April Fool’s Day: Animal Tricks!

Happy April Fool's Day! Did you know that April Fool's Day began in the 1700s with folks playing tricks on each other? Imagine if you were an animal, you could play tricks on others all the time! Unlike us, animals play tricks for survival, to find food and avoid danger rather than for fun. Read about how animals fool each other through camouflage, playing hide-and-seek or even just faking their own death with these books.

Discover which 19 animals are some of the sneakiest in the animal kingdom in Trickiest! You'll want to check out the rest of the books in the Extreme Animals series that cover the deadliest, speediest and stinkiest animals.

Things That Make You Go Yuck! is not for the faint. Science nerds Dlugos and Hatton pack this book with facts, humor and cool trivia quizzes throughout this book. From small to big, these crooked creatures will astound you with their survival skills from breaking and entering to disturbing the peace and more.

Did you know that the peacock flounder is so good at camouflage it can match a checkerboard? Fake Out! is all about animals that love to play tricks. From playing games, pretend, dead or hide-and-seek, these animals are determined to stay alive at all costs. 

Masters of Disguise features 12 animals found around the world that easily blend into their environment to survive. Readers will love the seek-and-find activities throughout the book.

Hide-and-Seek Science and What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You? are perfect for younger readers to learn about animal camouflage.

If I could pick one cool trick to have, it would be to blend in through camouflage. What animal trick would you like to have?