Leaping Lizards and Other Animals That Jump

Leaping lizards, it’s a leap year! 2020 is the fifth leap year in the 21st century, and it means an extra day this February. In honor of the jump from February to March, check out these fiction and nonfiction books about animals that leap for young readers .

Jump! Jump along with a frog, a kitten and other animals in this book highlighting the many animals that can hop, spring and leap! 

Who Can Jump? Guess who! A squirrel can jump, can you?   

Leap! A little flea’s sudden jump surprises a grasshopper and causes a chain reaction as animals of all sizes bound up, over and through the fields. 

How Far Can A Kangaroo Jump? A kangaroo’s jump is measured and compared to the number of skips, bounces and pounces of several other animals. How many kangaroo jumps would it take to travel around the world? Check out this book to find out! 

Flying Frogs and Walking Fish: There are many ways animals (land, air and water) travel about their habitats: climbing, flying and leaping. Learn about creatures from many parts of the world and how they move to avoid danger, find food or simply get from one place to the next. 

What's your favorite jumping animal?