Celebrating Civil Rights Leaders on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

We've highlighted many books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the past, so this year I wanted to recommend some newer books about civil rights. These new and notable Best of the Best picture book biographies highlight themes of equality and justice. They are terrific read-alouds for families or classrooms this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Coretta's Journey features a diverse collection of poetic forms highlighting Coretta Scott King's life, including when she met Martin in 1952. Did you know that not just Martin, but also Coretta fought to end segregation and fight for justice and equal rights? Coretta did so through song and Martin through preaching.

In Ketanji, readers might be surprised to learn that Ketanji Brown Jackson was discouraged from thinking about attending Harvard. Thankfully, she had goals and self-confidence which could not be squelched. She not only received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard-Radcliffe College, but also received a law degree from Harvard Law School before rising to serve on the Supreme Court.

Love Is Loud features Diane Judith Nash, who activated fellow Fisk University college students to demand equal rights by filling Nashville, Tennessee lunch counters. Despite multiple arrests, Nash persevered for over two months with the lunch counter protests before becoming a full-time activist.

The fight for justice and equal rights continues daily. Who is someone you admire in this movement? What have they accomplished, or what are they doing currently?