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Rahm's Readers Summer Learning Challenge

All learning counts with Rahm's Readers Summer Learning Challenge! Visit any CPL location to read, discover and create.

Rubber Band Car: Summer Brain Game Eight

Harness some potential energy with this fun rubber band car experiment.

Hovercraft: Summer Brain Game Seven

Have you ever wanted to travel over land and water in the same car? Experiment with a hovercraft to find out how.

Future of Transportation: Knowledge Ninj…
By Shilo

The Knowledge Ninja is looking for sixth- through eighth-graders to complete this challenge and become Knowledge Ninjas.

Straw Bridges: Summer Brain Game Six

How do you build a bridge that spans 25 centimeters using just straws and tape?

Flubber: Summer Brain Game Five

Discover how the rubber in tires is made when you connect the polymers in glue to create flubber.

Hot Air Balloon: Summer Brain Game Four

Take the tissue paper balloon challenge and see how high your creation will soar.

Parachute Design: Summer Brain Game Two

What materials will you use to design a parachute to land safely on the ground?

Quiz: How High Can You Fly?
By Shilo

Test your knowledge of flight.

Rahm's Little Readers: Explore on the Go

Kids 0 to 5, learn with us all summer long!

Chicago City of Learning

Earn online badges for all the learning you do this summer across Chicago.

We're giving away 1 million books as part of Rahm's Readers Summer Learning Challenge. Stop by any location to register/pick up your books!

9:53 AM - 22 Jun 2016

Paddle Boat: Summer Brain Game Three

Use kinetic energy to power your boat through the water.

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Explore on the Go! For Birth to Age 5

Get up and go this summer with these picture books.

recommended by ChiPubLib_Kids

Stomp Glider: Summer Brain Game One

Stomp your way to higher heights with a little physics and a homemade glider.

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