Quiz: Chicago’s Historical Buildings

Chicago is often regarded as a living museum to the skyscraper. New methods of building and engineering after the Great Fire of 1871 inspired the heights to which some of Chicago's tallest buildings have climbed. The design of Harold Washington Library Center pays homage to some of these buildings. How much do you know about the library's neighbors?

What was Chicago’s first skyscraper?
The oldest house built in Chicago that still stands is:
Which building did the Chicago Tribune claim broke all records of construction to become the “highest point in the city” at 557 feet above the sidewalk in 1927?
Which building, originally built as an assembly and display house for Studebaker carriages and wagons, is best known as the only Chicago building whose passenger elevators are still manually operated?
Which building maintains its 1870s Italianate style and is likely the oldest still standing in the Loop?
Which Chicago landmark was NOT designed by “father of the skyscraper” William Le Baron Jenney?
Which South Loop landmark was built in 1891 to house the American Book Company?
Which Chicago landmark building is also the oldest surviving department store?
Which Loop building was designed to be self-cleaning?
In 1889, which Chicago landmark designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler included a hotel, offices, retail spaces and a theater?
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