Read Like an Astronaut

So you want to be an astronaut? You know it’s not really like Armageddon, right? (And you really hope it’s not like The Martian.) Because in real life, it’s a lot more like the movie Apollo 13. Speaking of Apollo missions, Apollo 8 was the first time humans went to the moon and back. They…
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What Would Santa Read?

As snow starts to fall in Chicago, many of us are busy getting ready for the holidays. There are cookies to bake, decorations to hang and parties to plan. If our schedule is this full, Santa Claus must be really swamped! When I need a break, I try to find time to enjoy a good…
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Star Spotlight: Henry Cavill

If you haven't already heard, Henry Cavill will be starring in an all new Netflix produced series, The Witcher, to be released in 2019. Judging from his past roles, Cavill is the perfect fit for playing the main character, Geralt. The series is based off of the fantasy novels of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski, which were…
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