Bad Weather Books and Movies: Chase Away the Chill

As the temperature dives to frigid lows, some people like to dream of a tropical paradise, but not me. It may seem counterintuitive, but when it's really cold out, I like to watch a movie or read a book about some really nasty weather.

Now, mind you, I always consume these stories while snuggled under my fuzzy blanket, with a hot cup of tea or a bowl of hearty soup. There's something very primal and satisfying about contemplating survival in a cruel and desolate landscape while curled safe and warm in my little burrow.

Here are a few suggestions of books and movies that will give you a shiver even as you snuggle deeper into the blankets.


Life as We Knew It: In this all-too-realistic post-apocalyptic series, a meteor hits the moon, knocking it slightly off its orbit and causing many natural disasters culminating in a brutal never-ending winter. A well-drawn and diverse set of characters fight to survive dwindling supplies and plummeting temperatures, and you can’t help getting sucked into their struggle.The series includes three more titles so far: The Dead and the GoneThis World We Live In and The Shade of the Moon.

Be Safe I Love You: Iraq War veteran Lauren Clay returns from the desert only to form an unhealthy obsession with the snow. She's determined to teach her little brother to survive in the Canadian wilderness so he'll be prepared for the world’s brutality. If you like this book, be sure to check out Cara Hoffman’s devastating tour-de-force debut, So Much Pretty, a truly unforgettable novel.


Stalag 17: In one of my favorite movies of all time, William Holden stars as a wry, street-smart World War II G.I. who must help his old enemy, Lt. Dunbar, escape the wintry German POW camp where they are imprisoned. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but when you find out where they were hiding the lieutenant, you'll be very grateful for your fuzzy blanket.

The Thing: John Carpenter’s classic horror film set in an Antarctic research station will give you the chills on many levels. The howling wind and icy isolation trap the protagonists with an alien being intent on their destruction. The weather is almost another character here, seeming to conspire against the humans and giving the movie a claustrophobic feel.

What's your favorite book or movie to curl up with?

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