Books for Fans of Tom Holt

I just finished Tom Holt's latest, The Management Style of the Supreme Beings, and laughed pretty hard. If you're into satire, particularly that of religiosity and capitalism, this is some fun. Included along with my review of that book are three readalikes that may also leave you chortling, or at least with a nice smile. […]

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Laughs in Space

Authors often use science fiction to ask Big Questions. That's fine and all, but could we yuk it up once in a while? The truly gifted can manage both, and I tried to include some of them in this post, but mostly, this is for fun. R. Wilson Rogers is returned to the military after a […]

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Lyric Dystopias

I picked up The Weaver by Emmi Itaranta, and it reminded me of other dystopic books, like Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. However, in these books, the protagonist generally has to realize that things were or could be different. All of these protagonists are young, and while written for adults, these books are good choices for anyone longing for […]

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We Come In Peace: Benevolent Aliens

While aliens have often been a good excuse for books and movies in which to blow stuff up, occasionally they are actually friendly and trying to look out for us. The results are often amusing. These are three books about extraterrestrials and the hilarity that ensues with first contact. Ralph loves Andy Warhol and American pop culture. […]

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Tough Broads 3: Broads In Space

Are you a fan of captains Kathryn Janeway and Susan Ivanova? Think Rey may be the best new character in a galaxy far, far away? Then there are books to keep you occupied between installments. These are the newest in the tradition of female derring-do among the stars. K.B. Wagers' Behind the Throne stars Hail Bristol, heir […]

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For Fans of Stranger Things

Are you obsessed with Stranger Things? Netflix's bingeable new series starts with a search for a missing child and leads to psychics, conspiracies and monsters. If you, like many fans of the addictive show, are looking for what's next, here are some recommendations for books and music. (In the spirit of Netflix, I’ve also noted if […]

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Noir in Space

Science fiction is a big genre, with room for just about everyone. Today, I'd like to focus on modern noir set in orbit, whether around Earth or someplace else. The title of Anthony O'Neill's The Dark Side refers to Earth's moon, where lies the territory of Purgatory and its capital, Sin. Damien Justus is the new police sergeant there, […]

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