Hygge for the Holidays

You might be wondering what is hygge and how do I say it? Hygge, pronounced Hoo-Ga, is an old Norwegian word adopted by the Danish that is both an adjective and a lifestyle. It’s typically used to describe the feelings of coziness, happiness and contentment with everyday life. As we get closer to the cold winter months, here are some books that I think evoke the idea of a hyggelig lifestyle.

To give you a better and more in-depth description of hygge, I recommend The Little Book of Hygge by Miek Wiking. This book gave me my first introduction to all things related to the art of feeling cozy. You’ll read about why the Danes tend to be some of the happiest people on earth and how to improve your own happiness by adopting a hyggelig touch into your life and home.

One thing I love about the colder months is the seasonal cooking that comes with it. Sharing a warm meal with people you love exemplifies the hygge lifestyle. My favorite cookbook for this time of year is The Complete Autumn & Winter Cookbook. Everything from soups and stews to holiday dishes and desserts, this book has it all. A personal family favorite is the deep-dish apple pie recipe. It will impress your out-of-town family and friends by adding a touch of Chicago to your table.

Another way to embrace the concept of hygge is to add some cozy touches to the interior of your home. Check out American Cozy by Stephanie Pedersen. According to her, happiness starts with a cozy home. Treat yourself. Get the cozy slippers, the fuzzy blankets or opt for some candles as mood lighting. You deserve it!

When it comes to the season of gift-giving, what better what to embrace hygge than to make a homemade gift? In The Art of Gifting Naturally, you can find a few ways to make something budget-friendly but also sustainable.

What are some of your cozy holiday and winter traditions?