Fantastic Flyers

Did you know that without insects we would not be able to survive? Bees and butterflies pollinate plants, flies breakdown garbage, and dragonflies keep the mosquito population under control. Read, discover and create to uncover your favorite frequent flyer during the Spring Learning Challenge or all year long!


Handle With Care: Experience the blue morpho butterfly's life cycle as it travels from Costa Rica to the United States.

Hi! Fly Guy: The first book in this beginning reader series introduces a boy named Buzz and his best friend (and pet), Fly Guy.

Insectigations!: 40 activities for kids of all ages to explore and learn about the bug world.


  • Can you identify what makes a bug an insect? Hunt for insects in the garden or near a pond to test your skills
  • Most insects go through a metamorphosis during their life. Compare the life cycle of a ladybug and a butterfly. How are their stages the same? What makes them different? Test your life cycle knowledge with this interactive game.
  • Find out how symmetry works in the insect world, then see if it works on you.
  • Explore life as a bug with Museum Victoria's Bugs online exhibit. Then catch some bugs yourself.
  • Try a bug activity inspired by Xtreme Bugs with the Chicago Zoological Society.


Looking for even more? Try one of the Crawling Critters activities.

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