Novel Journeys: The British Raj

India, symbolized by the Koh-I-Noor diamond, was long considered the jewel in the English colonial crown. However, the relationship took a toll on both countries, and the British Raj, as the colonial experience was known, ended 70 years ago this month. Starting with a new release, these are some books dealing with the cost to […]

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Midwife Mysteries

Midwives are known for delivering babies, but as mystery writers well know, they are also keepers of secrets. Their job takes them from the echelons of society to the truly desperate, which makes them excellently placed to suss out the truth of a crime. All of the books I mention in this post are just as good […]

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Yet More Lady Detectives

Want a little escapism with your whodunit? These are three recent historical mysteries full of wit and humor. All three star women in the fist half of the 20th century, so be prepared for gender-expectation-busting hijinks. Lola Woodby, star of Come Hell or Highball, is back for another adventure in Maia Chance's Teetotaled. Though Lola and […]

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Who Was Mata Hari?

With the recent publication of Mata Hari's Last Dance, Michelle Moran expertly paints fiction between what we know for sure about the famed dancer, courtesan, and terribly inept spy. Born Margaretha Zelle in Holland, Mata Hari chose her stage name upon coming to Paris after a miserable youth. Teaming up with the ambitious lawyer/agent Edouard Clunet, she […]

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