App Pairings: Books to Complement Your Favorite Apps

Many apps come and go, but worthwhile apps can prompt you to try something new to improve your everyday life. I paired my favorite apps with books for those who want to take apps further.


Calm: This extremely user-friendly app will make you fall in love with meditation and mindfulness practice. I follow Tamara Levitt, but you can choose a guide that works for you. Along with a diverse library of specified meditation courses, Calm offers soothing music, body relaxation guidance, tranquil storytelling and peaceful sleep instruction. 

The Tao of Pooh is about Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy, as it is embodied by the actions of—who else—Winnie the Pooh. You'll laugh and learn while bringing harmony into your life. Read while using the Calm app and feel the beneficial results arise within. 

Insight Timer is another meditation app that offers beautiful timed sessions without a guide (or with—it's up to you). I like my ability to choose from a variety of gong sounds to begin and end each session. Insight Timer also features a variety of more traditional Eastern soundscapes to meditate with, which reminds me of the practice's antiquity.

The Te of Piglet: This book goes further into Taoism by exploring Pooh's best friend: the worrisome Piglet. Learn "the way of the small," incorporate it into your meditation sessions with Insight Timer and don't forget to sound the tranquil gong. 


Goodreads: Are you an avid or voracious reader? Well, the Goodreads app is great for organization. Join fellow bookworms to create personalized booklists, write reviews and share as well as discuss your favorite thing!

Reading Like A Writer: As you read books and share reviews on Goodreads, consider adding to this book to your list. Francine Prose analyzes the way literature is structured, giving readers a keener sense of grammar, technique and style.

Lifelong Learning 

PBS Video Streaming is an app that gives you access to a large amount of educational programs and shows such as NOVA, StoryCorps, American Experience, American Masters, Masterpiece and more. 

Figuring focuses on three major things lifelong learners love: history, philosophy and science. Learn about inspiring women and men from various academic backgrounds and find out how they changed their field. Pair this with the PBS Video Streaming app and let your intellectual capital expand and grow. 


iNaturalist is your personal guide to the ecosystem. All you have to do is take a picture of the object of study—a bird, a tree, a plant, etc.—whatever it is you are curious about—and iNaturalist will provide you with the right scientific data. 

How to Raise A Wild Child: Whether or not you have children, Dr. Scott's book will convince you how important it is to go, observe, play and experience the outdoors. Read this along with iNaturalist to quench those burning questions about the wonders of nature, great and small. 

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