Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury!

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Source: gfairchild, flickr

Ray Bradbury is easily one of the most celebrated authors of the 21st century. I’m willing to say with very good reason. He is the creator of more than 600 works spanning 7 decades. His writing is timeless and every generation can find meaning and relevance no matter the milieu. Bradbury often said he wrote about ideas and that science fiction was not about what is impossible but instead about what is possible and just hasn’t materialized. Again, I can whole-heartedly agree. So, celebrate Mr. Bradbury’s birthday this week by reading one of these classics. You won’t be disappointed.

If it wasn’t on a required reading list and you’re looking for your next read be sure to pick up Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel explores a world where books are banned and free thought punished. Fireman Guy Montag must make life altering choices.

I’m normally not a fan of books that get lumped in the horror genre but in Something Wicked This Way Comes, Bradbury makes Green Town come alive and this coming-of-age tale coupled with the battle of good versus evil makes it easy to forget you’re reading Gothic literature.

Bradbury was a master storyteller and I highly recommend his collection of stories The Illustrated Man. An unnamed narrator meets a man with animated tattoos, each telling a story. Despite being published more than 60 years ago, many of the themes will resonate with today’s readers.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bradbury and thank you for sharing your words of ideas.

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