Baby, I Love You, But One of Us Has to Die

 Every marriage has its ups and downs, but some go completely sideways. Think of George and Martha from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? reeling around drunk and screaming at each other, and you get the idea. There's rocky and then there's rock on the back of the head. Yet, I can't get enough of them, especially around Valentine's Day! What makes them so addictive? They are bad. Sooo bad. This is for all you fans of  Gone Girl.

Before I Go to Sleep: Struggling with a brain injury that makes her unable to remember her past, Christine relies on her writing, photographs and her loving husband Ben to cope. Until the day Christine opens her journal and reads, "Don't Trust Ben."

The Silent Wife: Set in Chicago (I love local settings!), Jodi and Todd are headed for disaster from page one. Todd cheats, Jodi tries to control him, but their life together implodes.

The Dinner:  Two husbands and two wives sit down for dinner together, everyone hiding secrets. Filled with tense undercurrents that slowly surface, this one ends with a dark twist.

Good People: Set in Lincoln Square (Did I mention I love Chicago books?) Tom and Anna Reed are being split by infertility and financial stress. When they discover a huge windfall, everything seems rosy, but it's money stolen by some very violent men. One spouse wants to give the money up, but the other  wants to keep it, despite the danger.

As a bonus, try Masters of Sex, a biography of the tempestuous and sometimes exploitive relationship between William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

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