Creepy Mysteries to Solve

Can’t wait for Courtney Summers to drop her latest thriller, I'm The Girl? Do you need your fix of suspenseful mystery with a hint of horror before then? Check out some of the titles below while you wait!

My definition of a true teen horror mystery, Dark and Shallow Lies takes us to the tiny bayou town of La Cachette where everyone has mystical powers. Even with psychics everywhere, nobody can figure out what happened to the missing Elora, but her best friend Grey is determined to find the truth. Dark twists and turns and a cast of characters with impossible-to-decipher motives, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 

If paranormal investigation is your idea of creepy, The Dead and the Dark is a great choice. Logan travels back to her ghost hunting dads’ hometown of Snakebite where they are welcomed with suspicion and hatred. Then teens start disappearing and dying, the weather is changing and a missing teen’s girlfriend Ashley starts to see his ghost. Ashley reaches out to Logan and they embark on an ominous journey full of twists, grief and romance and to figure out what is happening to Snakebite and its residents.

The perfect recipe for a hauntingly dark mystery, The Honeys brings a hint of folksy cottage-core to a rich-girl clique story. Mars attends a prestigious summer camp in place of his twin sister Caroline in the hopes of learning more about the circumstances of her tragic death. He befriends The Honeys, his sister’s intimidating beekeeping friend group, while dealing with a toxic environment that isn’t accepting of his genderfluidity. The descriptive storytelling will reel you in from chapter one.

For a truly unsettling story, check out House of Hollow. After disappearing as children and suddenly reappearing right where they went missing, the Hollow sisters have been beautiful, enchanting and powerful in ways that don't make sense. But now the eldest sister Grey is missing again. Iris and Vivi must figure out where she went, how to bring her back, and possibly the truth of what happened to them when they were younger. Not for the squeamish, this one is gruesome in the best of creepy mystery story ways.

Do any of these creepy mysteries intrigue you, or will you read something else while waiting for the new Courtney Summers release? Let us know in the comments!