Teen Shakespeare Retellings

Did you know Shakespeare invented the romantic comedy? And about 1,700 words? If you want to get the gist of Shakespeare's stories without decoding the "wherefore arts," here are some teen retellings of Shakespeare's plays that will have you rolling or shaking in your seats. Exit, Pursued by A Bear by E.K. Johnston is a mix of The Winter's Tale, […]

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Celebrate Shakespeare 400 Chicago Day

April 23, 2016 has been proclaimed by Mayor Emanuel as Shakespeare 400 Chicago Day. This day celebrates both the birth and death anniversaries of the playwright, and encourages all Chicagoans to enjoy his lasting influence. Happily, Mother Nature seems to be celebrating too. With warmer weather and daffodils in bloom, has Chicago's typical winter of discontent finally made way for […]

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If It Weren’t for Shakespeare…Ten Book Titles That Quote Shakespeare

William Shakespeare had that certain type of genius. He could basically steal from disparate sources and make something brand new. He is said to have lifted from Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland, The Danish History of Saxo Gramaticus' Gesta Danorum, Seneca, Plutarch, Giovanni Boccacio, Arthur Brooke (or Broke,) Thomas Kyd, and local folktales. But, it's as if he invented the […]

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Beware the Ides of March

"Beware the Ides of March," warns the Soothsayer in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, as the midpoint of the month, the Ides, approaches. This famous line foretells Caesar's murder, an historic event that took place on March 15, 44 BCE. While it's not performed often, many productions of Julius Caesar have been staged in Chicago. On […]

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