Funny in Translation: From Farsi to French


It’s really neat when you discover words and phrases you thought unique to your language end up in other cultures.  Like the phrase "to walk on eggshells" (to be careful not to offend someone) has a close cousin in French—"marcher sur des œufs.” But not everything we say in one language translates perfectly into another […]

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Coffee: the dark liquid

coffee cup

Coffee sometimes means more to me than life itself.  I can have an awful day, be sick as a dog, or need sleep after a long day- but I will always be ready for that first sip. I search out the best coffee experience the way some hunt for a life-long mate... But it doesn't […]

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World Cup: Learn More About Soccer

soccer foot

Do you love soccer? Do you even understand soccer? I don't much. And that's OK, I guess. It’s only the most popular game on the planet. I've been watching World Cup soccer since I was 16, and I am no spring chicken, but what seems to hook me in more than the technical aspects of […]

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