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The Knowledge Ninja is looking for sixth- through eighth-graders to complete this challenge and become Knowledge Ninjas. Use your ninja skills to investigate, then answer the questions below by September 1 to be entered in a raffle to win a prize to help you continue your ninja training. Watch for more challenges coming soon!

A hundred years ago, cars were still a luxury for almost everyone. Now, we probably see cars and ride in them every day. Our cars look a lot different than the Ford Model T that was popular around that time. What will cars look like in 100 years? Will they be able to drive us around? Or will someone invent something totally different to transport people around the world and into space?


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Get inspired about the transportation of the future by seeing how transportation has evolved throughout history.

To learn more about the history and future of transportation, see our complete list of recommended titles.



  • America on the Move: Enjoy a virtual visit to the Smithsonian's America on the Move exhibit, exploring the history and future of transportation through video, interactive timelines and games.
  • Explore Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor of mysterious machines. Explore his futuristic designs in the Inventor's Workshop.
  • Google Self-Driving Car Project: See how Google is working to develop cars that don't need drivers.
  • Space Elevator: Learn how the team at The Spaceward Foundation is working to imagine and invent a space elevator. See the vision and the science behind it.
  • The Wright Brothers: Visit this virtual exhibit to learn about the Wright brothers and invent your own flying machine.

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