Lazy Funny Books for the Dog Days of Summer

People may have started calling these the "dog days of summer" because they're when Sirius the Dog Star rises, but we also know that they're so hot that dogs can't do anything but lie around in them! Of course, they can make humans lazy, too. On those scorching days, when you want to spend hours on the couch in the air conditioning, why not read some light and silly books, too? Take a look at some of my favorite funny books for summer.

In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid title Dog Days, it's late summer, and "indoor person" Greg Heffley just wants to relax...and only relax. But Greg's mom is determined to make Greg's dog days the opposite of lazy. Can the Wimpy Kid find a way out of this horrifying "best summer ever"? Or will he be stuck among the scary old shower guys...and a new dog?

In the Dear Dumb Diary book The Worst Things in Life Are Also Free, Jamie Kelly is on the hunt for business when she's challenged to earn $100 to go to dream amusement park Screamtopia. When she teams up with bizarre Isabella, sweet but dim-witted Emmily and annoyingly perfect Angeline to make it happen, things get zany fast! Can they do it? And how much hair do they have to lose to do it? (And why do they have to lose hair?)

In Amelia's Itchy-twitchy, Lovey-dovey Summer at Camp Mosquito, witty doodler extraordinaire Amelia finds being pushed into Camp Runamuck a little easier when she hears her best friend Carly is also going. She finds a few other things to enjoy, too, like becoming the cartoonist for the camp paper...and finding out the other cartoonist is a pretty cute boy! But wait...Carly likes that boy, too. Can she go after the guy without losing her best friend?

What's your silliest summer memory?