Who’s Your Favorite Scrooge?

Illustration from the Christmas Carol of Scrooge and Marley's ghost

Alastair Sim isn't the first Scrooge I ever loved, but over the years he’s become my favorite. Likewise, I consider his 1951 Christmas Carol the Christmas Carol. I especially love Sim's giddy, irrepressible joy the morning after the spirits visit, when he realizes he’s been granted a second chance at life. Favorite moment? When after dancing about the room he says, “I must stand […]

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Laughing All the Way

Elf doll and Christmas lights

Christmas is right around the corner, and I'm experiencing my annual anxiety about how this year I'm going to do the holidays just right! Thanks to my expert planning, amazing baking and flair for decorating, I will truly be the hostess with the mostess! Sadly, this tableau exists only in my mind. The reality of […]

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Rock Documentaries

Some of the most powerful movies star not overpaid Hollywood actors but gloriously gifted singers and musicians. They're rock documentaries, great entertainment if you’re a fan of behind-the-music stories. One of the most moving and suspenseful rock documentaries is Searching for Sugar Man, about a Mexican-American singer-songwriter from Detroit. A 2012 Academy Award-winner for Best Documentary Feature, the movie sets […]

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Everything’s Coming Up Sondheim!

Broadway sign

As a casual observer, one might say that I am more than a little obsessed with musical theatre. And while I in no way possess the expertise of some people I know, I can confidently say that Stephen Sondheim has made one of the (if not THE) most enormous contribution to musical theatre of the […]

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No One Ever Sees Natives: Natives in Film

Reel Injun DVD cover

We are about to embark on CPL's first Native American Heritage Month, which includes a number of interesting events. Some of these are film screenings, which I had the honor of helping select. It is rare to see Natives creatively controlling or centrally featured in films. However, here are a few gems you could check out: […]

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Autumn Horrors: Some Truly Scary Films

the exorcism of ...
Photo by Aphrodite

With the advent of Autumn and the Halloween weekend looming, many of us crave the feelings of being disturbed and scared by good horror films. With today's CGI technology and state-of-the-art film processing, the horror film genre maintains its hold on us with realistic and fantastic images. Of course, the crucial elements needed to keep that […]

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Lights! Camera! Action! Celebrating the Work of Polish Film Directors

Source: bz3rk, Flickr

Poland is known for many things—it's the country that introduced us to delicious little dumplings called pierogi and the country that scientist Marie Currie Skodowska called home. But Poland is also known for its many famous film directors. As we celebrate Polish American Heritage Month, I encourage you to check out some movies by well-known […]

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How to Get Away with Binge-Watching Viola Davis Movies

Source: disneyabc, Flickr

There are a few different types of actresses-- those that spout over-the-top, highly dramatic acts, no matter what the script calls for; those that blend into the background, who you don't remember until they have another line; and those that can seamlessly shift from "Nurse" or "Woman" to being nominated for an Academy Award for an eleven-minute performance. […]

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Celebrating the Life of Truman Capote

Truman Capote sitting in chair

On September 30, we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of Truman Streckfus Persons, better known to millions of readers as Truman Capote. Capote was the author of many unique short stories, novels, plays and movie scripts that are still read and loved today. He was without a doubt a superb writer and a charismatic personality, and these […]

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Surrender the sandals!

I am in total denial about the changing of the seasons. I know the leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and taffy apples and candy corn are in the aisles of the local grocery store - not to mention the Christmas lights and candy canes. These are all signs that summer is ending and fall has […]

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