Career Challenge: Know Yourself?

Did you know that your Facebook likes could tell a lot about your personality? You probably have answered questions in fun magazines to determine your personality. Some people believe that the day on which you were born – your “star sign” determines your personality. Scientists think that personality is genetically inherited. Do you know your personality? Try the assessments in this activity and find out!


Can personality be predicted?


Interesting personality traits



  • Internet access and a text processor
  • A What’s Next Illinois account

Tutorials and Handouts


  1. Take the Jung Typology Test. Keep a copy of your results.
  2. Take the Index of Learning Style Questionnaire and find your preference. Keep a copy of your results.
  3. Login to to complete the following inventories found in the CAREER PLANNING tab:
    1. Basic Skills Survey
    2. Work Values Sorter
  4. Reflect on the results from all four assessments
  5. Choose a career. Pretend you are applying to a university to study the career of your choice and you have to write a personal statement.
  6. Start a text document to write your Personal Statement
    1. Your first paragraph should catch the reader’s eye and set the tone of your statement
    2. Make sure to include your abilities (what are you good at?), values (what is important to you?) and interests (what do you like to do?)
    3. Be concise. Your piece should be around 2000 words.
  7. Print to PDF and share your handout.

Need an advanced approach?

Learn more about yourself – check out additional career inventories and profiles at It’s easy, free, and fun!


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