Passover Is All About Food

Passover is all about the food. Yes, it's true, even though observing Passover for many Jews means not eating leavened bread for eight days. I prefer to think about all the delicious holiday foods I get to eat every year! Part of the seder, the ritual meal, is saying, "Let all who are hungry come and eat!" And in our house, we always invite plenty of people to celebrate with us, and we definitely enjoy our food.

In my family, kneidlach, or matzah balls, are the most important part of Passover. Every family has their own style of kneidlach, and ours is rock hard. We say they represent the bricks that the enslaved Israelites used to build the pyramids in Egypt. Which is why I love Stone Soup With Matzoh Balls, a story where the town of Chelm comes together to make matzoh ball soup in this retelling of the classic tale.

You'll find another Passover spin on a classic tale in The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah. No one wants to help the Little Red Hen make the matzah, but everyone is ready to help her eat at the seder. Fortunately for her friends, the Little Red Hen remembers what Passover is all about, and everyone gets to share in the matzah.

How do people celebrate Passover Around the World? Find out what Passover foods and customs are the same and different in a variety of countries and cultures.

What's your favorite Passover food?

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