Justice League for Comic Newbies

Excitement and anticipation for the new Justice League film is surely circling right about now. The epic film, released November 17, 2017, likely evokes interest and enthusiasm for lovers of the comic book movie genre, and for others who aren’t familiar with the storylines, a standing curiosity.  The Justice League is a superhero team in […]

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#TBT: Happy 75th, Casablanca

In November 1942, Casablanca was released in New York City. For this Throwback Thursday, let's look at what is, arguably, one of the most beloved films of all time and which remains influential.  Oscar darling La La Land subtly and overtly references many classic Hollywood movies and musicals including Casablanca, such as Mia's fascination with Ingrid Bergman. The […]

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Apocalypse How?

Have you ever wondered what kind of survival skills would be needed to survive an apocalypse? Chances are that with the popularity of TV shows such as The Walking Dead or The Last Man on Earth, you’ve likely given it some thought. While the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse or some Mad Max version of […]

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Julia Roberts Turns 50!

Hollywood film star Julia Roberts turns 50 on October 28. To celebrate her birthday, we're highlighting some of her work, both past and upcoming. Julia Roberts became a star at 23 with her romantic comedy Pretty Woman, about Vivian Ward, a beautiful prostitute who finds happily ever after with a wealthy businessman played by 1980s […]

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Quiz: The Princess Bride

Thirty years ago this fall, The Princess Bride came out in movie theaters. While the movie received critical acclaim, it didn’t garner much attention from movie-goers. It wasn’t until the movie was released on VHS that its popularity grew and it became a cult classic. Featuring pirates, giants, sword fights, kidnapping, conspiracies and the perfect kiss, […]

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