Contemporary Music for Your Commute: Part II

As the nights get warmer and the sun gets brighter, you might be in need of some fresh music to play through your speakers. I've recently bookmarked five music albums that I'd like to share with you. 

Everybody: There is plenty of soul here, and plenty of worship, too, that might make it easier for you to wake up in the morning, or conversely, wind down at night. This is a smooth hip-hop album that gives a confident, optimistic take on resolving conflict and isn't lacking in comedy.

Love Is Dead: Chvrches spills out all the fun in this groovy, bright album, full of beautiful electronic melodies by synth. Sparkling lyrics will echo pleasantly in your head while you decipher what it all really means: It just might be deeper than you think. 

Mental Illness: Soothing prose is sung like sweet dark honey as Aimee Mann's voice is accompanied by guitar and slow violins. Summer's symbolism and stories of tough relationships harmonize within this sensual, reflective album.

Still on My Mind: Dido's newest album fills the spirit with a profound sense of release and genuine hope. Keeping in tune with the classic dream-pop style and the gorgeous voice that she's famous for, this album adds an experimental, dance-y side that doesn't disappoint. 

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?: Underground cool with a slice of attitude collides with an addicting techno/jazzy vibe in this album, matching up perfectly with Billie Eilish's sultry purr of a voice.

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