Kids, Write a Story

Do you like to write? What's your favorite part of writing? I love creating new characters. But sometimes it's hard to start a new story. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to get inspired to write.

One way to get ideas is to read other people's short stories, like Half-minute Horrors. This collection of stories that take less to 30 seconds to read is sure to get your brain going. They may be short but how long will it take you to stop thinking about the spooky ideas they present?

Sometimes you need a lot of help. In Write This Book: A Do It Yourself Mystery, the always entertaining Pseudonymous Bosch prompts the reader to become the writer and fill in the details of this mystery story. See if you're up to the challenge!

Many great writers start with a diary. Learn How to Dork your Diary along with Nikki who has lost her all-important diary and is trying to write down diary-writing tips for the future. Read all of Nikki's thoughts in the Dork Diaries series and maybe you'll be encouraged to start your own diary.

Story Starters

Many writers use story starters to help them begin a new project. Try one of these and see where you imagination takes you.

  • "I'm not sure we should go in there!" my best friend said as I stepped inside...
  • I started playing my favorite video game when suddenly I realized I was in the video game!
  • I looked under the bed and found a diary I'd never seen before. As I sat down to read it...
  • As I sat down to breakfast, my sister suddenly yelled "There's a monster in the house!" I jumped to my feet and...

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