Harry Potter at the Theatre

J.K. Rowling has reinvented herself over the past couple of years – and not just as Robert Galbraith, her adult thriller nom de plume. She has become one of the twitterati – sharing unvarnished, unapologetic opinions on everything from Scottish independence to refugees to Donald Trump. She has also whet the appetite of her legions…
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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

When we were kids, all my little brother ever wanted for his birthday was a dog.  For years he asked for one – and was gifted statues of dogs, stuffed animals, and a trio of cockatiels instead – until he finally received a puppy he named Shadow. Since Harry Potter didn’t get to celebrate his…
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Ravenclaw Wins Tri-Wizard Tournament at Harry Potter Yule Ball

Ravenclaw was the winner of the tri-wizard tournament at the Yule Ball on December 30 at the Dunning Branch. Harry Potter fans received house points for completing tasks including a trivia contest, Harry Potter charades, a potions lesson and a Dobby craft contest. Each of the four houses had honorable contributions, but Ravenclaw's talents pulled out…
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