A Taste of Johnny Appleseed’s Legacy

Autumn begins with the crunch of leaves under our feet and the crunch of apples between our teeth. Tart cider and juicy, spiced apple desserts are classic American comfort foods, thanks to the legacy of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed.

It is hard to separate fact from fiction when learning about this legend's life. John Chapman told many stories as he traveled the frontier planting apple seeds, including tall tales about his own life. Aliki's The Story of Johnny Appleseed includes simple word choices that make the legend accessible for preschoolers.

Older readers will enjoy the whimsical illustrations in Steven Kellogg's larger-than-life retelling, Johnny Appleseed: A Tall Tale.

In Seed by SeedEsme Raji Codell shows how Johnny Appleseed led by example in the way he lived his life and forever changed the American landscape "by taking small steps." Challenge yourself to make a similar change in the world by doing "one small deed, every day."

Visiting an apple orchard is a wonderful way for families to experience the life of an apple. The family in Fall Apples tours an orchard to learn how apples grow and the many ways we use them. You will also find fun apple activities and a simple recipe for "Upside-Down, Inside-Out Apple Crisp."

Learn more about the many varieties of apples through vibrant photographs and snappy, informative text in Apples for Everyone.

What's your favorite flavor of apple?