Happy Birthday, Julie Andrews!

Home by Julie Andrews book cover

It's hard to believe, but the ever-youthful and charming Dame Julie Andrews is celebrating her 80th birthday on October 1. Her incredible career has spanned many decades, and as the saying goes, she's not just getting older, she's getting better! I will never forget seeing her as the feisty nanny in Mary Poppins. The story of a […]

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#TBT: James Dean’s Final Ride

Source: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

James Dean rocketed to fame in the early 1950s with three iconic roles playing angry and disillusioned young men. He was a Midwestern boy with dreamy Hollywood looks and the rebellious nature of the Beat Generation. Dean's career came to a sudden end when he crashed his Porsche Spyder on a California highway on September 30, 1955. For this Throwback Thursday, […]

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The Muppets Get Real

Photo from cizgilipijama.org on Flickr

If you've read US Weekly recently, you know there's trouble brewing on the set of the new reality show The Muppets. Most notably, Kermit and Piggy broke up. OMG! In even juicier gossip, Kermit is now dating a new pig, Denise, who works in marketing at ABC. I prefer to remember this frog and swine during their golden times as […]

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The Suspect: 5 Articles About Robert Durst


Jinx, The - The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, which aired on HBO earlier this year, will be released on DVD this month. You've probably heard of the chilling documentary mini-series even if you have not yet watched it. It’s a fascinating true-crime story with a bizarre real-life protagonist, Robert Durst, a suspect in the […]

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Remembering Wes Craven

Scream cover

Wes Craven, a master of the horror and suspense genres, constantly challenged his fans and faithful filmgoers to push the boundaries of the real and the imaginary. With his passing this weekend at 76, Craven leaves behind a rich legacy of films that have opened the way for generations of horror fans, writers and filmmakers. Today we're […]

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The Creeping Influence of John Carpenter

The Thing DVD cover

Nostalgia is a major force in pop culture, and when it comes to movies and music these days, the 1980s loom large. The movies of directors like Steven Spielberg and John Hughes have received a lot of attention (JJ Abrams's use of lens flare as homage to Spielberg has practically worn out the Internet with commentary.), […]

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Summer Camp at the Movies

Source: ilkerender, Flickr

Summer camp. Whether you loved it, hated it or skipped it, you can experience it vicariously—minus the bad food, insects and latrines—with these three fun movies. My favorite is the exuberant Camp, set at a musical theater camp where self-described “freaks” can be themselves and where sports counselors are without an audience. Campers include a […]

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Top Picks for Baseball Fans

MLB baseball

All the talk around this year's MLB All-Star Game has brought up a lot of personal baseball memories for me, like how I was so excited to meet Andre Dawson as a kid or how I spent 10 years of my childhood swinging a bat. I've always loved the sport and all the classic baseball movies I've seen […]

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Celebrating Christopher Lee

Credit: Delvin Crow, Wikimedia Commons

Few individuals can claim as interesting, varied, and storied a life as Christopher Lee. Boasting a career that has run the gamut from office clerk to airman to spy, Lee found his calling on the silver screen. Known to modern audiences for his portrayal of Saruman the White in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings […]

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#TBT: Jurassic Park and Blockbusters of 1993

With the new movie Jurassic World opening on screens this weekend, we're naturally thinking about the first movie in that series, Jurassic Park, the #1 movie at the American box office in 1993. Steven Spielberg's game-changing special effects, combined with a crackling adventure plot (the film was based on a bestselling novel by Michael Crichton), was a […]

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