Be at Home in Mind and Body: 5 Fitness Magazines

Survival mode can take a toll on the mind and body. While doing our best to protect ourselves and others, it becomes easy to neglect being intentional in our actions. One way to reach awareness is to find time for reflection, asking how the body feels and subsequently digging deep to truly calm our mind. CPL has fantastic online resources to help guide you through this process. I've selected five magazines from RBdigital Magazines—and highlighted specific articles—to get you started.

On page 62 of the latest issue of Mindful magazine, you'll find "The Stress Breath" by Andres Gonzalez. Learn how to mediate anxiety, stress and related symptoms, such as a fast heart rate. You'll learn specific techniques, such as the "Fog the Mirror" technique. This issue also features an interview with mindfulness practitioner Dr. Tara Brach. I've personally experienced Brach's wonderful teaching through the Calm app, where she is a guest instructor in guided meditation.

In Natural Health Magazine, check out "How to Ease Your Back Pain" on page 28. Advice columns from health professionals offer methods on better caring for our backs (including daily lunges, squats and planks). Natural Health Magazine is also full of the latest news in health and beauty research, and uniquely combines perspectives from holistic practices and modern medicine. 

Oxygen has a great two-page spread in its newest issue: "Stretch to Spark Happiness" (pages 24-25), which describes six different positions, plus photos. These will increase the blood and oxygen flow of your body by targeting different muscle groups. Oxygen also includes other types of simple exercises as well as recipes for making healthy meals.

Shape Magazine's "When Stress Gets Physical" takes an in-depth look at what's happening inside our bodies when we experience stress. To look at the latest research on the subject, Philippe Salomon interviews medical doctors and finds out how stress manifests in physical symptoms, such as sound-sensitivity. Salomon also provides methods for alleviating stress, such as tracking the times we feel stress, taking care of our gums and teeth, and steering clear of air pollutants. This issue of Shape also provides up-to-date information on sexual health, boxing and basketball.

Yoga for Beginners is full of inspirational yogi commentary, including pieces on the history of the practice. One of many how-to guides, "Mastering the Basics" (pages 39-79) offers big, clear photos to show poses (such as extended triangle pose) with explanations on how each should affect certain parts of your body. Readers will also learn original Sanskrit terms and their meanings.

Are there any professional or amateur fitness gurus out there? Please share some of your favorite simple exercises that we all can try from home!