Top Picks: Celebrating The Many (and Furious) Acting Styles of Laurence Fishburne!

Whether you were introduced to him as Furious Styles in the 1991 film Boyz 'n the Hood knew him as Cowboy Curtis in Pee-Wee’s Playhouse or have recently been introduced to him as Pops on the TV show Black-ishaward-winning thespian Laurence Fishburne's career has been an entertainment tour de force since childhood. Fishburne’s career began in 1973 with a role in a made-for-TV movie, but his turn as Will in Cornbread, Earl & Me (1975) is one of the most memorable and endearing roles that paved the way for his four-decade-long (so far) career. 

In honor of the 60th birthday of the Tony, Emmy, NAACP Image and Chicago International Film Festival Career Achievement Award winner, here are 10 movies to watch. 

When his basketball star brother Cornbread is falsely accused of a crime and shot by the police, 11-year-old Will and his friend Earl set out to clear Cornbread’s name and restore his legacy in Cornbread, Earl and Me.

Diverging political and social ideologies personified as Dap (Fishburne as a socially and politically conscious college student) and Julian (Giancarlo Esposito as president of a fraternity) clash on the campus of a fictional HBCU in Spike Lee’s musical dramedy School Daze.

In Boyz 'n the Hood, the first major motion picture directed by acclaimed director John Singleton, three young men navigate life and choices in a  South Central, LA neighborhood stymied by crime, violence and unemployment. 

The humble beginnings, rise, fall and turbulent relationship of Ike and Tina Turner are portrayed in What's Love Got to Do With It, a biopic about international superstar Tina Turner in which Fishburne plays Ike.

An undercover cop’s deep infiltration of a drug smuggling ring puts him at risk of becoming the criminal element he’s assigned to Deep Cover.

A small group of conscious humans (led by Fishburne's Morpheus) battle artificial intelligence in a race to free society from the physical and psychological entrapment of The Matrix.

Celebrated warrior Othello is driven mad by jealousy and rage caused by the rumors of his friend Iago, who is harboring resentment over not being appointed second in command. 

When 11 year old Akeelah wins the school spelling bee, her principal arranges for her to receive coaching from an English Professor to help her advance in the regional and national spelling bee in Akeelah and the Bee. 

A team of health care professionals, scientists and citizens work together to find the cure to a pandemic-inducing disease in Contagion.

Scott Lang assumes his superhero identity as Ant-man and join forces with the Wasp on an urgent quantum and time bending mission in Ant-man and the Wasp. Fishburne plays Dr. Bill Foster.

Laurence Fishburne’s career includes writing, producing and voice over work that has made him an intergenerational phenom whose work can be seen across genres and media. How were you introduced to Laurence Fishburne?