More Mysteries If You Liked The Maid by Nita Prose

Who doesn't like a good whodunnit novel? In The Maid by Nita Prose, we meet Molly Gray, a neurodivergent hotel maid who stumbles across a murdered hotel guest during a routine room cleaning. Rather than report the crime immediately, she does the most logical thing first – tidy the room. Now the police have labeled her as the prime suspect and it's up to Molly and her motley crew of friends to solve the crime and clear her name.

If you enjoy novels like The Maid, then you might be interested to learn that May is Mystery Fiction Month. So why not read a few more mysteries? Check out the list below for more mysteries featuring unique characters and everyone's favorite plotline: murder.

When Marissa signs on as the new film editor for a film inspired by a decades-old crime, she gets more than she bargained for in Pretty as A Picture. Stationed on a remote island, Marissa isn't allowed to read the film's script, communicate with the outside world, or ask questions. It isn't long until strange incidents begin to happen on set, and then a new murder takes place. It's up to Marissa now to follow the clues and solve the crime.

In The Lazarus Hotel, six strangers meet up at a posh hotel for a group therapy session to dive deep into one another's personal tragedies. It isn't long before they learn that they all share a common connection, and then new tragedies begin to befall each guest.

When a note is found next to the hanged body of Rosaleen Wright, the police assume that she committed suicide. However, Rosaleen's friend Jane notices a few things: the letter doesn't sound like her friend wrote it and, most importantly, it isn't signed. Jane suspects Rosaleen's boss Luther Grandison of the crime and devises an intricate plan to find out the truth in The Unsuspected.

In The Guest List, a group of friends gathers on a remote island off the coast of Ireland to celebrate the marriage of two friends. What should be a happy occasion soon turns tragic when one of the guests is murdered. But who was murdered and why? You'll have to read this novel to the very end to find out.

Have you read any good mysteries lately? Share your suggestions in the comments.