaving again.”
“My mother works as a waitress at the Blue Tile Diner.”
“One day my momma caught me paintin' pictures on the floor...”
“There once was a penguin.”
“There once lived a wolf who loved to eat more than anything else in the world.”
“A train runs across this track.”
"In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines / Lived 12 little girls in two straight lines...”
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