Celebrate the Year of the Rat: Books for Kids

On January 25, celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Rat! In China, this celebration with family and the community lasts for 15 days. In Chicago, people find ways to celebrate, too. Many people go to the Lunar New Year Parade for a community-wide celebration. Other families make a tray of togetherness to share with relatives. These trays are split into six or eight sections, each containing different symbolic candy meant to bring luck to the eater. What a delicious way to welcome the new year!

You can celebrate or learn about this celebration by snuggling up with a good book all about the holiday. 

The Animals of Chinese New Year: This board book uses colorful photos to relate the myth of the animals of the Chinese zodiac for even the youngest kids.

Ruby's Chinese New Year: When Ruby's grandmother can't come to Ruby's house to celebrate Chinese New Year, Ruby and the animals of the Chinese zodiac find a way to share the holiday with her anyway.

Inspired to read about rats? People born in the Year of the Rat are reported to be curious and resourceful, a little bit like real rats.

Rats! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Learn all about rats with this book highlighting rats throughout history. Close-up photos show rat features in all their glory—from the tails that help them balance to the long teeth that can gnaw through cinder blocks, lead pipes and more.

Rat Attack: Beginning readers will love this humorous tale of a rat bandit who wants to steal grandma mouse's jam. The rat bandit is creative with disguises—will you be able to see through them?