Make It Move!

Do you like to move? I like to dance, even if it's just around my house with my family. Once we hear some music, my daughter and I dance, jump and spin to the beat! We also love playing with things that move and making things move. Try making things move and moving yourself this month with Learning Journey.


  • Make a spinning top using materials you have around the house!

  • Move through the air by making 10 different paper airplanes! I love the ring for its unique shape and flight pattern.
  • Make a paper flower that blooms in water using any paper you have at home. It looks like magic when they move by themselves, but it's really science! 


See photos of real flowers blooming in Bloom Boom! You'll be amazed at how many different kinds of flowers bloom at different times of year.

Sofía Acosta Makes A Scene: Sofía thinks the only way she can be a part of her family is by being a ballerina, just like everyone else. But what if she prefers to make the costumes? This year, she has a big role in the Nutcracker. Will she be able to dance through it or have to find another solution?

Get ready for bed by moving your body gently with Good Night Yoga

This post is part of the Learning Journey. Try at least 4 activities on the Learning Journey page, tell us what you did and you could win a prize!