Top Picks: 8 Anne Tyler Books

cupcake with lit candle in it

Happy birthday, Anne Tyler! In honor of the acclaimed novelist's 75th birthday on October 25, I'm recommending top picks for seasoned fans or Anne Tyler newbies. Published in 1964, her first book, If Morning Ever Comes, began a long career of examining people's everyday lives through storied characters and the relationships they share. Fans are most likely familiar with her […]

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Caught Reading: Ghosts of Graceland Cemetery, October 2016

Graceland Cemetery

Last weekend I visited Graceland Cemetery, final resting place to many notable—and notorious—Chicagoans. As I walked, my thoughts turned to unfinished business, which is what I like to call the stack of books currently serving as my bedside table. It wasn't long before I was wildly speculating on the reading habits of Graceland's latest and greatest for this special Halloween […]

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What’s Your Street Style?

Source: NamuLim, Flickr

Street style is fashion that people wear in everyday urban life. You don't need money or designer labels to participate, and it stresses individuality over conformity. Paris Street Style showcases women who specialize in "the cultivation of effortless chic." Although inventiveness is encouraged, there are certain rules like not wearing Converse after age 26 or hair […]

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Roots & the Works of Alex Haley

Author Alex Haley

Author Alex Haley died in 1992, but people everywhere are still inspired by his work. Let's take a closer look at some of his contributions today. Stories that Haley heard as a child inspired Roots, the book that sold millions of copies, was published in over 35 languages, won a Pulitzer and a National Book Award, and became […]

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Caught Reading: Uptown, August 2016

Little Free Library

Every day I am out and about in Uptown, and lately everywhere I go I notice people reading. I have caught you reading at the bus stop, on park benches and even at the Little Free Libraries scattered throughout the neighborhood. Book lovers are certainly making their presence known in Uptown! You were thoughtfully selecting […]

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For Fans of Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Are you obsessed with Stranger Things? Netflix's bingeable new series starts with a search for a missing child and leads to psychics, conspiracies and monsters. If you, like many fans of the addictive show, are looking for what's next, here are some recommendations for books and music. (In the spirit of Netflix, I’ve also noted if […]

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Top Picks: The Olympics

source: Flickr - garryknight

I've always been a huge fan of the Olympics. The ceremony, the athleticism, the romantic idea that every four years the world comes together. If you're gearing up for this year's Olympic Games in Rio, here are some top picks to check out. In The Games: A Global History Of The Olympics, David Goldblatt gives a comprehensive view of […]

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Murder Among the Ruins: Ancient Roman Mysteries

featured image

For fans of historical novels, the ancient Romans are an entertaining bunch. If you like mysteries as well, there are definitely authors who cater to you. Below are three series that take place in the Eternal Empire. All are richly detailed and have a touch of humor to go with the whodunit. The Flavia Albia series by […]

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Noir in Space

Moon 1

Science fiction is a big genre, with room for just about everyone. Today, I'd like to focus on modern noir set in orbit, whether around Earth or someplace else. The title of Anthony O'Neill's The Dark Side refers to Earth's moon, where lies the territory of Purgatory and its capital, Sin. Damien Justus is the new police sergeant there, […]

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