Fake-Dating Romance Novels You’ll Love

In case you hadn't heard, August is Romance Month. To celebrate I wanted to recommend some books that fall into my very favorite romance trope: fake dating! You know, where the characters decide to pretend to date because of family expectations or to make someone jealous and end up falling in love for real. It's adorable every time no matter how obvious it is that they're going to catch real feelings.

When Dani is rescued by her work BFF and hot security guard Zafir, the video goes instantly viral. People both online and IRL can't stop shipping them. Take A Hint, Dani Brown is about what happens when he asks her to fake a relationship so he can use the publicity to get funding for his charity. How can she say no?

Sometimes when your mom asks why you aren't dating anyone for the thousandth time you have to lie. In Written in the Stars, Elle, an online astrologer, has found herself in this exact situation and decides to spin the disastrous blind date she had with Darcy, an incredibly hot, incredibly skeptical woman, into a great romance. To keep the lie going, she makes a deal with Darcy to fake a relationship so she has someone to bring home during the holidays.

The Romantic Agenda is funny, sweet and has an asexual main character, which is both rare and much appreciated. Joy has been in love with her best friend for years and he's in love with someone else. He then invites her on vacation with both of them and his new girlfriend's ex. To try to make him jealous she and the ex start a fake relationship. Things are bound to get messy.

Do you have any favorite fake dating books to recommend?